How To Make A Book of Shadows or Grimoire

How To Make A Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows choosing your format and paper - the peculiar brunette

Making a Wiccan Book of Shadows or grimoire can be pretty daunting when you first decide to start or create one. I know I had a bit of analysis paralysis when I started mine. There are so many different options and formats; where should one possibly begin?

This article will help you decide how you’d like to use your Book of Shadows or grimoire, and what format type will work best for you.

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How To Make a Book of Shadows or Grimoire

Start by spending some time reflecting on your plans and intentions for your Grimoire. Be realistic about how you will use it and how often.

If you’re looking for topics and ideas to include in your Grimoire or Book of Shadows, check out this post for over 100 ideas!

I’ve heard some say that it’s trivial to think about the aesthetic of your Grimoire, but I couldn’t disagree more! Your Grimoire or Book of Shadows should be something you enjoy using and a source of inspiration! So it should be beautiful and appealing to you.

Does this mean it should be perfect? No! This is not about perfection; it’s about a magical book or spiritual journal that grows and evolves with you over time!

A Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows is a space where your creativity, heart, magick, soul, and spirituality all come together! And sometimes, that can be messy and beautiful all at once!

Types of Grimoires or Book of Shadows

It’s essential to evaluate your personal preferences and how you’ll be using your grimoire or Book of Shadows, so you’ll know what time suits you best.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you typically utilize your phone or computer when storing information or jotting down notes?
  • Is your aesthetic minimal? Does your love for a leather-bound book run deep? Does it need to be made of recycled materials?
  • Do you want to craft your own or buy something so you can get started quickly?
  • What do you want it to look like? Is it important for it to be beautiful, functional, or both?
  • Do you want one book to be a catch-all to store all your information, or would you rather split them into separate books for different sections? What size book do you envision will work best for you?
  • Do you want to be able to rearrange the pages as you go?
  • Consider your style preference. What type of art (if any) do you plan to include? Watercolors, multi-media, photographs, calligraphy, illustrations, scrapbooking, collage-style junk journaling, pressed flowers or leaves are just a few examples.
  • What will you do with random notes or loose papers?
  • Do you like to be able to write things on the go and have something to carry with you?
  • If you choose to adhere objects like pressed flowers or leaves this will no longer allow the pages to lie flat. Does that bother you? If it does, contemplate choosing a different binding that will allow for more space.

Wondering what the difference is between a Grimoire and Wiccan Book of Shadows? Check out this blog post for more information on their fascinating history and origins!


Wondering how to make a digital Grimoire or Book of Shadows? The possibilities are endless! I’ve heard of many people creating their own private blog, using Evernote, journaling apps, or creating a secret Pinterest board to store all of their magickal information.

I would suggest using Google Drive. You can create different folders, include images you like, links, source information, and it even has a search section to help you find just what you’re looking for! Also, everything is automatically saved! While I know this might not be a top option for everyone, I think it’s great for those who travel often, minimalists, and those who need extra privacy. This also enables you to reorganize as you develop your book and may even be the best place to start as you gather information. Later you can move all the data to a physical book if you choose or keep it in addition to your digital and online space.

Google Drive Grimoire Digital Book of Shadows The Peculiar Brunette


A binder is a lovely choice for your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows because it allows you to remove pages and rearrange them to your liking easily. You can continue to do this as you and your spirituality evolve. This allows so much flexibility and is particularly a fantastic selection for your first grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows. You can even find leather binders if that’s the aesthetic that appeals to you most!

Binders can also be very cost-effective, and you can easily find some at the Dollar Store or most craft stores!

Don’t forget to include dividers with tabs as a way to keep your sections organized! This makes it very easy to reference the information you’re looking for at a glance.

Page protectors are a fantastic way to, well, protect your pages! If you’re pulling out your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows to do candle work, working with herbs, kitchen magick, or maybe outside in Nature, these will keep them clean. This also works well if you glued anything to the pages like dried flowers, sketches, handwritten notes, etc., from falling out and getting lost.

