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Frog spiritual meaning is one of the most overlooked forms of animal symbolism out there. However, frogs are considered powerful symbols of transformation and change. They can go from tiny tadpoles to giant frogs in a few months, which is why their symbolism is associated with metamorphosis and rebirth.

Animal symbolism frequently appears in the traditions of earth-based spiritual practices. Animals manifest in synchronistic moments, dreams, visions, or other manners. Animal appearances are significant, yet their meaning might be difficult to understand. 

There is often an eagerness among spiritual communities and practitioners to connect all animal symbolism to the rituals and beliefs of indigenous Native Americans. These assumptions are often entirely inaccurate or overlook other cultures’ spiritual meanings, like Celtic animal symbolism.

Animal symbolism is a deeply personal spiritual practice that cannot be fully described in a blog post. Any explanation given in a book or blog post pales in comparison to your personal experience. However, by reading this information, you’ll understand each animal’s spiritual journey, which will help your interpretation.

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout and at the bottom of this article.

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What Are Frogs?

Frogs are amphibians, which stems from the Greek word amphibious, meaning “living a double life.” This is because their life is divided into two stages separated by metamorphosis.

In the first stage, they grow and develop in the water while breathing through gills. Later, they will develop lungs, allowing them to live on land as adults.

Frogs have smooth, moist skin and long legs, whereas toads are stout with rough, bumpy skin and shorter legs, making them less agile than frogs. However, toads can live away from water longer because their thick skin maintains moisture and protects them.

Frogs are cold-blooded and need a specific living environment due to their unique skin. Excessive exposure to the sun can harm their cells. Too much wind might cause a frog’s skin to dry out, which will dehydrate them. 

Amphibians are the first to die if an ecosystem is disrupted or polluted with chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. This is why over half of frog populations are in danger of extinction.

The noun amphibian has its roots in the words amphi, meaning “of both kinds,” and bios, meaning “life.” The word is used for the class of animals that spend part of their lives in water and part on land. 

Vocabulary – amphibian

Frog Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Frogs symbolize water and land and help connect us with the natural world and our intuitive side. They have the power to transform, mature, and renew the soul.

A frog’s ability to transition from one element to another and change its skin color depending on its environment represents change and transformation. You’ll also see this represented in fairy tales when a toad or frog is kissed; they’re changed into a prince, symbolizing rebirth and evolution.

Due to their association with the elements earth and water, frogs are connected with different types of Fae.

Frogs are symbols of new beginnings and creativity because they hatch from eggs and emerge into the world as tiny tadpoles.

A frog’s spiritual meaning is associated with fertility, good luck, prosperity, money, transformation, new beginnings, love, and the Moon (due to its close connection with water).

Frog Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Frog Superstitions, Mythology, and Folklore

There are many different frog superstitions, mythology, and folklore from around the world. From Aphrodite

I only include superstitions and folklore I can verify as accurate through reliable sources. If you know of any other mythology not included, please comment below along with your source, and I’d be happy to research it.


Frogs are one of the oldest animals the Egyptians worshiped, symbolizing fertile land and life. Egyptian frog gods and goddesses played a significant role in the creation of the world. Thousands of frogs would emerge just before the annual flooding of the Nile River, linking them to fertility and new beginnings.

Heqet (also spelled Heqtit, Heket, or Hekt) is the Egyptian goddess of life and fertility, and she would often witness and assist women in labor. She is portrayed with a woman’s body and the face of a frog.


Frogs were drawn on drums in China because their croaking is reminiscent of rain and thunder. If a frog appears around your business or home during a Full Moon, prosperity is on its way.  

In Feng Shui, the frog symbolizes money, long life, good luck, prosperity, and abundance. A frog figure, called Jin Chan or Chan Chu (meaning money toad or money frog), is placed inside the home or business to attract wealth.

Jin Chan aids in attracting and protecting money, as well as warding off bad luck. It should not face the front door since it represents money flow. You want money to flow into your home or business, not out of it. 

An African Myth About A Frog

In Hellboy Seed of Destruction, Mike Mignola references an African myth about a frog at the end of Chapter 1.

He states frogs (among a few other creatures) are often believed to be premonitions of death, as described by the following story –

On a day when little water was to be found Man spent awhile in thought and realized that he might one day die, never to rise again. Man sent Dog to God to ask that he might come back to live again, like the flowering plant, after death.

Dog went off and followed his nose toward God. He was soon distracted by the smell of soup, and followed his hunger toward the source. Leaning close to watch it boil, Dog was content and forgot his mission.

