10 Best Nature Spirituality YouTube Channels

Nature Spirituality The Peculiar Brunette Celebrating The Seasons YouTube Channel

Now I just want to clarify that each channel listed below MAY NOT be focused on Nature Spirituality, but I think that anyone who is interested in finding spirituality through Nature will find these inspiring!

What exactly am I using to define Nature Spirituality? Any channel that connects us with the outdoors and a reverence for the natural world. Herbalism, a handmade home, seasonal lifestyle, gardening, or living simply and slow.

Here’s a round up of 10 of my all time BINGE WORTHY FAVORITES that you just won’t be able to get enough of!

The Peculiar Brunette

Shameless self-promotion here! Sorry, not sorry! The Peculiar Brunette YouTube Channel focuses on Nature Spirituality (guided meditation and celebrating the seasons), Journaling (Writing prompts, Book of Shadows, Grimoire), and Living Life on Purpose. It’s all about adding nature and magic into your everyday life! Become a Peculiar and subscribe! A great way to add nature into your spiritual practice is by connecting through a guided meditation! Here’s a great one for Spring to get you started!

Jonna Jinton

I can’t even begin to describe her beautiful talent of singing, videography and beautiful paintings made with paint pigments she creates herself from elements of nature! She lives in the woods of Northern Sweden and her channel is a gem for those wanting to connect with Nature. She has a few videos where she plays sounds of the ice in an ASMR style and it’s my absolute favorite!

Fairyland Cottage

This is a lovely channel from Wicklow, Ireland and is all about living slow, simply, and in harmony with Nature. She creates wonderful natural and low or zero waste products for self-care and health. Also I love listening to her accent and she starts every video with “Hello and welcome to Fairyland Cottage” – it makes me so happy!

Girl In Calico

Kaetlyn creates such gorgeous videos!! I could just play these on a continuous loop! She talks about living seasonally, sustainably, and slow. Her channel has all the living in tune with nature goals and vibes! Definitely worth checking out!

Gather Thyme

Gen is such a beautiful spirit inside and out! I came across her originally on her Instagram and just fell in love with her personality by watching her YouTube channel! I love how down to earth she is and non-judgmental of different kinds of spiritual practices. She is a vegetarian Pagan Green Witch and is very knowledgeable in herbalism and witchcraft.

Northern Heart

Maria is from the Swedish countryside and focuses on seeing the beauty in the small things in life. Her channel is all about slow living and the beauty of nature. My favorite is her playlist called My Swedish Christmas calendar which you can find here.

Harmony Nice

Plainly put Harmony is just freakin’ cool! I love her personality and her attitude about life. She’s a Wiccan whose channel has morphed a bit over the years but currently focuses on her spirituality and mental health. I love her series called Enchanted Endeavors which you can find here.

Farmhouse On Boone

Lisa and her gorgeous family and old farmhouse are a constant source of inspiration for me! She always makes it seem so easy to make food from scratch and have a home full of cozy handmade items. I followed her instructions to make my own Yule Holiday stockings in 2018 and I’m still so in love with them!

The Green Witch

Annie has such a fun channel that focuses on the Wheel of the Year and simple spells. Would be a definite favorite of any Green or Kitchen Witch.

Roots and Refuge Farm

If you’re looking for awesome tips on gardening, look no further! Located on a farm in Central Arkansas their playlist Gardening Tips and Advice has all the knowledge to get you started AND keep you within budget.

I hope you found this list of Nature Spirituality YouTubers helpful! Did I miss any? Share your favorites below! And remember as always……

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