How to Make Sigils for Personal Power Unlock the Magic Within

How to Make Sigils for Personal Power: Unlock the Magic Within

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Ever wondered how to make a sigil that harnesses the magic of witchcraft? Making a sigil is the process of creating a symbol or image to manifest your desires through your subconscious mind. This can be for love, protection, money, or more by using the power of symbols.

Including sigil magic in your practice can take your spirituality to the next level. There are many different ways to create sigils, which is lovely because you can customize a technique that works best for you!

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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What is a Sigil?

The term sigil is derived from the Latin word sigillum, which means seal or signet.

A sigil is a symbol or design you create that works with your unconscious self to help bring your goals and dreams into reality. Sigil magic enables you to focus and become clear about your intentions.

The sigil itself does not contain magical abilities but operates as a mode of transportation into your unconscious, which is why you should always create your own! Using sigils designed by someone else removes the connection and doesn’t allow the sigil to be placed into your unconscious mind.

Sigils and their many functions and powers were explained by sixteenth-century German polymath and physician Henry Cornelius Agrippa, in a book detailing different facets of Occult Philosophy.

Described as ‘the magical encyclopaedia of the Renaissance’, this work brought together Greek and Roman occultism drawn from classical sources with medieval Jewish Kabballah, aiming to provide technical explanations and procedures for practical magic.

Occult Philosophy explained in detail how magic could be employed practically, laying bare the secrets of the natural world including stones, herbs, trees and metals, the celestial and mathematical world encompassing the influence of planets, stars and numbers, and the intellectual world of pagan gods, spirits, angels, devils.

Science Museum Group Journal (Issue 11 – A History of Amulets in Ten Objects)

How Do Sigils Work?

Sigil magic works by bypassing your conscious thoughts to connect directly with your subconscious mind.

The conscious mind will raise skepticism, barriers, or restrictions on your intentions, making it challenging to materialize your desires. However, reaching your subconscious unleashes unlimited spiritual potential!

Sigils don’t need words; they use symbols to speak directly to your unconscious. They implant your desires into your subconscious, which allows them to begin working while you go about your life.

After creating a sigil, let it go from your conscious thoughts and allow it to work in your subconscious mind. You want your sigil to leave your conscious mind and simmer in your unconscious mind. This way, your sigil can effectively manifest your intentions.

How Do Sigils Work? Witch creating sigils during a candlelight ritual.

How To Make a Sigil: Types and Techniques

When creating a sigil, feel free to incorporate colors, personal symbols, or letters of your choice. Don’t let these types and techniques limit you!

Remember, there’s no wrong way to create a sigil! Create what feels natural to you, and let your intuition influence you!

How I make Magic Sigils

YouTube video
HOW TO MAKE A MAGIC SIGIL: Creating, Charging, Activating, and Destroying

Word Sigils

The creation of Word Sigils originated with English artist Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) and his development of Zos Kia Cultus. His ideas later became the basis of chaos magic.

In the early 1900s, Aleister Crowley invited Austin Spare to join his Thelemite magical order. Spare was a member for a short time because he despised the strict structure and ceremonial magick Crowley practiced. In Spare’s book, The Book of Pleasure, he described Aleister Crowley and his followers as –

These Magicians, whose insincerity is their safety, are but the unemployed dandies of the Brothels.

Magic is but one’s natural ability to attract without asking; ceremony what is unaffected, its doctrine the negation of theirs.

Austin Osman Spare

Spare was interested in medieval grimoires, including The Lesser Key of Solomon. However, instead of using sigils to summon spirits, he wanted to create and apply sigils for personal practices. He tried to avoid the complex Enochian magic Aleister Crowley used and instead simplify the process.

Sex was an integral part of Spare’s practices, and his goal with sigil creation was to communicate with the sexual energy of his unconscious self. He published his ideas for Word Sigils, which he called sigilization, in his book The Book of Pleasure. Unfortunately, he died in 1956, long before his sigil ideas became popular during the early 1990s.

How To Make a Word Sigil

To create your own word sigil, start with your intention (Spare referred to this as your statement of desire), remove any repeating letters, and use the remaining letters to design a sigil.

If you struggle to write down your intention, you can try using Spare’s suggestion to start with “I wish.” However, in more modern magic, many believe it’s important to write in the present tense as if your intention has already come to fruition. (Example – I feel beautiful in my own skinsee photo below).

