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Pagan Symbols, Witch Symbols, and Wiccan Symbols

Pagan, Witch, and Wiccan Symbols can be very broad and apply to many different spiritual practices or religions. This article will provide deeper insight into some of the most commonly discussed symbols worldwide and throughout human history!

5 Element Symbols of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit

Wiccan Symbols 5 Elements Symbols Fire Air Earth Water Spirit Aether

For many years, element symbols have been used in a variety of studies, including alchemy, medicine, magic, and astrology. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Spirit are all represented in each Pagan symbol. Through the vibration and energy of the universe and Nature, elements bring harmony and balance.

The 5 Element Symbols are some of the most popularly referenced Wiccan symbols, but are not exclusive to their practice.

Keep in mind that each element symbol may embody different meanings or correlate differently with your spiritual practice. So listen to your intuition and customize these intentions as you please.

Fire Magic Elements Wiccan Symbol


The fire element is strong, transformative, and channels the intense energy of the Sun. It inspires enthusiasm for success, boldness, and tenacity.

Fire represents the Summer season, and its spiritual meaning symbolizes power, sex, perseverance, zeal, renewal, purification, freedom, courage, and destruction.

Air Magic Element Witch Symbol


Air is the element of imagination, intellect, and clarity of expression—a potent symbol of new beginnings, self-expression, and joy.

Air represents the Spring season, and its spiritual meaning symbolizes anything to do with the mind. Learning, creativity, intelligence, reflective thoughts, self-awareness, and happiness.

Earth Magic Element Pagan Symbol


The Earth element represents wealth and prosperity but helps to ground the ego. The Earth element helps guide us in self-reflection and personal development and inspires us to live in harmony with the seasonal cycles.

Earth represents the Winter season, and its spiritual meaning symbolizes fertility, protection, and connection with the seasons – planting and harvesting (metaphorically and physically).

Water Magic Elements Wiccan Symbol


The Water element is associated with spiritual insight, compassion, and knowledge. A powerful element for spiritual awakenings, development, and healing.

Water represents the Autumn season, and its spiritual meaning symbolizes Moon magic, hope, psychic abilities, harmony, kindness, nurturing, and empathy.

Pagan Symbol Element Spirit or Aether

Spirit or Aether

Also known as Aether (sometimes spelled ether), Soul, or Universe. Spirit’s origins can be traced back to Aristotle, who believed that the Moon divided the physical world from the spiritual realm and the Aether was the spiritual place where the divine resides.

It was believed that all the elements were created from the Spirit element and are where the elements will return as part of the natural cycle. The Spirit symbolizes the link between the body and the soul.

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Sacred Geometry Pagan Symbols and Patterns

Sacred Geometry is the ancient scientific belief that the entirety of the universe is connected. Every natural pattern or symbol allows us to learn a little more about what lies beneath the chaos of creation.

Evidence can be seen in the natural world around us, revealing Sacred Geometry to be the source creation of the universe.

Many religions and sacred sites around the world have incorporated Sacred Geometry into their spiritual practices and places of worship. Patterns of Sacred Geometry can be seen in the natural world and even in human DNA.

Vesica Piscis Pagan Symbol

Vesica Piscis

Two overlapping circles make up the Vesica Piscis symbol. This simple form, which initially represented the female vulva or womb, is potent. Over time, the Vesica Piscis has been integrated into numerous spiritual symbols, including Mother Goddess, the Triple Moon, and Ichthys.

Vesica Piscis symbolizes new beginnings, creation, birth, or a soul’s journey, which is understandable considering its original representation.

Platonic Solids and Corresponding Elements Pagan Symbol

Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids consist of the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. The Platonic Solids are sacred because their shapes consist of regular polygons with equal sides and angles, rather than irregular polygons whose sides and angles are not equal.

They symbolize the five building blocks of matter, according to Plato, who coupled them with the five elements (fire, air, earth, water, and aether).

Tree of Life Witch symbol with archangels

Tree of Life 

The geometric pattern of the Tree of Life represents creation and humanity’s harmony with the universe and the divine. It has roots in a variety of spiritual practices, cultures, and ages worldwide.

The Tree of Life represents the philosophy of human existence and contains ten circles called the Sefirot (or Sephiroth). Each circle symbolizes our life’s journey and defines a path to spiritual enlightenment or god while being guided by the universe or angels similar to the Unalome.

