Numerology and Angel Number Meanings Everything You Need To Know

Numerology and Angel Number Meanings

As many people embrace their magic and spirituality, they’ll inevitably be drawn to numerology and angel number meanings.

Numbers are how the Universe, angels, ancestors, and our spirit guides speak to us. Each number has its own energy, frequency, and vibration to utilize communication similar to crystals and colors.

Like astrology, numerology is a method that we can use to enhance our understanding of ourselves and our purpose in life. It allows us to connect to others and life more honestly, helping us to be ourselves and truly thrive.

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What is Numerology

Numerology believes that numbers have unique spiritual aspects and powers, and each vibrates at its own unique frequency.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (570 – 490 BCE) is often cited as the creator of numbers’ mystical and sacred characteristics. He believed numerology was for the magical people of the world, and those who appreciated it knew the soul’s journey.

Pythagoras believed numbers to be sacred for various reasons, including correspondences with musical harmony, sacred geometry, astronomy, architecture, and the mathematical proportions of pentagrams.

However, Pythagoras studied in Egypt for twenty years, and it’s believed to be the source of many numerology ideas.

In fact, there is evidence of grooves being etched into bones discovered in Zaire, Africa, that is believed to be from 9000 to 7500 BC (That’s 11,000 years ago!!!). Each mark corresponds with the moon phases and is one of the oldest pieces of proof showing mathematical and spiritual interest.

The ancient Babylonians observed the movements of the planets, recorded them as numbers, and used them to predict eclipses and other astronomical phenomena. The priesthood of ancient Egypt used numbers to predict the flooding of the Nile.

Britannica – Number Symbolism

You can also find numerology in ancient Chinese, Mayan, and Jewish philosophies and beliefs. Many other cultures would add and calculate specific number sequences, like the four digits of a year, to define characteristics and spiritual meaning.

Ancient Chinese beliefs also include the Lo Shu grid, and the 3×3 pattern was considered a perfect magical square.

It’s hard to deny the idea that the Universe derives from complex mathematics that is strongly connected with Nature when we can see it for ourselves in patterns and shapes found in various places, including sunflowers, seashells, the cosmos, and even in our DNA!

Numbers can help us align with our purpose and incorporate more spiritual meaning into our lives. These connections are not random; they are the universe’s means of communicating ideas and feelings to us in our material world.

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What is Numerology

Is Numerology Real?

Numerology is also known as arithmancy (pronounced air-ith-man-see), which is the study of numeric divination. Repeating numbers can provide information about how the universe operates and the importance of people and places.

Pythagoras created a chart system assigning numbers to the alphabet letters and is one of the most extensively used types of numerology today. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa also made a numerical chart based on the classic Latin alphabet and outlined it in Three Books of Occult Philosophy, but it is rarely used.

The chart below represents a more modern interpretation because J and V were not common in the Latin alphabet until the 18th century.

You can use the chart below to find the spiritual meaning and significance of any words or letters in your life.

For example, say your name is Aubrey; using the chart below, you would add 1+3+2+9+5+7, which equals 27. When a number reaches double digits, you add those together to form a single digit. 2+7 equals 9. Now you would check the significance of the number 9 to determine your name’s spiritual meaning. (Continue reading for each number’s meaning listed towards the bottom of this article)

Pythagoras Numerology Chart

Is Numerology Biblical?

Numerology is not taught as a part of most Christian biblical beliefs and is often frowned upon.

However, some individuals believe numbers and words in the Old Testament connect with deeper numerology meanings through verses, names, prophecies, and ideas.

What are Angel Numbers?

In the last few decades, the term angel number started becoming a more commonly used phrase that works with the beliefs and ideas of numerology.

These number messages and guidance are very personal to your spirituality and represent your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, or the universe!

These number messages and guidance are very personal to your spirituality and represent your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, or the universe! However, for simplicity, I’ll be using the term angel throughout the rest of this article.

Number’s vibrational energy can create universes, making them an essential tool for connecting with the spiritual world. Read that again and let that sink in!

Every number has its own energy frequency, which carries spiritual messages we can understand. You are experiencing spiritual guidance when you see recurring numbers, and they will give you the meaning, direction, and spiritual purpose you need.

Keep track of how frequently the numbers appear to you because someone is trying to pique your interest. These can be single digits or a sequence of numbers.

Remember, many signs may come your way, but here are a few ideas to keep a lookout for:

  • Book pages
  • Bank account numbers
  • Receipts
  • Likes on a social media post
  • Price tags
  • Clocks
  • Song or movie time lengths
  • Addresses
  • License plate numbers
  • Dreams
  • Phone numbers

Numbers can also be overheard, so keep your ears open too!

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers?

Angels or the Universe will continue sending you number signals until you understand the message. Imagine your guardian angel bouncing up and down, trying to grab your attention with numerology.