The choice, of course, is entirely up to you! Remember to use positive words and avoid negative comments like don’t, won’t, or not. Use robust and powerful words you’d like your sigil to represent.

If you have too many letters remaining and find it challenging to combine them into a sigil design that resonates with you, try removing vowels to simplify the process. Feel free to add a few creative touches or place a circle around your final image to contain its energy.

A common frustration with sigil creation is the aesthetic. Don’t let artistic beauty hold you back; let your intuition guide you!

How To Make a Word Sigil

Pictorial Sigils

Another technique Austin Osman Spare created is the pictorial sigil, which is fitting since he was an artist. He believed using images to convey an intention instead of words could make it easier for the sigil to connect with the subconscious. Here are a few examples –


If you’d like to improve your painting abilities


For love or other matters of the heart


To help incorporate the Element Fire


A wave, drop of water, or snowflake if working with the Element Water

Dollar Sign

For prosperity, abundance, or financial gain


An eye to improve your intuition or divination abilities. It would also work well as an Evil Eye for protection.


Antlers or shields work great for a protection sigil

Star or Moon

A star can represent all four elements and the spirit self. Using the Moon would also be great when doing Moon Magic.

This can be one of the most creative and sigil-making techniques. Make sure you’re in a relaxed and creative mindset while creating a pictorial sigil. Have fun with it! I created an example below around the keyphrase I am always changing and growing to give you an example.

Just because pictures are incorporated into this sigil, this does not mean you can’t combine letters, numbers, or other pagan symbols into your sigil! Feel free to include any designs that add meaning to your spiritual practice, like Celtic Ogham Alphabet or Elder Futhark Runes.

My Pictorial Sigil example - I am always changing and growing.

Magic Squares

Let’s begin with the history of the most popular magic square—the Lo Shu grid. Chinese emperor Yu noticed grid markings on the back of a tortoiseshell and believed the 3×3 design was a perfect magical square.

The Lo Shu grid was often used in various ways: in astrology, divination, talismans, Taoist magic, and as a symbol of harmony.

Magic Squares in Various Cultures

A magic square containing numbers is considered magical when the numbers total the same amount when added horizontally, vertically, AND diagonally. You can see in the Lo Shu Grid example below that every direction totals 15.

Magic Square: Lo Shu Grid example showing how every direction (horizontally, vertically, AND diagonally) totals 15.

The Romans also used magic squares, but they contained letters instead of numbers. They typically had five letters, were used for amulets, and placed on walls. The most well-known is the Sator square, a super palindrome because it can be read left to right, right to left, and up and down.

As you can see in the example below, the Sator square contains five Latin words: Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, and Rotas.

Magic Square: the Sator square contains five Latin words: Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, and Rotas.

Magic squares became very popular during the Middle Ages and started appearing in the work and literature of various subjects, including mathematics, astrology, occultism, alchemy, and other scholars.

Creating Unique Sigils with Magic Squares

Alchemists often created sigils to correspond to and reflect a planet’s energy and knowledge. These could later be used in rituals to represent or summon the planet’s power.

You can use magic squares to create your own unique sigils. Begin with your intention. For this example, we’ll use – My success is inevitable. Then, shorten it to a specific keyword or phrase. We’ll use success as an example.

Combine the chart below with the Lo Shu Grid to create a unique sigil.

Magic Square Sigil Chart: Combine the chart with the Lo Shu Grid to create a unique sigil.

By using success in conjunction with the chart below, we get the numbers 1 3 3 3 5 1 1. Then remove any consecutive numbers, and we’ll end up with – 1 3 5 1. Keep reading below to see how we’ll use this with the Lo Shu Grid.

How to Make a Magic Square Sigil for Success.

Insert a circle into the first and last number in the Lo Shu Grid (for this example of 1 3 5 1, the circle will start and end in number 1). Then, draw a line connecting each number in consecutive order to create your unique sigil.

Once your sigil is complete, you can embellish it, add lines or dots, rotate it into whatever position you like, or leave it as is! Mine looks like a martini glass, huh? LOL!

Success Sigil example I made using a magic square.

Magic Circles

Another technique incorporates your chosen keyword or phrase. We’ll continue with the intention above – My success is inevitable. This time, I’ll use the full phrase as an example. Simply draw or trace a circle and write the alphabet within the circle. (Example below)

Magic Circle Example

Insert a circle by the first and last letter within your circle. Then, draw a line connecting each letter to create your unique sigil.

