This page contains every post I’ve written that falls under the term Paganism. Obviously, that word can mean many different things to different people, but here is a list I always keep current. Feel free to scroll to a topic that interests you most.

No matter your background or religion, we all feel connected to this earth we inhabit. This is a space to slow down and explore our spiritual bond to Nature and the Universe.

Esoteric Occultism

I’ve created this esoteric occultism guide as an introduction to all things magical. It covers all the basics, from history and beliefs to practices and symbols associated with this fascinating spiritual topic.

Symbols and Signs

Symbols and signs are infused with intentions and deep spiritual meaning. Learn more about symbols and how to include them in your spiritual practice!

Moon Magic

Every full moon has its own name based on the month or the season in which it appears. Creating a name for each full Moon allowed people to reflect on each season and to contemplate how it affects us AND the natural world around us.

There can be some variation on the full Moon names due to the origins from whence they came. You can find them rooted in European (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic) and Native American history. I created a guide to each Full Moon, complete with their meanings and how you can celebrate.

Norse Paganism

Gods, Goddesses, Deities, and Mythology

Crystals and Their Meanings

Fae Meaning and Mythology

Fae are numerous, varied, and widespread throughout many cultures. Fae have been found in Greek, Roman, Celtic, Indian, Scandinavian, and Baltic mythology, as well as many others. Here’s an overview so you can incorporate them into your spiritual practice or just learn more about them!

Herbal Magic

The Botanical and Herb Magic Properties series focuses on folklore and magical uses rather than medicinal purposes. This is a beginner’s guide to incorporating botanical and herb magic into your spiritual practices and improving your knowledge. Hopefully, this information will inspire and empower you to add more herbal intentions and spirituality into your daily life. 

Manifestation and Intention Setting

Pagan Holidays and the Wheel of the Year

Pagan holidays consist of embracing and recognizing the seasons of Nature. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Pagan holidays honor the seasonal cycles, often known as the Wheel of the Year, which consists of eight holidays spaced approximately six weeks apart.

Yule & Winter Solstice

Midwinter & Imbolc

Spring Equinox


Summer Solstice & Litha

Lughnasadh & Lammas

Autumn Equinox

Samhain & Halloween


Starting a Grimoire or Wiccan Book of Shadows can be quite daunting when you first decide to start or create one. Even beginning this series gave me a bit of analysis paralysis. There are so many different options and formats, where should one possibly begin? Hopefully, this list will help get you to start and finish your own book!

Lots of love to you and remember as always…