What is a Grimoire: Discover Everything You Need To Know

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Making your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows is a fantastic way to combine all of your spiritual beliefs and knowledge into one magical reference tool. Creating a Grimoire is a very personal practice and can be unique or peculiar as the spiritual practitioner.

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What is a Grimoire?

A grimoire is a collection of magical ideas and occult topics such as herb uses, rituals, symbolism, spells, magic elements, and other spiritual issues and beliefs that you find valuable to your practice.

It’s believed that the idea of customizing your grimoire came from Francis Barrett, who wrote a collection of three books in one volume called The Magus in 1801. His purpose was to update and make more accessible information from ancient and obscure literature.

What’s the difference between a Grimoire and a Book of Shadows?

This is a very commonly asked question! A grimoire is a term used most frequently when referencing a personal book of magic and a Book of Shadows is most often used by those who practice Wicca.

If you’d like to know more about the origins and history of grimoires and Wiccan Book of Shadows, check out this post, where I go into detail on each one! It’s fascinating!

How do you pronounce Grimoire?

Grimoire pronunciation – (Grim – Wahr)

How To Start A Grimoire

Since Paganism and Witchcraft are broad terms, it’s improbable you’ll be able to find a reference book that specifically applies to you and your practice. There are so many variations and diverse techniques that would be impossible. There is no one size fits all book. Creating your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows is a fantastic way to incorporate your spiritual beliefs and intentions into one unique and magical reference tool. A book to bring together all your knowledge and ideas into one sacred place.

There are SO MANY questions beginners ask when creating their Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows. I’m going t, cut right to the chase and tell you the answer right now, whatever you want! This is YOUR book! I cannot express how individual and unique your book is to you and very personal! Do whatever you feel called to do. Don’t let anyone else’s rules or the fear of messing up hold you back!

Your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows can be messy, organized, illustrated, or only include text! The choice is yours! Don’t let all this information overwhelm you. Just take it one step at a time and work on what you are most interested in first!

Your grimoire is meant to be used, not just sitting on a bookshelf or hidden in a drawer; you should love pulling it out and working with it. Your grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows should offer a deep connection between your spirituality and Self.

A Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows is a space where your creativity, heart, magic, soul, and spirituality all come together! And sometimes, that can be messy and beautiful all at once!

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What suggestions do you have for anyone who has been avoiding starting a grimoire because they’re afraid they’ll make a mistake?

Guess what? You’re going to mess up! You just are. We all do! Whew! Glad we got that out of the way; now stop letting that hold you back. Your book will evolve and change over time just like you will. I think that’s truly beautiful and something that should be celebrated.

Just think, months or years from now, you’ll be able to look back and see how much you’ve grown. You may cringe a bit looking back, but mostly you’ll be able to glow with pride. Knowing how much work and time you’ve put into your spirituality and practice. That’s truly magical!

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How can I make my Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows unique to me?

Just the fact that you are putting your beautiful energy and intentions into your book will make it full of your remarkable and PECULIAR magick! Here are a few ideas that will get you started, though:

  • Add your favorite essential oil to a page
  • Flowers, leaves, bits of nature you collected (keep in mind you may have problems with this if you travel with it! Traveling from state to state within the US or even to different countries Customs have lots of rules about this)
  • Make your own paper!
  • Color your paper! Stain pages with coffee or tea, or try making colors using natural dyes like berries, flowers, etc. This may also be a great way to create sections without tabs! 
  • Tear the edges of the pages just slightly to create a well-worn look.

What type of journal should I use to create my Grimoire?

There are so many beautiful ideas for creating your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows! I wrote an entire blog post on it as well if you’d like more in-depth information. You can read the whole blog post – Choosing Your Book Format and Paper here!

Here are eight different journal format ideas to get you started

  • Digital format
  • Binder
  • Journals, notebooks, and bound books
  • Buy Pre-made pages and customize
  • Travel or pocket-size
  • Modular unites
  • DIY spiral binder with removable pages
  • DIY repurposed book
spiral DIY Grimoire journal

Do I have to use a different language in my Grimoire?

It can be so beautiful to open your book and see the Runic Alphabet, Latin, Elvish, or other magical alphabets! However, if you aren’t fluent in that language, it’s a pain in the butt when you’re looking to reference information quickly. My suggestion is to stick to the language(s) you’re fluent in.