How I made a Magic Circle Sigil example using - My success is inevitable

You can simplify “My success is inevitable” into M Y S U C E I V T A B L – I included the vowels this time to show you another variation.

The final sigil I created using a Magic Circle and the phrase "My success is inevitable"

Automatic Writing Sigils

This technique allows you to relax, meditate, and focus on your intention or desire. Loosen your pencil or pen grip and let it move on your paper.

The final result will look scribbled and unclear. Using your intuition pull out what images or shapes you see in the shape before you. Use this to create a sigil.

If you’d like an example of Automatic Writing Sigils, check out my Sigils YouTube video.

How to Charge or Activate A Sigil

There are many ways to charge or activate a sigil, but you’ll need to figure out which works best for you. After you finish creating your sigil, you’ll want to detach from it emotionally and spiritually. Put it somewhere out of mind. This can be as long as you feel necessary, a few days, a week, or maybe a moon cycle. Once you’ve fully detached from your sigil, it’s time to charge it.

You can charge your sigil in a variety of ways, the most popular being emotional, sexual, or spiritual energy. It’s important you find a way that works best for you. It’s critical that you feel comfortable! There’s no wrong way to do it!

The most crucial step in sigil activating is to embed the sigil image into your subconscious mind.

Here are a few ideas to get you stared:

  • Music that is rhythmic, relaxing, or emotional to you can help to put you into a trance-like state. Drums, rattles, chanting, or singing bowls can also be useful
  • During meditation. Relax and bring the image of your sigil to your mind. Repeat your keyword or phrase as you focus and meditate on your sigil
  • Anoint it with Moon Water or use it in a Full Moon Ritual
  • You can look at your sigil or think about it during an orgasm (either with a partner or by yourself)
  • Charge it during an extremely emotional time when you’re experiencing intense feelings (this can be sadness, fear, happiness, etc.)
  • Movement rituals like dancing, drumming, or clapping
  • Place with corresponding crystals of your choice for as long as you feel is needed
Witch charging or destroying a sigil in a candle flame.

How To Destroy Sigils

There can be some debate about destroying sigils and if it’s required or not. When trying to decide for yourself, consider your sigil intention. Remember, sigil magic is about creating and releasing it into your subconscious mind. When you destroy a sigil it allows the intention or desire to be released so it can fulfill its purpose. Then, you can move on about your life and allow the sigil to do its thing.

However, frequently seeing a sigil can sometimes remind your unconscious self and repeatedly give energy to your intention or desire. You can also choose a semi-permanent sigil that will be slowly released over time. See below for some creative ways to use permanent or semi-permanent sigils.

If you decide to destroy your sigil, make a ritual out of it. Spend some time with it before you send it out into the universe and your unconscious. You may want to record your sigil and corresponding intentions in your grimoire, spiritual journal Wiccan, or Book of Shadows for reference later. Here are a few ways to destroy and release a sigil –

  • Burn your sigil that’s written on paper, a bay leaf, or carved into a candle (burning is the most common technique and can also be used while simultaneously activating your sigil)
  • Tear it up
  • Release into a stream, river, or water of choice
  • Bury them
  • Release it into the wind
  • Erase it if the sigil is written in pencil
  • Blow on it

Now your work is complete! It’s important to release your sigil and not let it preoccupy your thoughts. You want your sigil to leave your conscious mind and simmer in your unconscious mind.

Creative Ways to Use a Sigil

If you intend to make a permanent or semi-permanent sigil, this section will help give you some creative ways to incorporate it into your spiritual practice.

Candle Magic

Adding sigils to your Candle Magic Ritual adds so much power! Begin by creating your sigil as usual. Once you’ve created the perfect sigil, carve it into your candle when anointing and dressing your candle.

Light your candle and keep an eye on it until it burns down completely. If you’re looking for a complete tutorial, check out my YouTube video: SIMPLE CANDLE MAGIC | Beginner Basics and Types of Candles.

You could also combine your sigils with a cord-cutting ritual to release negative energy or unwanted attachments. Create a sigil representing what you want to release or let go of.

Everyday Surfaces

  • On a Foggy Windowpane or Mirror: Draw your sigil onto a foggy windowpane or on your mirror after you shower for a temporary yet impactful display of your intentions.
  • Inside Books or on Bookmarks: Place sigils inside books or on bookmarks.
  • In Your Purse or Wallet: Keep a small sigil in your purse or wallet to attract or manifest your intentions related to finances or abundance.
  • Behind Jewelry or a Watch: Place a sigil behind jewelry or a watch so it’s always with you, enhancing your personal energies and intentions.

