Honey Calcite Meaning and Healing Properties You Need To Know

Honey Calcite Meaning and Healing Properties You Need To Know

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You want to know more about honey calcite meaning and healing properties but can’t find much information about it. With the help of honey calcite, you’ll be able to think through things with more clarity.

Through this awareness, you’ll gain a clearer vision of the bigger picture of your life, which does wonders for reducing stress and anxiety. You won’t get so hung up on minor issues and instead identify how everything WILL work out. 

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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Honey Calcite Meaning

If you are looking for a powerful amplifier of self-confidence and leadership abilities, look no further than honey calcite, the infamous ‘sunstone.’ 

Honey calcite meaning amplifies knowledge, leadership, and confidence. It helps you overcome obstacles by enhancing your clarity and personal power.

In the rest of this article, I will delve deeper into the many spiritual properties of honey calcite and how you can use it to get the most out of all its unique properties.

Does Honey Calcite Have Healing Properties?

Like Green Calcite, Honey calcite has many healing properties. It is known for being a great healer of the mind and self-confidence. For those who struggle to view themselves in a positive light, honey calcite can help heal these negative views. 

Honey calcite can help you heal through difficult life situations, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or other personal struggles one goes through. The stone can steer you clear of falling into negative patterns by enhancing your awareness and opening your mind to the bigger picture. 

Instead of getting stuck in the past, honey calcite will help you look to the future with renewed clarity and hope. 

Calcite of all colors supports spiritual growth. It links parallel realities to support the manifestation process. It clarifies your sens of purpose, enhances the right use of will, and encourages spontaneity. Calcite gently erodes blockages in the aura and chakras.

Nicholas Pearson – Crystal Basics
Does Honey Calcite Have Healing Properties?

Honey Calcite Crystal Profile

Honey Calcite has many spiritual properties, which are helpful to learn about before you use it in your life. Read on to dive into honey calcite’s makeup, its fascinating history, and its connection to certain magical elements and zodiac signs. 


Honey calcite has a level 3 hardness rating on Moh’s Hardness Scale (from 1 to 10). This scale considers how solid a crystal is and how resistant it is to being scratched. Level 3 is about the same as a nail or a copper penny.

Chemical Composition

Calcite is a mineral composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). There are many ways calcium manifests worldwide, with all kinds of different shapes and colors. Honey calcite forms in a rhombohedral formation with hexagonal lattices and is a translucent golden color.


Honey calcite meaning, like all other calcites, is linked to the number 3. This means for those on a life path 3, the stone is an excellent stone for amplifying your purpose and helping you to learn your most important lessons.

Magical Elements

Honey calcite meaning has solid connections to both fire and air. Air stones are great for boosting intellectual and mental abilities. Keep these around if you need some extra creativity and idealism. 

Fire is a very active element that enhances your emotions and passions. Fire stones are great for closing and beginning chapters of your life. They are also great for love and relationships. 

Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakra

Honey calcite is closely connected to the solar plexus chakra and the third eye chakra. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for your identity, personal power, and authenticity. This stone will help you lean into who you truly are while increasing your confidence. 

The third eye governs your intuition, awareness, and spiritual intellect. Honey Calcite will help open your mind up to greater possibilities and enhance your intellectual capabilities. 

The crystal is excellent for anyone who needs to work on unblocking or balancing either of these two chakras. 

Zodiac Signs

Those who have a Cancer, Leo, Pisces, or Aries zodiac sign will feel the effects of honey calcite at an enhanced level. This makes it an excellent crystal if you need some tangible results.

Color Symbolism

Honey calcite is a beautiful translucent golden color. Gold represents light and energy and is a great color to use when you want to work towards growing your personal power, intellect, confidence, and strength. Gold also symbolizes prosperity, whether that be in terms of money, success, or your own personal growth. 

Alternative Names 

Honey calcite also goes by the names golden calcite and amber calcite. You may also hear it referred to as a ‘sunstone.’ This name goes far back into honey calcite’s history as a geographic guide using the light from the sun.

History of Honey Calcite

Honey calcite has a unique history. Thousands of years ago, it was used by the Vikings as a guide to figure out which direction to travel. During these pre-compass days, the sun was one of the best ways to tell which direction one was facing. 

However, it was impossible to tell where the sun was on cloudy days. Somehow, the Vikings figured out that honey calcite could detect the orientation of the light waves from the sun, even through clouds. 

Light goes through the stone and splits into two paths, creating an image on the other side that can detect the sun’s rings (and, in turn, its position). According to researchers, the sunstone can accurately predict the sun’s location.

Metaphysical Properties of Raw Honey Calcite

Honey calcite has an array of metaphysical properties that can help to improve your life. For one, the stone is an energy amplifier. If you find yourself frequently feeling tired with low energy, honey calcite can help. 

Honey calcite is also fantastic for all things related to the mind. It improves focus and memory, helps with concentration, and increases intellectual capabilities. 

Honey calcite is an ultimate self-confidence stone. If you are struggling with your self-worth, this can cause issues in every area of your life. Honey calcite will help you see all the best things about yourself and give you the strength to embrace true self-love. 

Through this strength and confidence, you will gain many new abilities, such as standing up for yourself and your beliefs. The personal power that stems from self-confidence is impressive; it is truly life-changing!