Should I add a Table of Contents to my Grimoire?

This is a totally personal preference! My type-A self can’t handle a book that doesn’t allow me to quickly reference information. However, I know plenty of people who prefer a more easy-going style of adding information into their book. If skipping the Table of Contents helps to get you started, then I say go for it!

Where can I get Grimoire Printable PDFs? 

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to spend researching all the information you’d like to include in your book of magick or spiritual journal. Luckily you can buy printable Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows PDF pages that someone has already researched for you!

What’s great about this option is you can easily add these to any book format you chose!

Do you have to hand-write your Grimoire?

Traditionally, yes. Many believe this will help to add your energy, magic, and spiritual intentions into the thoughts and words incorporated into your magical book.

However, I firmly believe that our books can and should evolve into something that enhances our spirituality rather than burdens us. It’s meant to be used, not just sitting on a bookshelf or hidden in a drawer. It will be the most valuable piece of reference material you ever own!

Do you hate your handwriting and hate the thought of adding it to your book? Then don’t do it! Feel free to type it on your computer and print it out! I believe this will still incorporate your energy and magick into your book! Just as it will when you read and reference it. 

Can I create a Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows that’s digital?

Feel free to create an entirely digital Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows if that’s what you feel called to! The possibilities are endless!

The digital format can also be a great option if you cannot write or type because you can dictate all the information instead!

I’ve heard of many people creating their own private blog, using Evernote, journaling apps, or creating a secret Pinterest board to store all of their magickal information.

My suggestions for creating a digital Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows would be using Google Drive. You can create different folders, include images you like, links, source information, and it even has a search section to help you find just what you’re looking for! Also, everything is automatically saved! 

I’m afraid to start my own book. Are Grimoires evil? 

No, not at all! Remember, your book of magic is a place to keep your thoughts, spirituality, and intentions in! Your book is an extension of you and all your lovely kind thoughts! Its primary purpose is for reference, to store information, and for rumination. It can include art, poetry, quotes, and your spiritual intentions. What could be evil about that?

Do I need to fill up an entire Grimoire page?

No! Sometimes the information you have doesn’t take up a whole page, and that’s ok! In fact, a great idea is to add witchy tips, quotes, art, a note section, or maybe something you learned in that blank space!

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Should I give my Grimoire a name?

You absolutely can if you feel called to! However, this is not a requirement.

What exactly do I put on a Grimoire dedication page? Do I have to create one?

No, you do not have to create one. Your grimoire is a place to discover new information, grow, and hone your spiritual practice. The dedication page is a place to put your intention and commitment to your grimoire and is often done on the first few pages.

What do I put on the first page of my Grimoire? 

Ah, the infamous blank page. So white, crisp, and almost just waiting for you to mess it up. Don’t let it stop you from starting your witchy journal! Honestly, you can add anything you want! Whatever feels natural to you!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Your favorite quote that empowers you or inspires you spiritually
  • A sigil of your own creation
  • A pocket or envelope to hold loose notes or ideas
  • Initiation rituals (not typically applied to those who have a solitary practice)
  • Pagan, witch, or Wiccan symbol you find meaningful (runes, magical elements, sacred geometry, etc)
  • Blessing
  • Invocation of Deities / Gods / Goddesses as another way to bless Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows
  • Artwork
  • Table of Contents
  • Dedication
    • What you believe and description of your spirituality.
      • What adjectives best describe you and your practice?
      • Talk about your spirituality and beliefs in detail. Are you more spiritual than religious? Is Nature a part of your beliefs?
      • Are you a solo practitioner?
      • Are you drawn to any particular practices due to your heritage?
    • Your ethics, rules, or code of conduct
    • Intentions for this sacred space (I’d recommend adding the date to this page so you can see how you develop and grow over time)
  • A personal photograph
  • If you practice Wicca, you can include the Wiccan Rede
  • A mantra you love to use 
  • Pentagram or pentacle
  • Leave it blank if nothing is calling to you! You can always add something later, or not at all!
how to make a grimoire or wiccan book of shadows DIY thrift and dollar store the peculiar brunette

What to Put in a Grimoire (100+ Ideas)

I hope you’re ready! I created an ULTIMATE LIST of what you can include in your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows! Remember, do not feel overwhelmed by this! Pick and choose what you’d like to include; these are just ideas!

