Are you into “woo-woo” stuff?

Do you believe that nature is magical and that every day is meant to be lived to the fullest?

Would you love to add more spirituality into your life and feel that there’s more to life than working for the weekend and a paycheck?

Do you love being odd or unique and wish that you could chat with others similar to you?

Then this is the space for you! This blog was created to be a safe and supportive space for the peculiars. Where we think differently and reject “normal” mentality.

This is your squad or tribe!! We’re into the moon, crystals, celebrating the seasons, plants, personal development, seeing the magic in everyday life, minimalism, journaling, and natural living!

Whether you identify as more spiritual than religious, Pagan, a Witch or love witchy vibes, Wiccan, Metaphysical, New Age, Lightworker, Energy Workers, Shamans, Neo-Pagan, Angel Workers, Healers, Spiritualist or ANYTHING else (maybe you don’t identify to anything at all), you are welcome! Because to be honest with you I’m not super into labels…..


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“I don’t mind when peculiar things happen. It’s natural, because the world is a very peculiar place”