Pagan Holiday Rituals

Pagan holiday rituals present the perfect opportunity to include sigil magic in your celebrations! Create sigils that reflect the spiritual intention of the holiday. Such as abundance for an Autumn feast or renewal during the Spring Equinox.

To amplify their magical impact, incorporate your sigils into rituals, spells, or altar decorations during the holiday festivities.

Kitchen Witchery

Kitchen witchery helps infuse everyday meals with your spiritual practice. Add an extra layer of intention by including sigil magic in your culinary adventures!

  • Wooden Spoons: Carve sigils onto wooden spoons used for stirring or cooking. Each stir infuses your food with the energy of your sigil’s intention, adding a touch of magic to your dishes.
  • Tea or Soup: Stir your sigil into your tea or soup as you prepare it. Allow the flavors to blend with the energy of your sigil, creating a harmonious and magical brew.
  • Cake Icing: Spread icing onto a cake in the shape of your sigil. As you decorate, visualize your intentions becoming part of the cake, making each slice a magical experience.
  • Pie Crust: Carve your sigil into the bottom of a pie crust before baking. As the pie bakes, the sigil’s energy infuses the entire dessert, adding a touch of magic to your sweet treats.


Crystals help to enhance the magical energy of sigils. Choose crystals that align with your sigil’s intention, such as rose quartz for love or amethyst for spiritual connection with the spirit realm.

Place your sigil near or under the crystal during meditation or rituals to infuse it with the crystal’s energies. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals!

Home and Garden

  • Home Remodel or Design Projects: Incorporate sigils into home remodel or design projects by writing them beneath flooring or carpet, behind wallpaper, or in freshly poured concrete or DIY concrete pavers.
  • In Clay Pots in Your Garden Space: Carve sigils into clay pots in your spiritual garden space or add them to garden décor for a touch of magical energy and intention.

Egg Cleanse

An egg cleanse can be a powerful ritual when combined with sigil magic. Start by creating a sigil that represents purification or protection. During the egg cleansing ritual, draw your sigil across your body using the egg.

Visualize the egg absorbing and removing any negative energies or blockages as you move it over your skin. This is a strong technique for spiritual empowerment and will help cleanse any negative energy.

Rocks for Protection and Empowerment

Another creative way to utilize sigil magic is by placing your sigil on a rock. This method can infuse the rock with your intentions and serve as a powerful tool for protection, empowerment, or manifestation.

  • Home Protection: Place the sigil-engraved rock at key points around your home to create a protective barrier. Focus on your intention for security and safety as you position the rocks, such as near entryways or windows.
  • Personal Carry: Carry the sigil-infused rock with you as a talisman for empowerment throughout your day. Keep it in your pocket, purse, bra, wallet, or bag to harness its spiritual energy and amplify your intentions wherever you go!
  • Car Protection: Place the rock in your car for added protection when you travel. Visualize the sigil’s energy surrounding your vehicle, creating a shield of safety as you navigate through traffic.
  • Workplace Energizer: Bring the sigil rock to your workplace to infuse your workspace with positive energy and productivity. Keep it on your desk or in a discreet location (like beneath a potted plant) to enhance focus and motivation.

Personal Accessories

  • Behind Your Phone Case: Place a sigil behind your phone case to carry its energy with you throughout the day.
  • Inside or Bottom of Shoes: Write a sigil inside or on the bottom of your shoes for empowerment with every step.
  • Stitched into Clothing or Fabrics: Stitch sigils into clothing, pillowcases, quilts, blankets, or other fiber art projects for a subtle yet constant reminder of your intentions.

Natural Elements

  • Carved into Wood or Firewood: Carve sigils into wood or firewood for a grounding and protective element in your home or outdoor space. (Great for Yule Logs)
  • Written on a Bay Leaf: Write a sigil on a bay leaf for a release or manifestation.
  • Using Ash from Incense or Smoke Cleansing: Use ash from incense or smoke cleansing to write your sigil wherever you like.

I hope you found this post about how to make sigils helpful, lots of love to you, and remember as always…


Thwaite, Annie. A History of Amulets in Ten Objects. Science Museum Group Journal. Spring 2019.

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