Gratitude entries or log

What Spirituality Means to you

Moon Magic


Your spiritual role models

  • Why you admire them
  • Photos or illustrations of them

Write out page ideas or spreads you’d like to add to your grimoire


  • What you use them for
  • How to take care of them
  • Grids
  • Shapes
  • How you feel when holding certain ones
  • How to create an amulet

Art Magic

  • Create space for art therapy
  • Colors
  • Photography

Different types of Psychic Abilities

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairecognizance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairalience
  • Clairgustance

Subjects you’d like to learn more about

Herbal Magic


Tools and their uses

  • How to cleanse
  • Commonly used
  • Wand
  • Chalice 
  • Athame
  • Cauldron
  • Pentacle
  • Broom
  • Hag Stones
  • How to use
  • Illustrations
  • When to use
  • Alternative options


Witches ladder

  • Information
  • Illustration



Magickal theories and techniques


Deities / Gods / Goddesses / Spirits

  • Lore and history
  • Descriptions
  • Invocations
  • Offerings
  • Prayers
  • Crafts
  • Places you feel connected to them
  • Altars or shrines
  • Pronunciations
  • How to communicate

Pagan Holidays and the Wheel of the Year

Knot Magick


Journal prompts

  • Seasonal
  • Write a letter to your past/future self
  • Reflection on last month or year
  • Thoughts and inner monologue
  • Describe your spirituality using all your senses
  • Write a letter to your children/grandchildren

Illustrations or Watercolors

Use your grimoire as a bullet journal

List of correspondences

  • Food/recipe ideas
  • Incense, candles, and scents
  • Symbols
  • Animals
  • Crystals, stones, and metals
  • Colors
  • Spiritual intentions
  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Trees


Positive quotes

Banishing and Warding

  • What’s the difference between them?
  • Methods for each one

Intent and Visualization ideas

A Local Legend or Myth

Jar Magick

How To Reach an Altered State of Consciousness

Alchemical Symbols

Anatomical Diagrams

Inspirational Spiritual Ideas

  • Quotes that you connect with spirituality 
  • Photos
  • Artwork
  • Poetry

Dream Magic

  • Herbs to place beneath your pillow and what each will do
  • Dream journal page
  • You could also try drawing or painting them as well as writing them out for interpretation later


Color Meanings

Circle Casting

  • How to disperse and specific instructions
  • Cleansing
  • Calling the quarters
  • Releasing

Protection Ideas and Descriptions

Magickal Waters

  • Rose Water
  • Moon Water
  • Florida Water
  • Rosemary Water
  • Solar Water

How You Add Magic Into Your Everyday Life


Your Favorite Self-care Ideas



Metal Correspondences

Divination Work

  • Elder Futhark Runes
    • History
    • Myths and Legends
    • Alphabet
    • How to use
    • How to cast
    • Inscriptions
    • Bind Runes
    • How to Activate
    • Each Rune and it’s meaning
    • Reversed meanings
  • Tarot
    • List Tarot or Oracle card spreads you love to use and connect with
    • Major and Minor Arcana
    • Upright and reversed meanings
    • Spread ideas
    • Cleansing
    • Illustrations
    • How to handle your deck
      • Storing
      • Bonding
  • Pendulums
    • How to use a pendulum
    • How to bond
    • How to use a pendulum board
    • Log sessions
      • Questions you asked and answers
    • How to program
      • Make a program page
  • Tea Readings
  • Dreams
  • Cledonism
  • Apantomancy
  • Bibliomancy
  • Ouija Boards
    • How To Use Them
    • History and Origins
    • How To Cleanse
    • DIY Ideas
    • What Science and Studies Say About Ouija
  • Scrying
    • How it works
    • Types
      • Fire
      • Water
      • Mirror
      • Crystal Ball


  • History
  • Family Tree
  • Locks of hair from your family that you can pass down to future generations

Clippings From Foraging You’ve Done Locally

  • Add descriptions
  • What you use it for
  • Tips
  • What’s poisonous in the area

Shadow Work 

  • Illustrations
  • Journal Prompts

Day Correspondences

Kitchen Magic

  • Tinctures
  • Herbal remedies
  • Ointments
  • Magickal recipes (including special family ones)
  • Spices
  • Tea recipes
  • Tools
  • List of magickal food and their correspondences

