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Orange Crystals Everything You Need To Know

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Orange crystals contain lovely magical energy you can easily include in your spiritual practice for meditation, rituals, and more! This post will discuss everything you need to know about orange crystals, including why you should use them, element associations, and crystals that pair well with them.

First, I’ll be answering a few commonly asked questions about orange crystals; then, I’ll give a brief overview of different types of orange crystals. I did my best to include photos of each, and a place to purchase one if you choose. If there isn’t a link for purchase, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a shop selling it.

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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Quick Summary

The color orange represents sexuality, emotions, physical health, and happiness. It helps remove unnecessary feelings of guilt or repressed emotions like anger and frustration (incredible for shadow work). Overall, orange crystals help to enhance self-confidence and happiness.

Why You Should Use Orange Crystals in Your Spiritual Practice

Orange is a beautiful and electric color! It combines the abundance and joy of yellow with the intense energy and vitality of the color red. Orange crystals are related to happiness, communication, courage, creativity, and confidence.

Orange crystals help to remove sadness, fear, and exhaustion because orange invites action and movement. Using orange crystals in your spiritual practice allows you to connect with the vibrant solar energy of the sun.

They’re helpful when you are suffering from low self-esteem or sleepiness or if you need a boost of extra energy! Orange is often associated with the sacral chakra located below the navel, but you can use them for any purpose you choose!

Crystals That Pair Well With Orange Crystals

When choosing crystals to pair with orange crystals, begin by choosing your desired outcome or intention. This allows you to take advantage of the combined properties and energies.

Feel free to pair whatever crystals you feel intuitively called to pair; this is simply a suggestion for beginners. Orange crystals are often paired with other red and orange crystals due to their beneficial qualities and the ability to heal the first and second chakra. They’re also quite helpful in easing sadness or insecurities.

Black stones (obsidian, black tourmaline, etc.) also pair well with orange crystals by bringing in the energy of the element earth, which helps with productivity and protection.

Orange crystals also do well with stones associated with the elements water or air. These crystals complement each other and help add balance while easing anxiety distress.

Amethyst, citrine, and quartz are excellent for keeping your energy level and spiritual development balanced.

What Element is Associated With Orange Crystals?

Orange crystals are associated with the element fire, just like the colors red, gold, and crimson. The fire element is powerful, transformative, and linked to the solar energy of the Sun. It helps to spark ambition, courage, and tenacity.

These beautiful orange crystals symbolize the fire connection while representing life, movement, action, sexual energy, passion, and intuition.

What Month has an Orange Crystal Birthstone?

November has two orange-colored crystals: citrine and topaz. These stones are made from different minerals, and their colors vary, but their fundamental properties coincide in stimulating energy both spiritually and physically.

They attract abundance and ward off negative energy. You can learn more about these crystals down below.

How To Cleanse Orange Crystals

Crystals travel a long distance before they reach you. From the distributor, through transportation, to the store you bought it from, crystals are exposed to many different people and places.

When you cleanse your crystal, you are essentially resetting it, so there is no negative energy attached to it. This wipes all the bad energy clean and restores the crystal to its original frequency. 

There are many ways you can cleanse your crystals, ranging from visualization to using the earth’s natural resources. The method you choose is entirely up to you! Always do extensive research on your crystal before cleansing it with water. Learn about How To Cleanse Crystals: Fascinating Techniques You Need To Know

Orange Crystals and Their Meanings

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular types of orange crystals and their meanings!

Orange Tourmaline

This stone is typically used for protection and purification, transforming dense unused energy into fresh, renewed energy.

Orange tourmaline is connected to the sacral chakra and promotes healing. It helps to clarify the mind, remove negative thoughts, and add positive ones.

Tourmaline is typically black, but its orange hue is also used for purification and renewal. Orange tourmaline is ideal for cleansing your aura and meditating to recharge yourself with optimism and confidence.

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Calcite Orange Crystal

Orange calcite promotes growth and purification. It cleanses and transforms negative and stagnant energies while enhancing positive energy, which can significantly boost spiritual practice and help sharpen intuition and psychic abilities.

This crystal helps increase knowledge and intelligence. If you set an intention, orange calcite will help you manifest it. It’s beneficial for intuition work, attracting abundance, and improving self-esteem and wellness.

