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Welcome to my Everyday Magic Interview Series! Life is magical and each day is meant to be lived to the fullest! Follow along with my AMAZING guests who all talk about their intentions, goals, spirituality and living a life of authenticity.

Today I’m featuring Tammi Solis from Girl Unfinished. Today she’ll be discussing living a life of spirituality, following the law of attraction and practicing self care.

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Hey there! My name is Tammi Solis and I am the blogger behind Girl Unfinished, a lifestyle blog with side of spirituality and self care. I am a married mother of two kids, one boy and one girl. I am 32 years old and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. Prior to blogging I worked in the corporate world as an accountant but that line of work DID NOT fit my bubbly personality one bit so I quit my job, started my blog, and now here we are! Nice to meet ya!

Girl Unfinished is a blog about self care, self love and spirituality. Can you tell us a bit more about how you integrate spirituality into your life and what you talk about on Girl Unfinished?

I came to learn all about spirituality about 2 years ago when my life was in shambles. My marriage was failing, I was drowning in debt, and I was self medicating to deal with all the stress and pain. I found spirituality at just the right moment and it turned my whole life around. Now I am no Dalai Lama and I am certainly not the most spiritual person you will ever meet but I love all things spirit and the concepts of spirituality have become a regular part of my lifestyle. I start my day by journaling and my style of journaling is not your usual style. I journal in letter form addressed to God and I write as if I am talking to Him. It’s an easy way to maintain my spiritual connection and get all my thoughts and feelings out at the same time. And who better to do that with than God, himself. After my journal practice I meditate for 10-20 minutes and that’s is usually a nonnegotiable in my day to day routine. I find that when I skip my meditation I am more stressed, scatterbrained, and overwhelmed with all my daily duties. To me meditation is like showering, it cannot be skipped. Meditation is like a shower of the mind and I like to meditate in the morning so I can start my day clear headed and ready to mentally face whatever the day may bring. I never tried to meditate before spirituality showed me how healing it can be. And one of the biggest ways spirituality is integrated into my life is thru nature. Any given day you can find me barefoot outdoors usually in my garden talking to my plants. LOL I know it sounds funny but it’s my favorite place to be and my most favorite thing to do. Getting in touch with nature has brought a new found sense of peace into my life and this was not the case prior to learning about spirituality. I was so out of touch with reality back then. Nowadays I am very much grounded and at peace. For me, my spiritual practices of journaling, meditation, and getting in touch with nature is pretty much the foundation of my self care routine and I don’t feel like I can go wrong with that because that means my foundation is pretty rock solid and therefore I am much stronger because of it.

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What makes you really nerd out?

This is probably cliche but I nerd out on the research part of writing my blog posts! Before I get to writing I do a quick brain dump on the topic I am writing about then I nerd so hard on researching everything there is to know about that topic! I love it because I love to learn new things. Except these are not just regular things. They are topics that I am passionate about so naturally that makes it fun to learn as much as I can about them! Also because I know that my end result will bring value to my audience and help them in some way shape or form. It’s a win-win for me!

How do you balance self care and self love while being a busy mama?

You know sometimes I feel guilty when I answer this question because I blog full time and I make my own schedule. My children are also both in school so I have plenty of free time and that makes it easy for me to make self care a priority. On the flip side when I was in the corporate world I found it extremely hard to find time to fit in any “me time” so I really feel for those mommas who work full time and juggle families. It’s easy to find yourself burnt out and I know because I have been there. I even dedicated a whole blog post about finding time for self care and thru my research for that post I found that it is mostly about time management and deciding that self care must be a priority. For me that was easy to make happen because I have seen myself on the other side of self care and it was not pretty. I am just better at life when I practice self care daily. I’m also much easier to be around so there’s that too. LOL

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If you had a “Best Kept Secret” (website, book, Youtube video) you’d be willing to share, what would you include and why?

My best kept secret is the book “You are a Badass.” I have read it four times! I love Jen Sincero’s style of writing and it speaks right to my soul! It’s also the book that led me to spirituality because she speaks on the concepts but in a way that a regular girl like me could understand. Then she recommends which books to read going forward to expand your knowledge. It is really a great read!