Binders might also be an excellent option for those looking for some added privacy to their Grimoire or Book of Magick because they cannot be open about their spirituality. If you keep the cover and spine plain, this could look like every other mundane binder on a shelf. You might also look into adding a lock to your book of magick! You can find some online or at your local hardware store.

Grimoire Wiccan Book of Shadows Binder Format The Peculiar Brunette


This can also be a relatively inexpensive option. If you choose to use a journal or notebook, I’d recommend a spiral (my favorite) or some binding that allows your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows to lay flat. This makes it so much easier when you’re trying to write in it or read from it. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to hold a book open while simultaneously attempting to work from it.

Bullet journals are very popular nowadays for a reason, and they keep us Type-A-oriented folk super organized! The index and numbered pages are excellent at helping to create sections that allow for easy access later. You could also fully embrace the daily and weekly bullet journaling practices into your spirituality to help you use your magickal book more often.

If you utilize the journal, notebook, or bound book option, I would also look into bookmarks. There are so many different options, and it can be a great way to keep sections organized for quick reference. You could also create a series of bound books.

Spiral and Bound Books for Grimoire Or Wiccan Book of Shadows The Peculiar Brunette


Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend researching all the information you’d like to include in your book of magick or spiritual journal. Luckily you can buy printable Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows pdf pages where someone has already researched for you!

What’s great about this option is you can easily add these to any book format you choose.

  • If you chose a binder you can simply hole punch them and put in place.
  • For digital options, you can just save the pdf to your folders and notes.
  • For other journaling options, you could print, cut out, and paste into your Grimoire similar to scrapbooking.

You can check out my shop for more Grimoire and Book of Shadows printable PDF ideas!

pagan and witchy grimoire PDFs


This might be a great option to store essential information that you reference frequently and would like to always have on hand—a place to keep your favorites. Maybe even artwork or quotes for those days you need some inspiration.

Travel or pocket-size also works well when ideas come to you that you don’t want to forget. Jot down the ideas you have and then format and organize them more beautifully into your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows at home.

Travel or Pocket Sized Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows The Peculiar Brunette


If you aren’t sure what modular notebooks are, you can look at Traveler’s Notebooks for precisely what I’m referring to like this one here. They have elastic cords that make up the binding and spine that hold separate and individual notebooks inside the cover. These notebooks are beautiful, customizable, and can be rearranged or removed if you choose. You can buy these or make your own!


This option is an excellent choice for those who want a spiral notebook and want to move pages around! It’s the best of both worlds!


I know that some people cringe at the idea of “destroying” a book and can’t fathom using it for their Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows.

However, I like to buy mine at thrift stores and think of it as bringing it back to life. I use hardcover books that give me a good vibe and have sturdy bindings. I also prefer to use books that aren’t popular and that I feel probably won’t be purchased to be read for pleasure.

This option can be entertaining, creative and reminds me of junk journaling!

Repurposed and thrifted books for Wiccan Book of Shadows

Selecting The Best Paper For Your Wiccan Book of Shadows

Your choice of paper is essential and largely depends on what you plan to add to your pages. Ruminate on how you’ll be using your Grimore or Wiccan Book of Shadows because it can be discouraging to have lines or splotches through any artwork or information you may have.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you want the pages to be blank, lined, or bulleted?
  • Is it important to you that your paper is environmentally friendly or made of recycled material?
  • Should the paper be heavy enough to allow for watercolor or painting?
  • Would you enjoy using an alternative option such as kraft paper?
  • Will the paper prevent any ink from bleeding through to the other pages?
  • Do you plan to print onto the pages or will your boof of magick be entirely handwritten?
  • Do you plan to stain your pages with coffee, tea, or natural coloring?
  • Would you enjoy making your own paper from scratch?

I cannot stress enough that the process of creating your Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows should be fun! Start with the basics, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and begin!

Hopefully, this helps show you how to make a Book of Shadows or Grimoire or will at least get you started!

Lots of love to you and remember as always…

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