History of your spiritual path

  • Witchcraft
  • Paganism
  • Druidry
  • Wiccan
    • Wiccan symbols and what they mean
    • Wiccan books for beginners
  • Voodoo
  • Hoodoo
  • Gaianism

Sacred Geometry

  • What is Sacred Geometry?
  • Vesica Piscis
  • Platonic Solids
    • Tetrahedron
    • Hexahedron
    • Octahedron
    • Dodecahedron
    • Icosahedron
  • Tree of Life
  • Flower of Life
  • Metatron’s Cube
  • Fibonacci Sequence Spiral
  • Sacred Geometry found in Nature
  • How you incorporate it into your spiritual practice

Past Lives


  • Smoke meanings
  • Scent correspondences
  • Recipe to make your own

Magical Oil 

  • Properties
  • Seasonal uses

Witchy Tips



Solar Energy Information

Ghostly or Paranormal

  • Experiences you’ve had
  • Haunted places you’d like to visit
  • History of haunted locations

Feather Meanings 



Bath Magic

  • What to include
  • Making it sacred
  • Rituals

Energy Work

  • How to direct energy


Candle Magic

  • What is Candle Magic?
  • How to use in your spiritual practice
  • How to dress or anoint your candle
  • Candle color meanings
  • Rituals you practice
  • Candle magic divination
  • Color correspondences for each day of the week
  • Candle flame meaning
    • Flickering
    • Jumping
    • Dancing
    • Popping
    • Self-extinguishes
    • Tall and strong
    • Weak
    • Dual

Animal Meanings and Symbolism


Music Magic

  • Songs you’re spiritually drawn to
  • Songs you listen to depending on each season or Sabbat
  • Lyrics

Pentacle Information

Sacred Texts

Sigil Magic

  • What is a sigil?
  • How do sigils work?
  • How to make a sigil (types and techniques)
  • How to charge or activate a sigil
  • How to destroy a sigil
  • Creative ways to use a sigil
  • Keep a list of all the ones you’ve created and their meanings

Magical Dates

Natural Remedies


Magical Theories

Sex Magick

Sound Frequency and Vibration

  • List of hertz frequency and meanings

Charm Bag Ideas

Plant Magic Ideas

Universal Laws 

  • Information and explanation for each one
  • Discuss why you believe or follow them
  • Reflect on how you notice them affecting your daily life

Magickal Terminology


List of Resources

What you’ve read or watched and would recommend to others. You could also create a list of recommendations you’ve been given and you want to read or watch later.

Death Magic

House Magic

  • Blessing(s) you use
  • Magickal home ideas you love
  • Decorations
  • How to incorporate Runes
  • Color symbolism
  • Crystal Grid in your home
  • Magickal morning/evening routines
  • How to create a sacred space
  • Calendar and bullet journal style (a great way to incorporate your book into your everyday life)
  • Cleansing your home
  • Natural cleaning products

Craft Ideas

  • How to make Witch Balls
  • Runes or Sigil ideas to sew into clothing or other items (pillows, quilts, blankets, etc)
  • What art techniques or craftwork would you like to learn more about to expand your creativity or spirituality?
  • Binding your own Grimoire or Book of Shadows
  • Custom wand
  • DIY Candles
  • Create your own ritual robe

The Fae


  • How to set up
  • Layouts or diagrams
  • Basics and fundamentals


  • How to charge
  • Methods
  • When to charge

Note section

A place to quickly jot down ideas you can reference or research later

Garden Magic

  • Plan and Design Your Garden
  • Moon Garden Ideas
  • Your Favorite Gardening Tips

Love Magic

Nature Preservation

  • Low or Zero Waste Ideas
  • Avoiding Greenwashing
  • How to refrain from using fast fashion

What Foods Are In Season Each Month

  • Eat with the seasons!



  • Symbols
  • Healing through crystals
  • Body placements
  • Meanings
  • Illustrations
  • Meditations

Beauty Magic



  • Your sign’s characteristics
  • List each one and its meanings


  • Planets and celestial bodies
  • Constellations
  • Solar eclipses
  • Stargazing events

I hope this post on Grimoire and Wiccan Book of Shadows was helpful! Lots of love to you and remember as always…

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