Angel numbers frequently appear at essential moments in your life and represent various meanings. The advice can be about many different topics, including relationships, careers, money, love, or spiritual alignment.

An angel number can also appear when you are already on the correct course. Maybe you asked for a sign to help guide your decisions and give you some positive assurance.

Other times angel numbers show you’re on the right spiritual track. Keep an open mind as you recognize numbers, so your interpretations have fresh perspectives.

What Does My Angel Number Mean?

Angel numbers are identified by repetition, and meaningful synchronicity found throughout your life and can be as unique as each person.

Synchronicity is a phrase created by CG Jung, a psychologist who felt our minds are linked to a universal system he termed the Collective Unconscious.

Synchronicities can be so precise and accurate they can be a bit eerie. When you know how to read angel numbers, you’ll understand meaningful spiritual guidance about your intentions, priorities, and soul’s purpose.

When you embrace numerology and use it as inspiration, you create a stronger connection with yourself and the universe beyond you.

Do Angel Numbers Mean the Same for Everyone?

Angel numbers are not always the same for each person because they are based on vibrational frequencies. Depending on your energy and mood, there are various and unique meanings.

Please focus on the emotion you get upon seeing them because this is usually more meaningful than any interpretation or explanation you read.

Although Numerology has been around since ancient times, people’s relationship with, and approach to numbers has, inevitably, changed through the ages. Around the start of the 20th century, for example, many old systems (all systems are neutral) were re-written by numerologists in their own way to mirror the consciousness at the time and to accommodate the emerging needs of a new era.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to forge our own understanding of life through numbers; our view of numbers will change a lot within the course of a lifetime.

#What is Numerology by Sonia Ducie

Concentrating on your emotions and intuition will help you to align with each number’s vibration. In such a busy world, it can sometimes be hard to slow down and be mindful. However, here are a few suggestions to connect with your intuition and awareness.

  • Meditate quietly focusing on the number you are repeatedly seeing
  • Be fully present in the moment when you see an angel number, what’s happening to you or around you right now?
  • Check in with yourself and fully experience your current emotions in your body. What’s your mood? How are you feeling?

How to Take Action on Angel Numbers

Remember, seeing angel numbers is not enough; they are encouraging you to take action! Use their guidance and strength to make a positive change in your life!

Numerology enhances our self-esteem and supports us through life changes. It provides us with new possibilities so we can experience a more fulfilling life.

If you’re unsure how to move forward, try journaling or meditating on your thoughts and feelings. Try looking at things from a different perspective or point of view. Trust your intuition; you’ll be shocked at how effortlessly the solution appears.

If the path forward still seems unclear, that’s completely okay! Stay calm and be patient. Angel numbers are for helpful guidance, not to stress you out. Trust that the universe or angels have your best intentions in mind. Relax and enjoy the beautiful energy and vibrations of angel numbers.

Why Did I Stop Seeing Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers often emerge when we genuinely need spiritual direction or guidance. Once you’ve acknowledged and recognized that advice, you may go for some time without seeing them.

Don’t be alarmed; this is entirely natural, and the Universe or angels are still looking out for you!

Angel numbers would eventually lose their importance and wouldn’t be as relevant if you saw them at every moment.

Keep a lookout for fresh new numbers to help guide you on your spiritual journey. I recommend keeping a journal to write down any dreams, numbers, or unusual signs you may see. This will help you put together synchronicities you might not have noticed before.

Why Did I Stop Seeing Numerology

Numerology Skepticism

Numerology skeptics often claim assigning value to number repetition is too coincidental and all you can do is speculate once you begin to look for numerical connections.

Skeptics state that numerology is pseudoscience and believe that people only see the numbers they want to see and often fail to notice or intentionally avoid other numbers.

Often citing numerology as a conspiracy theory and claiming there is no scientific proof or evidence. Skeptics also refer to Apophenia (the human impulse of seeing significance in random information) and believe repeating numbers are inevitable because people are excellent at identifying patterns.

You will, of course, have to decide for yourself, my peculiar friend!

What is a Life Path Number?

A life path number, also known as your holistic number, is the number that represents your soul’s destiny in this life. It represents your experiences, what you’ve learned, and how you’d like to grow throughout life.

Life Path Numbers are fascinating, so I wrote an in-depth article about them you can check out here! It discusses how you can calculate your Life Path Number, how to use it, and its meaning.

Numerology and Angel Number Meanings

Just a reminder that angel numbers are founded on vibrational frequencies; they are not necessarily the same for each individual. There are different and distinct meanings depending on your energy and emotions.

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1 angel number and numerology

1 Angel Number Meaning

One is associated with the Sun, new beginnings, confidence, and innovation.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 1, it’s an indication you’re on the edge of attracting what you’ve been trying to manifest. It might be the start of something fresh and unique in your life.

When this happens, be cautious about how you utilize your attention and what you focus on. Don’t let fear, worry, or anxiety prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. Believe in yourself, the universe, and your angels.

