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Welcome to my Everyday Magic Interview Series! Life is magical and each day is meant to be lived to the fullest! Follow along with my AMAZING guests who all talk about their intentions, goals, spirituality and living a life of authenticity.

Today I’m featuring Kaia Blackwood from My Witchy Life. I told her that I’d really like to show what real witches look like and not just what they’re made out to be on movies/social media/etc. Follow along below for her answers!

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Hi! My name is Kaia Blackwood. I’m an eclectic, solitaire witch and the sole owner of the blog, community website, and store

I love that you started My Witchy Life to share your experiences and to help inform people about witchcraft and the supernatural. Can you talk a bit more about what your forums and groups are and what people will be talking about on them?

Well, this website (and therefore, forums) are brand new, so I don’t have anyone on them just yet. However, my intention is for the discussions to range from talking about spell-casting and spiritual paths to discussions about psychics, mediums, abilities, and even mythological creatures. My Witchy Life is open for all types of spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or occult beliefs.


What brought you to believe in witchcraft? How do you know it’s the path for you?

I have always been able to predict death, in particular. Who will die, how they will die, when they will die – then it just kind of grew to knowing that the phone was going to ring and who was calling, knowing how someone was feeling and feeling it myself (empathy), and even knowing when something really bad was about to happen (a shooting at a party, as one example)

Then in elementary school, I met a girl who is now practically my sister. We connected immediately, especially on all the weird stuff that happens to us, and then one day as I was reading online about psychics and mediums, I came across a blog about witchcraft and spells, so my friend and I gave it a shot.

The spell worked! Only, it backfired…like big time. Later I found out that, especially as a beginner spell caster, casting a love spell with someone else in the room is not a good idea. The guy she did the spell on ended up falling for me!

Shortly after that, I started practicing a lot more. Even my friends did, who all were as talented in the craft as me. We weren’t in a coven or anything, but we did all talk about witchcraft and psychic abilities almost 24/7, and they always came to me for help when it comes to spells (even to this day!). I strongly believe that the very same day I performed my first spell, I knew this was the path for me. It just felt so right and natural and exhilarating, and I’ve been obsessed with magick ever since.

For someone that is first starting out, what tips or information would you share with them?

The biggest tip I give to every beginner spell-caster I come across is this: Don’t just blindly follow someone else’s path, or someone else’s beliefs, rules, etc.

Practice. Experiment. Learn through experience. Don’t believe everything you read. If I give 15 beginner witchcraft tips, that’s cool and all, and take it if you want it – but why not experiment with it? Does reading the incantation versus memorizing it really affect the spell? (and if so, how much?) Is it really a terrible idea to cast a spell with someone else in the room?

I’m not saying that the articles I publish on my blog are useless. I’m just saying take all the information you read and experiment with it thoroughly. Do this and you will not only find yourself to be exceptional in your craft, but you will also connect with magick on a deeper and more spiritual level.

Moon Goddess

You said that the Wish Manifestation Spell is the spell that you always default to. Can you talk a bit more about that?

In some way or another, every single spell cast is technically a wish spell. The thing is, different spells and rituals have different ingredients, timings, and other things associated with them that make them ultimately better and powerful. By all means, I think it is best to work with a spell that is specific to your desire, however, if you get lazy as I do, then sometimes all you want to do is pull out a candle and paper. Plus, the wish manifestation spell has always worked well for me.

What do you think the difference is between manifestation and spellwork?

That’s a great question! I think manifestation is simply a word you say when describing that something is becoming real, and spellwork typically involves more materials, energy-work, or mental effort and focus. I think all spellwork is manifesting your desires into reality, but not all manifestations are spellwork.

Manifestation Wish Spell

If you had a “Best Kept Secret” you’d be willing to share, what would you include and why?

A lot of beginner witches are looking to get stronger in the craft, and it is totally reasonable to want to get stronger in a semi-short amount of time. With that in mind, I think my “best-kept secret” to achieve improving your own magick faster is three things: Practice often, have a niche, and (although this depends on your own beliefs) practice positive magick on friends, family members, and strangers. And, if this goes against your beliefs, you can concoct the spell to only work if the person “accepts” your positive energy to help them with whatever problem you have.

I’m also writing a book that is specifically targeted towards beginner spell-casters (but any can read!) on improving your magick in 30 days or less. I’ll be giving spells and rituals, explaining different types of spells and rituals, provide a challenge (and a private group), tips, and niche ideas. You can get on my newsletter if you want to stay updated when the book comes out. For me, my main magick niches are sigil magick and jar spells since they work the best for me!

What’s something that makes you really nerd out?

Oh, where do I begin? Almost all things magick related makes me nerd out, but not so much on the spiritual paths (Wicca, paganism, druidism). Those all kind of go over my head because I simply believe in what I believe in, and I don’t really follow any set path.

