Sturgeon Full Moon August 2021 Spiritual Meaning and Rituals You Need To Know

August Full Sturgeon Moon Spiritual Meaning

The Sturgeon Full Moon of August fully embodies the final days of summer and signals the beginning of harvest season.Deep within us, anticipation starts to stir, we feel it quicken just beneath the surface. You’ll notice the days start to feel a bit shorter and the sunlight has grown a bit weaker. You may even observe a few fallen yellow leaves.

August’s sweltering lazy summer days inspire dreams of pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather.

We’re beginning to reap the rewards of some of our crops, either literal or metaphorical. However, we need to be patient as we wait for our hard work and creations to fully culminate.

Every full moon has its own name based on the month or the season in which it appears. Creating a name for each full Moon allowed for people to reflect on each season and to contemplate how it affects us AND the natural world around us. There can be some variation on the full Moon names due to the origins from whence they came. You can find them rooted in European (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic) and Native American history. I created a guide to each Full Moon complete with their meanings and how you can celebrate.

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August Full Moon Harvest

What is the Spiritual Meaning of theAugust Sturgeon Full Moon? Why is it called the Sturgeon Moon?

The Full Moon of August is named the Sturgeon Moon to symbolize and represent the freshwater fish that were easily caught during this hot summer month in North America. These impressive archaic-looking fish are a gray-green color and their existence can be traced back over 200 million years!

Sturgeon can grow to be quite large in size and often live to be over 100 years old. Here in Idaho, the largest one ever recorded was almost 10 feet long and it’s not uncommon to find them over 6 feet in length. Due to overfishing for their meat and eggs, their numbers are dwindling. However, many conservation efforts have been successful and their population numbers have been increasing.

Ron Clark, a volunteer with the nonprofit Kalamazoo River Sturgeons for Tomorrow who was helping out at the Kalamazoo facility, said that being part of an effort to save such an ancient species “intrigued me.”

Clark, who has found the fish docile and easy to handle, said they seem to have individual personalities … they’re more like a [mammal] than a fish.”

Fisheries biologist Smith added that he likes the look of the prehistoric fish and its weird adaptations. For example, sturgeons have spiracles, which are holes in the side of the fish that allow them to breathe along with their gills.

He added that bringing the sturgeon back would give the public a chance to learn about a fish that had to survive during the dinosaur era.

National Geographic

Align your spiritual intentions this month with the strong and impressive sturgeon. They’ve survived millions of years by adapting and persevering through many different challenges. You are just as powerful and resilient whether you realize it or not.

What big ambitions did you have last Winter or early Spring that you most desire to see accomplished? Let the Full Moon of August’s energy encourage you to push through the final hurdles to complete your goals and intentions. Allow yourself to admit if you’ve fallen off track, and then dust yourself off, and try again.

Remember progress over perfection! It’s ok if things aren’t working out exactly as you envisioned. Allow yourself to go with the flow and trust that the universe is also working hard to help your intentions come true. Consistent effort and hard work will always pay off, even if it’s not exactly as you planned. Stay open-minded, but don’t give up!

Alternative Names

  • Hot Moon
  • Dry Moon
  • Grain Moon
  • End of Summer Moon
  • Big Harvest Moon
  • Moon of Joyful
  • Time of Freshness

For a list of even more Native American Moon names check out American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association’s article here or Western Washington University’s article here.

Sturgeon Full Moon Connect With Water

Blue Full Moon August 2021

Did you know the full moon of August 2021 is a seasonal Blue Moon?

A seasonal Blue Moon occurs when there is an extra full moon in a season, determined by the equinoxes and solstices. Anytime there are four full Moons in a season, the third is considered a Blue Moon. Check out this post for more information about Blue Moons and their spiritual meanings!

Sturgeon Moon Spiritual Correspondences

Spiritual Meaning and Intentions

  • Gratitude
  • Reaping
  • Harvesting
  • Flourishing
  • Gumption
  • Flexibility
  • Perseverance


  • Gold
  • Dark Green
  • Orange

Journal Prompts

  • Write a letter or thank you note to a friend or loved one! This time of year is all about abundance and harvesting what we’ve sown. Literally or metaphorically. Take a moment to let those who add joy to your life know how grateful you are! Now actually send it to them!
  • What is one last goal you’d love to accomplish before Autumn is here? What’s standing in your way? What fears do you have about it? How can you crush and overcome them to accomplish your dreams?
  • List any natural remedies you love to use. List the ingredients, magical correspondences, and why it works so well. Can you create any of them during this season of abundance?
  • In what ways are you inauthentic? What can you do to change this? How can you let go of this as you head towards Autumn and Winter?
  • How long do you work towards a goal before quitting? Why? What can you do to change this behavior right now?

How To Celebrate and Ritual Ideas

Connect With Water

Water is the perfect way to cool down during the warm August days and nights. Spend some time by a lake, ocean, river, or your favorite watering hole! Fully submerge in the cool water. Let it flow around you and relax. Allow any anxiety or worries to slip away with the current or tide. Imagine yourself as the water trusting and flowing freely. Let go of your fears and know that whatever may happen, you will find a way to make the best of it. Spend some time focused on these thoughts. If you feel comfortable, float on the water’s surface and meditate.

Don’t forget to create some Sturgeon Moon Water!

Camping Beneath The Sturgeon Moon

What an amazing time to soak up those moonlight beams! Plan a camping trip where you can fully enjoy the summer season and optimal Sturgeon Moon views!

You can also keep it local in your backyard! Laying out beneath the moon is a beautiful way to embrace nostalgia and childlike fun. It brings back memories of sleepovers with friends and stargazing while lying on trampolines.

Sturgeon Full Moon Stargazing The Peculiar Brunette

Enchanting Cinema Experience

During August’s hot and dusty days, we seek out cooler temperatures. Enjoy a movie or television show marathon in your home. Better yet, visit a local drive-in movie theater with friends once the sun goes down. Munch on snacks and focus on truly being present in this moment. Enjoy the smell of popcorn, the old-school ambiance, and all the memories with loved ones!

Bake Bread

Embrace the reaping and harvesting spiritual meaning of August’s Full Moon and bake some bread. Incorporate a few magical intentions into your delicious bread by using plants, herbs, and flowers that are currently in season. You could also carve a few Elder Futhark Runes, sigils, or symbols that have meaning to you into your baked goods. If you’re busy, keep it simple, and pick up some bread from a local market.

Start Preparing for Autumn and Winter

August is a wonderful time to begin harvesting, canning, drying, or saving seeds for next year. You can do this from your own garden, local farms, or a farmer’s market. Create herbal infusions you can use later for salves, tinctures, balms, etc.

You can also start planning and preparing your home for the Autumn Equinox and the cold Winter months ahead by making sure you have warm blankets, candles, checking your heater, caulking drafty doors or windows, changing your air filter, cleaning out the fireplace, or de-cluttering and donating items that no longer serve their purpose.

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I hope you enjoy the Sturgeon Full Moon August, lots of love to you, and remember as always…

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