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Samhain DIY skull The Peculiar Brunette

Just wanted to do a quick post on how I decorated for Samhain with a room tour of my living room and kitchen. This is meant to be light hearted and I’ll dive into the more serious and spiritual side of Samhain in another post. I also did a few easy DIY’s and thought I’d share them with you! I even made some Samhain Apothecary Jar Labels for fun and have them downloadable for FREE at the bottom of this post! Just my little way of saying THANK YOU for hanging out with me and staying peculiar!

If you’d like to see the room tour, the Apothecary labels in action and some fun and easy DIYs……… check out the video below! Keep reading because I also added a few more details on the DIYs down below!

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Samhain Painting Papier Mache Skulls The Peculiar Brunette

What I loved about making these skulls is how I could make them unique to me and very special. I made my own sigil on the side of one skull by combining the first letter of 3 loved ones my family lost. It’s deeply personal and very important to me to include in our decor because it really brings the meaning of Samhain front and center.

Samhain DIY skull The Peculiar Brunette

Samhain Candles with Rune Inscriptions The Peculiar Brunette

I used some stainless steel sculpting tools to carve the runes & sigils into the sides of the candles because my husband had some on hand! You could use all kinds of things though, please be careful when using sharp objects! I debated using black acrylic craft paint but decided on brown because I liked the aged look of it more! Feel free to experiment with colors and designs! This is a space for peculiarity after all!

Samhain Candle Runes & Sigils The Peculiar Brunette

Witch Apothecary Jars Samhain  The Peculiar Brunette

I printed them on some cream colored card stock paper and then crinkled them up over and over again until they were soft. You can see an example on the Gozer’s Traveling Concoction label in the upper left in the image above. Then I mixed some watered down brown paint with some mod podge and painted the front and back of each label. It easily attached to the mason jars I used. I wasn’t worried about making the mason jar reusable, trust me I had plenty to spare for a Samhain project! Also I changed the black cat label to Binx because I thought you’d all enjoy it more!

Samhain & Halloween Apothecary Labels The Peculiar Brunette

Comment below which label is your favorite and if you know what it’s from! Here are the downloads if you’re interested:

I hope you felt inspired after reading this! Thanks so much for stopping by and remember, as always……..

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