Sacred Geometry Flower of Life Pattern Wiccan Symbol

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life symbol is made up of 19 interwoven symbols that reflect the origin of all existence, creation, and knowledge.

Harmony, connection with Nature and the universe, a visual depiction of life, and growth are all associated with the Flower of Life’s spiritual meaning.

Another reason the Flower of Life is considered so revered is that many other Sacred Geometry symbols can be found within this pattern (like the Tree of Life or simplified versions of the Platonic Solids).

Metatron’s Cube Pattern Pagan Symbol

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube includes all the Platonic solids – tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Named after the Archangel Metatron, who guards the Tree of Life (referenced above).

It’s believed that Metatron’s Cube will repel demons or negative energy. Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometry meaning symbolizes balance, spiritual awakening, flowing positive energy, harmony within the universe, and spiritual guidance.

Fibonacci Sequence Spiral Pagan Symbol

Fibonacci Sequence Spiral

Spiral patterns manifest in Nature through many forms like ammonite, horns, shells, pineapple, tornados, spider webs, galaxies, and our DNA, just to name a few!

Spirals represent spiritual progress, enlightenment, energy, movement, expansion, and the development of the soul. They’re also sometimes used to represent Spirit or Aether.

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Nordic Elder Futhark Pagan Runes

Nordic Rune Pagan Symbols

Runes are a group of symbols that make up the written alphabet and diverse spoken languages by the Germanic people of Europe during approximately the first century. Rune is derived from the Norse word “runa,” meaning secret or mystery.

In Norse mythology, both gods and humans were unable to read runes. However, Odin was a wise and intelligent god who wanted to further his knowledge and learn more about the rune symbols and meanings. After great sacrifice, Odin obtained these secrets from the Norns, and we can now understand their importance. When translating runes, it’s important to know the meanings are not literal and tend to be metaphors. 

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Pentagram vs pentacle what's the difference

The meaning of the pentagram has changed throughout history, cultures, and religions. It’s been seen as a sign for unity, evil, the elements, the divine goddess, and Satanic and Christian beliefs. Apples, flower petals, and starfish are stunning examples of the pentagram found occurring in the simple beauty of Nature.

The pentagram meaning and how it differs from the pentacle can be as varied as the practitioner. Some believe the pentagram symbolizes the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and aether), while others believe it represents infinity and limitless energy.

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Celtic Ogham Alphabet Symbols

Ogham Symbol Meanings and Pagan Symbols

Each Ogham alphabet symbol derives its name from Celtic mythology and metaphorical tree meanings. Oghams are full of symbolism and spiritual magic, and their purposes can hold many different messages. Therefore, it’s essential to understand and respect those who have used them over the years.

For those who utilize Oghams for spells, sigils, and magic, they are sacred and powerful. They will assist you in connecting with each tree’s energy and the spirit of nature. The Ogham alphabet has much knowledge to convey if we only take the time to slow down and learn their unique meanings.

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Sigil Magic Witch Symbols

Sigil Pagan Wiccan Witch Symbols

The term sigil is derived from the Latin word sigillum which means seal or signet. A sigil is a symbol or pattern created by you that works with your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Sigil magic enables you to focus and clarify your intentions.

The conscious mind will create obstacles, express skepticism, or impose constraints on your intentions, making it difficult to achieve your goals. However, if you can directly connect to your subconscious, your spiritual power isn’t limited!

Sigils operate by forming an idea in your subconscious mind, which begins to work towards your goal while you go about your daily activities. This visualization will prompt your subconscious mind to think about how it may assist you in achieving your desire!

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Witches Theban Alphabet For Wiccan Symbols

Theban Alphabet Translator Wiccan Symbols

The Theban Alphabet is sometimes called the the Witches Alphabet or the Honorian script. Its inception remain unclear, and there are those who believe this was done deliberately by the creator who meant to stay concealed.

This alphabet is most often used by those who practice Wicca. However this Wiccan symbol is not exclusive to their practice and can be used by pagans, witches, or other spiritual practioners.

Francis Barrett attempted to modernize information from ancient and obscure texts and make them more accessible in 1801. This created a revival of magical theories and beliefs including The Theban alphabet.

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