Now is the time for a positive mindset and hopeful outlook. New adventures and experiences will be occurring in your life.

2 angel number meaning

2 Angel Number Meaning

Two is associated with the Moon, harmony, balance, and cooperation.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 2, it’s an indication you should collaborate more or be aware and attentive to the feelings of others. This can involve relationships of all forms, including friends, co-workers, partners, and loved ones.

Helping others is a beautiful way to connect with your soul’s purpose, the universe, and serve the needs of humanity. It’s a request from your angels to act in the interest of others. Angels and the universe protect all people without discrimination, sending love, support, and a beautiful and empathetic outlook on life.

It can also be a sign to improve balance by focusing and giving attention to the essential aspects of your life. Peace and harmony give you the energy to achieve your goals and dreams.

3 angel number and numerology

3 Angel Number Meaning

Three is associated with Jupiter, creative thoughts, self-expression, sensitivity, and spirituality.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 3, it’s an indication that you are spiritually aligned with your soul’s purpose, and your angel is helping you to achieve your goal. This is the best moment to follow your heart and trust that the universe has your back.

Make use of your creative abilities to achieve your goals and improve your life and the lives of others. Your angels and the universe urge you to be joyful and enthusiastic about your spiritual journey.

4 angel number meaning

4 Angel Number Meaning

Four is associated with Uranus, organization, stability, and personal development.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 4, it’s an indication to be aware of your goals and personal growth.

It is advising you to be motivated and persistent in your pursuit of your professional, spiritual, and personal goals. The angels encourage you to be thorough in your work and pay attention to the small details. However, remember progress over perfection, don’t let meticulous analysis hold you back!

When you make strong and positive efforts toward achieving your goals, your angels help support you by creating a solid foundation that allows you to continue progressing along your journey.

5 angel number and numerology

5 Angel Number Meaning

Five is associated with Mercury, versatility, resourcefulness, and personal freedom.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 5, it’s an indication of change and new opportunities. Watch these new developments with an open mind and heart because they are intended to provide you with many long-lasting benefits.

It’s a hint that positive changes are on the way because it’s connected with adventure, enthusiasm, and spiritual awakening.

It also represents the 5 magic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit or the pentagram meaning and encourages you to connect with these in your spiritual practice.

6 angel number meaning

6 Angel Number Meaning

Six is associated with Venus, unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, and contentment.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 6, it’s an indication to maintain a balance between your material-oriented ambitions and your spiritual mental health. Take accountability for your actions and stop being judgmental!

Be open and transparent in all of your interactions to show respect for others. Have an attitude of gratitude since a positive mindset attracts more prosperity into your life. Your angels and the universe are encouraging you to explore and deepen your spiritual and personal development.

Angel Number 6 symbolizes all things domestic, including the home, family, and loved ones. Spend some time reconnecting with your home life, and prioritize it between obligations.

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7 angel number and numerology

7 Angel Number Meaning

Seven is associated with Neptune, vulnerability, wisdom, truth, and seeking knowledge.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 7, it’s an indication to do some self-reflection, contemplation, and educate yourself more in-depth regarding your goals and spiritual path.

Angel Number 7 is all about evolving and developing new talents, listening to your inner voice, and being vulnerable enough to grow and progress in many areas of your life.

You have a meaningful purpose in life that requires you to connect, inspire, and help others. You are urged to lead by example and motivate others to find their own interests and meaning in life.

8 angel number

8 Angel Number Meaning

Eight is associated with Saturn, power, abundance, ambition, and authority.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 8, it’s an optimistic message of motivation, praising you for your accomplishments, progress and telling you to keep pushing forward.

The angels are showing you how to attract prosperity while still fulfilling your higher spiritual calling. The Angels are telling you that abundance will come and not be concerned with how or when. Simply put, keep working hard and be open to the unforeseen.

Remember, prosperity can come in the form of financial or spiritual abundance.

Your angels are sending you an optimistic message of motivation, praising you for your accomplishments, progress, pushing ahead, growth, and attainment. 

9 angel number and numerology

9 Angel Number Meaning

Nine is associated with Mars, vision, enlightenment, higher consciousness, integrity, and selflessness.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 9, it’s an indication of your soul’s higher purpose being achieved. This number inspires us to look at our life from a different perspective.

The Universe is providing you the spiritual motivation you need to ascent to the next phase in your spiritual practice. It’s a sign from your angel that it’s time to get down to business. Prepare yourself today because you have a lot of work ahead of you.

A sign that it’s time to let go of a situation, connection, or chapter in your life that is no longer beneficial to you. Do not fear; something special will improve your life in a variety of ways.

Angel Number 9 is a profoundly spiritual number representing the significance of our life purpose and has a powerful and high vibration.

I hope this post on Numerology and Angel Number Meanings was helpful! Sending you lots of love and remember as always…

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