Best Positive Affirmation Songs and How To Manifest With Music

Best Positive Affirmation Songs and How To Manifest With Music

Manifesting with music is my absolute favorite way to increase vibrations and raise my energy quickly. Using music for manifestation is SIMPLE, and I can’t believe it’s not talked about more often.

Music is such a big part of our everyday lives, so it only makes sense to incorporate it into our spiritual practices.

I answered a few commonly asked questions about manifesting with music and then listed some of the best positive affirmation songs to get you started.

Can You Manifest While Listening To Music?

Absolutely!! Music can instantly shift your mindset and bring thoughts of nostalgia, sadness, joy, or inspiration. This can be so crucial because emotion is a huge part of manifestation!

Music touches our souls and connects us with higher vibrations to attract magnificent and powerful energy. Music and frequencies are a strong and effective tool for your spiritual practice.

Listening to the best positive affirmation songs will influence your emotions and resonate with you deeply. Play around with different tones or melodies to find out what affects you best.

Best Positive Affirmation Songs and How To Use Music To Manifest

How To Use Music To Manifest

The goal is to listen to music that will uplift you and help you visualize what you’d like to manifest while doing so. There are few ways to do this, and you’ll need to figure out which resonates with you most. I always suggest using headphones or earbuds to help you avoid distractions, but this isn’t required.

Feel free to use ANY song that brings you sheer joy and happiness. If it gets you pumped up, then it’s the perfect fit for you! Don’t let my suggestions below stop you from choosing your favorites.

Movie Scores

Some folks find listening to music with words very distracting while manifesting. If that’s the case for you, I’d recommend thinking about what movies you love most or find inspiring.

You’re looking for ones that make you feel cool and inspired! Here are a few ideas to help get you started –

  • A Dark Knight by Hans Zimmer
  • Experience by Ludovico Einaudi
  • He’s a Pirate – by Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Zion – By Fluke (The Matrix Reloaded)
  • Jurassic Park Theme – John Williams
Best Positive Affirmation Songs and Music Manifestation Techniques

Music Manifestation Techniques

It’s important to note that your intent is the most important tool when manifesting. Please keep it simple! Here are my go-to techniques –

Write a Letter To The Universe

Handwrite or type a detailed letter to the universe as if your intention has already come to fruition. Use all five senses to help you describe your manifestation. Always use positive statements like “I am creating my dreams” and avoid negative words like “I will not let my past define me.”

Set Up A Sacred Space

Use colors, crystals, candles, or anything you associate with your desired intention to create a sacred space or altar. Listen to music while sitting near your spiritual area. Remember, it’s ok to keep things simple! Do not feel you need to purchase a lot of items.

You can even keep everything in a small box or jar if you don’t have a lot of space or would like to keep it private. Pull it out and hold it in your hands while you listen to your music of choice. Feel that musical energy flowing down your hands, into the box, and then out into the universe.

Imagine Telling A Loved One

Visualize a loved one that has your best intentions at heart—someone who is your biggest cheerleader. Now think about telling them how your intention came to fruition. Imagine their reaction and delight at the news.

Remember to feel the sheer joy and happiness you’ll both experience!

Best Positive Affirmation Songs and Rap Songs For Manifestation

Final Thoughts

Remember, manifestation also requires action and seizing opportunities that arise. Ruminate on how you will sidestep potential obstacles. However, remember to release your manifestation and intentions once your session is complete. Trust that the universe has your back and is doing the work to materialize your intentions fully!

The list of songs below is also a wonderful way to start your day, during your commute, when you’re feeling sad, or journaling. Feel free to listen to them at any time! Honestly, I’ve been in the best mood writing this blog post and listening to all these songs!

I added ** to my recommended favorites and created a playlist on Spotify to check out here for easy reference.

Rap Songs About Manifesting

  • Wake Up – Chris-n-Teeb **
  • Vitamins – Qveen Herby **
  • I Am (feat. Flo Milli) – Yung Baby Tate, Slade Da Monsta **
  • Medicine – J Brave, Equanimous, Lily Fangz **
  • The Formula – Solé
  • Grateful – Chris-n-Teeb (My hubby’s favorite) **
  • Eternal – Mala Esoteric (the end is my favorite) **
  • Thrivin‘ – Mary J. Blige
  • Daughter of the Earth – Solé
  • Sun – Mala Esoteric

Law of Attraction Songs for Manifesting Money and Success

  • Yays Coins – Toni Jones **
  • Affirmations for Marketing – Zii **
  • Green Juice – Tracy G **
  • Money Wave – A Cappella – KingSoon4774 **
  • Wealthy – Maat Petrova of FEMMAGIC
  • Manifesting Money Mantra – Londrelle
  • Everywhere – Chloe x Halle **
  • My Success Is Inevitable – Geminell, Casket D **
  • Currentsea – Toni Jones
  • Wealthy – Maat Petrova of FEMMAGIC
  • The Joy Is In the Work – Geminelle
  • Successful – Ariana Grande

Self-Empowerment Affirmation Songs With Positive Messages

  • Belief (Affirmations for Confidences) – Zii
  • No Is Bae – Toni Jones (Explicit)
  • Gratitude – Londrelle
  • Holding Space – Mayyadda
  • The Becoming – Tracy G (Explicit)
  • Just Like Magic – Ariana Grande
  • I Forgive Myself & I Release – Geminelle **
  • I Am Everything – Beautiful Chorus **
  • Affirmations For Energy & Productivity – Zii **
  • Good As Hell – Lizzo **
  • Yoni – Toni Jones
  • Already Here – Srikala **
  • Thankfulness – Maat Petrova of FEMMAGIC
  • I’m All I Need – Beautiful Chorus
  • Alignment – Mala Esoteric (Explicit)
  • Being Real Is The New Fake – Toni Jones
  • Higher Self – Liya Dalani, Maijah
  • My Body – Beautiful Chorus **
  • Morning Asana – Londrelle
  • Energy Budget – Toni Jones
  • The I Am Affirmation – Ray Lewis
  • My Energy Is Infinite – Geminell, Deadwildin’ **
  • You Are Enough ( Meditation) – Londrelle, Danni Fanning
  • Feeling Myself – Maat Petrova of FEMMAGIC
  • Healing in My Heels – Toni Jones
  • Being of Love – Beautiful Chorus
  • Qwartz – Lavva (Explicit) **
  • I Forgive Myself & I Release – Geminelle
  • Take Up Space Sis – Toni Jones
  • Affirmations for Gratitude – Zii
  • Hey Queen – Beautiful Chorus
  • Elevate Your Mind – Londrelle, Desiree Dawson
  • The New I Do – Toni Jones
  • The Allure of Beauty – Rob Hill, Sr
  • She’s Sleeping Beauty and the Beast Affirmations – Tracy G
  • BeLove – Brocollete **
  • Goddess Affirmations – Activation
  • Being Real Is The New Fake – Toni Jones **

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I hope you found the best positive affirmation songs and manifesting with music helpful!! Lots of love to you and remember as always…

The Peculiar Brunette

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