However, I think what REALLY makes me nerd out is anything related to psychic and supernatural abilities. Whether that’s death sense, clairvoyance, empathy, the ability to absorb energies such as heat, sound-waves, electricity, or even the idea of enhanced senses really make me nerd out and get excited.

Natural Witch with Skull

What’s the #1 question you get asked about witchcraft and how do you respond? What’s one more question you’re frequently asked?

I think the #1 question I am asked, almost on a DAILY basis, relates to my own personal psychic abilities. People are constantly interested in my ability to predict death, absorb heat (only from other people, not items) which is often referred to as a psychic vampire (I call them drainers because psychic vampire sounds like science fiction), or anything else that relates. People also have a tendency to ask if psychics, werewolves, mermaids, and other creatures are real. Which, my answer is always the same: No. I mean, not the way movies and TV shows portray it, but I do believe that there are creatures SIMILAR to these mythical beings that people may refer to with the same names (for example, a psychic vampire or drainer).

Another question I am frequently asked is if I can cast a spell for them. More often than not, it’s to get their ex back, and I always say the same thing. I don’t really do love spells (middle school was a phase, okay?). Solve it through mundane means, not magick. Magick will only ruin it in the long-term. However, if they are going to do it, do it in a way that still gives the ex-lover a choice. Use magick to present you an opportunity. Maybe cast a communication spell, if that was the reason the relationship ended. Or, maybe cast an erotic spell, if you believe that was the issue. It doesn’t have to be a straight up, ‘bring my ex-lover back to me’ spell.

Oh, and my advice? Definitely, don’t buy a love spell from the internet. I’m sure many of those work and all, but magick requires a lot of practice, patience, and effort. It also takes a lot of energy, which is why many spell-casters feel so drained and tired after. And love spells can be one of the most tiring spells of all, on a spiritual level.

What are a few things that surprised you when you first started out?

A couple of things, actually!

I once was casting a spell that was a bit more “higher magick” than I was used to, and suddenly everything on my wall started to fall and fly off! I was confused. I mean, those things only happen in the movies! Surprisingly, instead of feeling scared, I looked up and politely told whatever (if there was anything – it could just be energy) to stop being so dramatic, then I got back to work. Oh, and yes, the spell worked.

Another time, back in middle school when I didn’t know the effects of being in a small room with someone else as they cast a spell, my friend was doing a ‘vampire’ spell she found online. Now, by all means, this sounds like it shouldn’t work at all. Vampires aren’t real – but psychic vampires, on the other hand, are. And one could also say enhancers, too (enhanced senses, but not to the extreme as shown on TV). The night after she did the spell, a lot of weird things happened.

I could smell again, for one. (OK, sorry for the joke).

But besides that, I also started to have faster – but totally normal, human – fast reflexes. I also had better endurance and was able to run really fast. In fact, when I was running everything around me seemed blurry, and apparently when I stopped running my friend said I “came out of nowhere”. Now again, this isn’t some kind of super-speed superpower or anything, but I was able to run faster than I normally did. Unfortunately, although the spell was super fun, it was also temporary.

There are a couple of other things, too. Like, the first time I did a spell that wasn’t anything that had to do with me. It was my first selfless spell, and I did it on my friend to give her a boost of luck, happiness, and positive energy. She ended up feeling “suddenly” happy, and even got free concert tickets and found a bunch of things she had lost. Oh, and the best part? My own gifts and spells had a boost of power and worked amazingly well.

Witchcraft Smoke

What are 3 things you want people to know about you?

Let’s see…

  • I’m kinda a nerd, so I read a lot and experiment with literally everything I come across.
  • I don’t just enjoy helping people – I have a passion for it. Whether that is helping them through motivational speeches (I’m great at those!), finding their spiritual path, giving them tips and advice, or even helping them by casting a spell on them, I love it all!
  • I used to (and sometimes still do) want to become a criminal investigator, so it’s partly the reason why I want to be able to use my gifts and spell-casting to help people. Do you know how some psychics use their gifts to find missing people and solve cold cases? That would probably be a dream come true. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get my abilities or spells to work that good.

If you’d like to learn more about Kaia at My Witchy Life you can check her out on her website or on Pinterest! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Kaia!

Stay Peculiar!

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    1. I’m so glad you liked the interview with My Witchy Life! I agree with you, I frequently hear negative connotations regarding witchcraft and other spiritualities that are non Abrahamic. So my goal is to have more interviews that educate! Thanks so much for subscribing! Let me know anything else you’d like to read about!

  2. I’m a beginner witch who stumbled onto your website while looking for information on witchcraft. I was wondering if you happened to know anything about empaths?? Also I think it’s kinda cool that you can predict death. I’ve always enjoyed the macabre side of things. Sorry for rambling, I just think it’s really neat!

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