Nature Based Winter Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Nature Based Winter Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas The Peculiar Brunette

Welcome to the Yule & Winter Solstice Holiday Series!

No matter your religious affiliations, this series will be about celebrating the season of Winter. So gather around peculiar friends, while we celebrate nature and the longest night of the year. During this time we rest and reflect with introspective thought. Even now at the darkest time, we know that each day will bring more warmth and light. That the sun will rise again bringing with it hope and joy. I hope this helps you feel inspired to celebrate winter. You can check out more of this series on this blog or on Youtube right now!

Before I get started I wanted to give you a few freebies as a way to say thank you for being a part of The Peculiar Tribe! At the bottom of the post, I have FREE downloadable Winter Solstice gift tags AND 5″ x 5″ Winter Solstice greeting cards! If you’re interested in some great ways to use them and holiday gift wrapping ideas read the post below, if not feel free to scroll to the bottom for your freebies! Happy holidays!


The winter holidays and solstice will be here before we know it! The nights continue to grow longer and colder. If we’re lucky we snuggle together in our homes with loved ones, candles, warm drinks, twinkling lights and a Yule Log. We’re entering the season of kindness and giving.

However, it can also be the season of stress and chaos. So I thought I would share some nature inspired wrapping ideas, gift tags and gift cards to help ease the burden of yet another thing on your to do list. Maybe it will also add some inspiration and creativity too!

The Season of Kindness and Joy Yule Winter Solstice Holiday Printable The Peculiar Brunette


  • This option is perfect to a low waste or minimalist loved one! They can either reuse the brown paper bag afterwards OR they can compost it and add it to their garden.
Nature Based Minimalist or Low Waste Yule Winter Solstice Holiday Wrapping Idea The Peculiar Brunette
  • I basically only use kraft paper nowadays. It’s so versatile and I love the natural look of it! Adding natural elements like twine, burlap, cinnamon sticks, star anise, evergreens, dried fruits, pinecones, eucalyptus leaves, fresh / dried flowers or herbs enhances the natural vibes!
Nature Based Winter Solstice Yule Kraft Paper Holiday Wrapping The Peculiar Brunette

Adding photos of nature is a beautiful way to add character to your gifts! You could also add sentimental photos of loved ones that they can keep and use later!

  • Another great way to cater to a low waste or minimalist loved one – in my family we save and reuse the bags for next year. I rarely have to buy new bags any more and it’s keeps them out of a landfill. If you’re able to use or buy a natural paper bag you can even compost it!
  • I love how simple, minimal and modern this box looks! All you need is a white box, some washi tape, and greenery!
Nature Based Winter Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas The Peculiar Brunette
  • If you have some left over scrap paper and greenery this is a great option for adding some pizazz to a gift card!
Gift Card Nature Based Winter Holiday Wrapping Ideas The Peculiar Brunette


Every time I go to the store looking for holiday cards I never find something I love. The cards are either ugly, very religious, the size is all wrong or it comes in a variety pack with a bunch of cards I don’t want. So this year I decided to make my own Winter Holiday cards! If you’d like to download them for FREE just scroll to the bottom of this post! I made them 5″ x 5″ so that 2 will print on a 8.5″ x 11″ page and you can find plenty of envelopes online that will fit them. You could also glue them to a slightly larger piece of card stock like I did below to add a little more flair! Make sure you buy a larger envelope to fit!

Winter Solstice Yule Holiday Free Printable Cards The Peculiar Brunette
Tis The Season Yule Winter Solstice Holiday Card Free Printable The Peculiar Brunette


Winter is Magical Yule Winter Solstice Holiday Gift Tags Free The Peculiar Brunette

I created these gift tags in a simple and classic black and white for a few reasons: to save your printer, they’ll match with most wrapping papers or ribbons, and you can print them on white, cream or light brown (kraft) paper. I hope you love them!

I hope you felt inspired to celebrate nature and the winter season! You can join more Peculiars in our Facebook community here

I wish you the happiest memories with friends and family. I hope your winter is truly magical and as always remember…..

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