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You have a wonderful post about “Ten Signs of Guidance You’re Probably Already Experiencing” In it you say “I say a prayer and turn it over to God, my higher power source. Then all I have to do is follow the path that he lays out before me.” Can you talk a bit more about how manifesting and Law of Attraction integrates with your spirituality?

Ahhh this is my favorite concept because I have seen it in action in so many ways! I am like a giddy little girl with I see things manifest and then my mind is blown and that’s a feeling that never gets old! The best ways that manifesting works for me is just by daydreaming and taking inspired action. I daydream a lot about my future and what I’d like it to look like. Sometimes I journal it too. And then I wait for a sign or a pull in a certain direction and once that shows up I take action. I’ve always been an action taker so that’s easy for me but something I struggled with at first was following only the paths that felt good to me. That meant saying no more often, not doing things that I didn’t want to, and learning to hear the voice of my ego. Sometimes I’d do things because my ego led me to it and then it would fail or bad things would happen. So I had to get real in tune with my intuition so that it could speak louder than my ego. And to do that is to follow what feels good only. If something didn’t feel right, if it felt off in some way, or my gut feeling was just telling me not too, I learned to listen to it. You can never go wrong with your intuition, always trust it. So once I got that down I started manifesting things faster than I could imagine. I still get shocked every time and I am just in awe at all the tools God has given us to create our own realities. I mean why would he not do that, right?!! I really wish more people would understand their own power, but I digress!

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You talk about the power of positive affirmations, what’s your favorite that you use regularly? How do you use it?

I use affirmations often, especially when I am having a rough day. My go to affirmation has always been “everything always works out for me” and I love it because it is true. Not just for me but for everyone that is still living and breathing. I feel like things always have a way of working themselves out for our highest good even if we cannot see it or believe it. When I recite that affirmation it just reminds me of all the things I have already overcome and it reaffirms my trust in knowing that God is working things out for me ALWAYS.

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What’s the #1 question you get asked about spirituality and manifesting?

I think people mostly have a hard time staying positive in the world we live in today. So I get that question a lot. How do I always stay so positive? My response is always the same: Because I am creating my own reality and each day I get to CHOOSE how I show up to the world. I can choose to let everything get me down and be sad and depressed (been there done that) or I can step into my power and choose happiness instead. When I found out that happiness was a choice I get to make everyday it was a game changer. It took a while to implement but with practice I got better. By practice I mean consciously and mindfully choosing to stay positive and to stay away from negativity and bad vibes. Don’t feed into those things, its a trap and a total suckfest!

What’s your favorite form of self care and why?

Skin care! I had a very bad bout with acne recently. It was depressing, painful, and it got so bad I stopped leaving my house! It mostly came from poor skin care and hormones. Couldn’t do much about the hormones without taking medication (no thanks) but I could change my skin care or lack thereof. So now I have a whole arsenal of skin care products and I practice my skin care routine twice a day. My skin is looking so good now too and when it looks good I feel good so win-win!

What are a few things that surprised you when you first started using the Law of Attraction?

I was surprised at how I hadn’t realized the LOA in action before. In hindsight I manifested many things into my life before I even knew about the LOA. Had I know about it sooner, things in my life might be much different now. Another thing is how easy it is to do. Some people tend to make it hard but it’s really not. You just gotta focus on feeling good, day dream about your best life, and then take action! But also another surprising thing is that many people block their own blessings because they are not open to receiving! You must be open to receiving or else your dreams will not manifest. A big way people block their blessings is by disbelief and not believing in the not yet seen. You gotta have that blind faith, yall.

What are 3 things you want people to know about you?

  • I am probably the most basic person you’ll ever meet. T-shirts and jeans kinda gal and I don’t think I’ve ever been “extra” in my whole entire life. I’m not even sure what that means haha!
  • I am going to be a millionaire one day (manifesting in action!)
  • I am an introvert and an extrovert all wrapped up in one. It’s confusing and weird but it works for me!

If you’d like to learn more about Tammi Solis at Girl Unfinished you can check her out on her website or on Pinterest! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Tammi!

Stay Peculiar!

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