Seeing that Dog was lost, Frog took it upon himself to go to God and tell him that Man did not want to live again. If Man were to be reborn, thought Frog, he would soon muddy the rivers and destroy the birthplaces of frogs.

Dog finally arrived to tell God Man’s message. Leaning low, he crooned Man’s need for rebirth in the song of his howl. God was touched by the devotion of Dog for Man.

But God granted the frog’s wish, because he got there first.

Mignola, Mike – Hellboy – Seed of Destruction

I’ve been unable to determine if this is an authentic story. However, on Oxford Reference (a digital compilation of Oxford University Press’s Dictionaries, Companions, and Encyclopedias), I found a similar African myth called Arebati, The Toad, and Death.

Arebati is a god of creation of the Efé people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although this tale describes a frog and a toad, it highlights a similar story of potential rebirth, ultimately resulting in human death. Due to the similarities, I decided to include both of these stories in this article.

William Shakespeare

Here’s another pop culture reference involving Frogs, at least parts of them. You may recall the witches’ brew scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. If not, here’s a small excerpt of it.

Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

William Shakespeare – Macbeth

You may hear this quoted during Halloween or Samhain, but the truth is, many of these sayings were nicknames for popular flowers or plants.

Have no fear because, according to the University of Minnesota, the toe of a frog is a buttercup flower. A buttercup is sometimes called a frog’s foot in mythology and folklore. Buttercups indicated radiance and charm in the Victorian era.

Frog Color Symbolism in Colors of Frogs

Some believe certain colored frogs hold their own unique meaningssimilar to color symbolism. Let’s take a quick look at each color and its additional spiritual frog symbolism.

Remember, while frogs won’t give you warts, brightly colored frogs are often toxic and emit poison through their skin. Please don’t pick up, kiss, or touch a frog because they often carry salmonella. Also, YOU have bacteria or chemicals (lotion, chapstick, makeup, etc.) that can harm a frog due to its absorbent skin.

Poison frogs inhabit the forests of the New World tropics from Nicaragua to Peru and Brazil, and a few species are used by South American tribes to coat the tips of darts and arrows.

All frogs (order Anura) produce poisonous skin secretions; however, humans do not notice the toxicity or suffer skin irritation when handling most species. 

Britannicapoison frog amphibian

Brown Frog Spiritual Meaning

The most common brown frog species is dendropsophus microcephalus, also known as a small-headed tree frog. These frogs can change colors through a process called metachrosis. During the day, it shows a brown color with dark or reddish spots, but at night its color becomes lighter and yellowish, with dark brown spots.

Brown frogs are connected to trees and nature, and they symbolize concealment and versatility.

Brown frogs appear to you when you need stability and consistency. It’s a reminder to rest, slow down, and prioritize getting your life in order. Their spiritual intentions are associated with grounding, earth magic, and stability.

Brown Frog Spiritual Meaning

Green Frog Symbolism Meaning

When discussing frog symbolism, the color green is typically the first that comes to mind. Green frogs symbolize good luck, prosperity, growth, and money. Green frogs symbolize good luck, prosperity, and money.

Grey Frog Spiritual Meaning

Gray frogs can have shades of brown and green, so it essentially shares the meaning of these two colors. The gray frog camouflages itself very well in trees and among leaves, so it has the versatility of concealment in its favor.

Grey frogs symbolize balance, wisdom, moon energy, tranquility, self-reflection, and maturity.

Grey Frog Spiritual Meaning

Yellow or Gold Frog Symbolism

There are two types of yellow or gold frogs. One of them is the Phyllobates terribilis, known as the Golden Poison Dart frog. It’s considered the world’s most poisonous fog and is deadly to humans. Its poison has been used on the tips of spears to kill enemies.

Scientists aren’t sure what causes this frog’s incredible toxicity; however, it’s believed they ingest plant poisons provided by their prey (insects). Poison Dart Frogs grown in captivity never develop venom when separated from their typical insects and natural environment.

Seeing a Golden Poison Dart frog is a warning and means danger.

However, the golden frog Pristimantis dorado (recently discovered in 2016), has a slightly duller color. Pristimantis dorado’s name honors both its unique color (dorado means golden in Spanish) and also a connection to El Dorado (a legendary mythological city of gold pursued by Spanish conquistadors in South America.

Seeing a Pristimantis dorado is a good omen and represents abundance, intelligence, and positive mental health.

Yellow or Gold Frog Symbolism

Blue Frog Spiritual Meaning

Blue frogs are also usually highly toxic. The Blue Poison Dart Frog is as well-known as its yellow-golden cousin for having a poison almost as powerful and dangerous. However, the blue color is not as intimidating as the yellow color.