Your confidence manifests through your leadership capabilities as you take responsibility for yourself and others. You will trust yourself and your decisions, lean into your intuition, and take control of critical situations. 

You will no longer be afraid to take accountability for any problems because you know there is a way to work things out. 

By implementing honey calcite into your life, you will be able to approach situations with calmness, clarity, and optimism. You will walk into new chapters of your life with open arms, unafraid, and able to embrace the unknown.

Metaphysical Properties of Raw Honey Calcite

How To Use Honey Calcite

You can use honey calcite meaning to amplify its powers and its effects on your life.


Meditate while using honey calcite and place it on one of the chakras you want to focus on. For the third eye chakra, you should place it in the center of your forehead above the brow. You should put it right above the belly button for the solar plexus chakra.

Close your eyes and visualize the gold light energy expanding out of the crystal and going into your chakras, clearing out the negative energy and leaving it feeling cleansed and brightened. 

Wear Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is a reasonably inexpensive crystal to buy as jewelry. Wearing the stone as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings will keep it close to your body. Its powers will affect you throughout the day, lending you all its benefits as you go through life. 

When you wear honey calcite, you can expect to feel energized, empowered, and confident. You will keep your head high through daily challenges and face any struggles with optimism and strength.

If you’re looking for some excellent places to purchase honey calcite jewelry, check out this awesome creator on Etsy: Silver Post.

Use During Rituals

Another way to use honey calcite is by including it in a ritual ceremony (like during a full moon ritual). You can set up some candles or an altar and visualize the effects it will have on your life.

Speak your positive affirmations and let its energy wash over you. Make sure to keep your honey calcite cleansed and charged so that it can retain its full abilities.

Benefits of Sleeping with Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is known to help ease stress and anxiety and promote much better sleep. Keeping it by your bedstand at night will help to quiet your mind and put you to bed faster. 

You will have a deeper and more peaceful sleep. However, don’t be surprised if you also have a couple of weird dreams.

What is Honey Calcite Made of?

Honey Calcite is a calcium carbonate (CaCO3) composed in hexagonal lattices to make a rhombohedral formation. This mineral is one of the most abundant globally and is formed from many different kinds of rock, including igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.

Where is Honey Calcite Sourced From?

Honey calcite is found primarily in Mexico, but it can also be found in India, Pakistan, Africa, and a few places in Europe.

Is Honey Calcite Water Safe?

Honey calcite is not water-safe. It is a fragile stone that can be damaged in water. If exposed to too much water, it may dissolve or crack. 

Avoid using water on honey calcite. If you need to clean it, you can use a damp paper towel or washcloth, but be as gentle as possible.

Honey Calcite vs Orange Calcite

Honey calcite and orange calcite are both within the calcite family, but they have slightly different colors and properties. 

While honey calcite is more of a golden brown amber color, orange calcite looks more yellowish colored. 

Honey calcite is used for the mind, self-confidence, and empowerment. On the other hand, Orange calcite is more of a sacral and solar plexus chakra stone. It transforms energy and heightens passion and sexuality.

Honey Calcite vs Orange Calcite

Honey Calcite vs Citrine

Citrine is a quartz mineral compared to calcite, which is a carbon mineral. Quartz minerals are usually more glassy, harder, and of higher quality. While calcite has a level 3 hardness, citrine has a level 7 hardness. Citrine can also be more expensive because it’s rarer and more durable. 

Honey calcite is darker and murkier than citrine’s bright orange-yellow color. It has more of a brownish-amber hue. 

However, honey calcite and citrine share some similar properties and use despite their physical differences. Citrine is used to attract wealth and abundance, raise self-confidence, strengthen the mind, promote self-expression, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Citrine is an excellent stone for the sacral, solar plexus, and crown chakra.

Honey Calcite vs Citrine

How To Cleanse Honey Calcite

Cleansing is crucial to ensure your crystals are working at their full strength. Honey calcite will absorb negative energy throughout each day. Once it is full, it will be unable to positively impact your life. 

There are a few ways you can go about cleansing honey calcite. Since honey calcite is so fragile, you should avoid cleaning it with water. This includes both freshwater and saltwater. Using this method could potentially damage the calcite. 

An excellent method of cleansing is using incense. Once you light the incense, you can move the crystal through the smoke. Do this for at least three minutes to ensure that you have cleansed away all the negative energy. 

To charge the stone, you can leave your honey calcite crystal in the moon’s light or place it near a piece of quartz, selenite, or amethyst. These are easy, effective charging methods. 

Check out How To Cleanse Crystals for a more in-depth explanation of crystal cleansing.

Can Honey Calcite Go in Salt?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to put honey calcite in salt. This is a great way to cleanse your stone. However, you should avoid putting it in saltwater.

Can Honey Calcite Go in the Sun?

Avoid placing calcite in the sun’s rays because it will fade its color. Even leaving the stone inside where the sun shines like a window sill or on a dresser (a mistake I’ve made myself) will fade its color.

Final Thoughts

Honey calcite is an excellent crystal for empowerment, intellectual growth, and self-confidence. Not only will it enhance the capabilities of your mind, but it will lead to an increase in your self-love that can manifest in all areas of your life. 

Come into your personal power and capabilities by adding a bit of honey calcite to your life. Whether you decide to wear it, meditate with it, or simply keep it close by, the choice is yours!

I hope this article about honey calcite meaning and healing properties was helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…


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