Blue frogs symbolize wisdom, patience, communication, and the element of water. Seeing a blue frog can indicate you need to work through intense emotions and seek the truth. There are aspects of your emotional health at risk you should pay attention to.

Blue Frog Spiritual Meaning

Red Frog Symbolism Meaning

Several species of red frogs also have small black spots covering up to half of their body. Frogs of this color are poisonous. The duller its redness, the less harm it can cause you.

Red frogs symbolize health, courage, personal power, and the element fire. Red frogs appear to help motivate you, encouraging you to seek success and adventure.

Red Frog Symbolism Meaning

Black Frog Spiritual Meaning

You are being deceived, there is a veil concealing the truth from you, and situations aren’t exactly how they appear.

Black frogs often appear when you are facing significant life changes. Now is an excellent time to stop bad habits and remove negative or stagnant energy. Black frogs symbolize revealing secrets and protection and indicate the end of a cycle.

Black Rain frogs are a fascinating type of black frog worth mentioning.

Although it appears to be angry, it’s completely harmless. It inflates when it feels threatened, digs up to six inches deep where it burrows, emerges in mating season, and then returns to its burrow to tend the eggs.

Black Frog Spiritual Meaning
Black Rain frog

Frog Symbolism in Dreams

Having a dream about frogs has a positive spiritual meaning and symbolizes good luck, transformation, and new beginnings.

When interpreting your frog dream meaning, remember to include the color symbolism listed above and emotions and events taking place in your dream.

If you’re hurting the frog in your dream and feel guilty, this can indicate you’re sabotaging your own growth or negatively intervening in someone else’s life.

If you hear a frog croaking in your dream, this is a reminder to slow down and pay attention to the small details in your life. You must focus on your mental health and identify the goals you want to accomplish. Positive and rewarding experiences are coming, but you need to be prepared for when they do.

Dreaming of a toxic or poisoned frog harming or threatening you in some way means you are afraid of change.

Remember, dream interpretation is a very personal spiritual practice. Always rely on your experience and intuition because you have the answers you seek.

Meaning of Frog on Your Doorstep or Around Your Home

Have you ever noticed a frog near or in your home? Seeing a frog in your home or on your doorstep is an excellent omen! It indicates the arrival of good news and abundance, luck, and financial security.

As a symbol of fertility, it can announce the arrival of a baby or a pregnancy since frogs often appear during their mating season.

Always remember to consider the mundane before the magical. Frogs are active during the rainy seasons of Spring and Summer. Don’t be surprised if you find them around your home.

When you see a frog, take a moment to reflect on your emotions and how you’re feeling. What do you currently want or need? Do you feel you’re lacking in some way? What are you grateful for? This will help you determine specific meanings.

Dead Frog Symbolism and Meaning

If you come across a dead frog, it symbolizes a period of stagnation in your life. You’re in a rut. Frogs represent water, fluidity, and flexibility due to their agile legs and jumping abilities.

Stagnation is the exact opposite of frog symbolism, and finding a dead frog is a sign you must change. Get away from pressure, anxiety, or any situation that doesn’t allow you to grow and evolve. Do not blame others, instead focus on what aspects of your life you must change.

Frogs are associated with spiritual and inner healing. If you are following unhealthy patterns or vices, you must admit that. This will allow you to heal, grow, and embrace your spiritual life path.

Dead Frog Symbolism and Meaning

Spiritual Meaning of a Frog Crossing Your Path

If a frog crosses your path, it’s inviting you to make essential changes in your life. Frogs adapt to water and land and encourage you to adapt to current situations in your life, too!

If your situation gives you anxiety, slow down and reflect on your discomfort. Why do you feel this way? Is it temporary to help push you out of your comfort zone?

If you’ve started a new journey, career, or path, a frog crossing your path tells you everything will work out because transformation brings knowledge!

If frogs keep hopping into your life, you may need to connect with the water or earth element.

Spiritual Meaning of a Frog Crossing Your Path

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Frog

Croaking is usually associated with mating and is used by males to attract females. However, some frog species croak to mark their territory or indicate their presence. Frogs may also croak because they are worried or stressed, warning other frogs around them. 

Some mythology states if you hear a frog croaking, it’s calling the rain or warmer weather. Frogs are spirits of water and rain, representing fertility, growth, and abundance.

The spiritual meaning of hearing a frog symbolizes darkness, water, life, and fertility. A croaking frog indicates you need to work on spiritual growth with meditation and self-reflection. Wander the dark waters of your mind and swim toward your spiritual roots for a truly healing inner transformation.

I hope this article about frog symbolism and spiritual meaning was helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…


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