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Orange Calcite Crystal
A piece of Orange Calcite from Mexico. Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Neptunerover

What Crystal is Brown Orange?

Honey calcite is a beautiful translucent golden color. Honey calcite also goes by the names golden calcite and amber calcite. You may also hear it referred to as a ‘sunstone.’ 

Honey calcite amplifies knowledge, leadership, and confidence. It helps you overcome obstacles by enhancing your clarity and personal power.

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Honey Calcite vs Orange Calcite

Orange Agate

Agate is a type of quartz derived explicitly from chalcedony and used for harmony and balance. Its energy promotes concentration, brings calm and confidence, and helps focus the mind and channel emotions.

Orange Agate benefits health due to its ability to balance the physical and emotional state, so it is also an excellent option to carry with amulets or accessories. It stabilizes your energy and thoughts, connecting with your inner light, making it a good companion for daily life.

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Orange Agate
Orange Agate. Near the bottom of a 12-foot deposit, archeologists discovered a layer of ash that was identified as volcanic ash from a Mt. St. Helens eruption about 15,800 years ago.

Beneath the layer of volcanic ash, archaeologists discovered a small orange agate tool believed to have been used for scraping animal hides, butchering, and possibly carving wood. A blood residue analysis of the tool revealed animal proteins consistent with bison, the most likely species being Bison antiquus, an extinct ancestor of the modern buffalo.

“The discovery of this tool below a layer of undisturbed ash that dates to 15,800 years old means that this tool is likely more than 15,800 years old, which would suggest the oldest human occupation west of the Rockies,” said Scott Thomas, BLM Burns District archaeologist.

Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington

Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnet has a lower density than other garnet stones, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value! Due to its characteristics, it symbolizes flexibility and helps you adapt to stressful situations. This is why it’s often associated with balance and wisdom.

This stone promotes mental clarity and emotional freedom while attracting abundance and business success. It can also help balance your emotions.

Hessonite works excellently with the first three chakras: the root chakra to improve your confidence, the sacral chakra to balance problems associated with sexuality and emotions, and the solar plexus chakra to strengthen your willpower.

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Hessonite Garnet
The best garnet specimen available at Costa Mesa from the Fersman Museum folks, who brought out this new find. Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

Orange Zircon

Orange Zircon is excellent for strengthening your intuition, wisdom, and self-esteem. Including it in your spiritual practice helps promote mental clarity and self-perception by the user. Helpful when trying to calm and balance the mind and body connection.

This stone increases self-confidence and personal growth. Thus, orange zircon is a stone of happiness and harmony with oneself. It reduces shyness and insecurities, transforming that energy into strength.

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Orange Zircon
A stunning, equant crystal of glassy and gemmy, reddish-orange, zircon is aesthetically perched high on a quartz & biotite mica matrix. The crystal measures 7.5 mm in length. It is glassy and sharp.
Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

Oregon Orange Sunstone

As its name shows, this stone has properties associated with the sun. It encourages success, confidence, optimism, ambition, and determination. It also supports good choices for one’s body, mind, and spirit.

North American Indians traded rough sunstones across western America and reportedly associated them with the sun.

However, after sunstone was discovered at the Ponderosa mine in central eastern Oregon in 1980, it became even more noted for its beauty as a gemstone.

Considering the uniqueness of Oregon sunstone, it’s not surprising that it was designated the state gem of Oregon in 1987.

John Dyer Gems – Oregon Sunstone

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Oregon Orange Sunstone
The Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area allows visitors to enjoy collecting these rare and beautiful gems in their natural setting. Wikimedia. Photo Credit: BLM Oregon & Washington

Spessartite Garnet 

Spessartite essentially relates to harmony, positive mental health, and spiritual healing. This is why it’s closely associated with improving creativity and logical thinking. It also helps spiritual growth and is a good ally for mental healing and manifestation.

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Spessartite Garnet 
Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Géry PARENT

Fire-Opal Orange Crystal

The energy of the orange fire opal enhances individuality and self-motivation. It’s associated with protection, joy, creativity, and personal development. 

It also helps boost confidence while reducing shyness and lethargy. It’s associated with sexual power, making it excellent for intense sexual energy.

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Fire-Opal Orange Crystal
A half-centimeter-thick vein of transparent, orange fire opal from a dam site near Tijuana. Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

Carnelian Orange Crystal

Carnelian encourages fast action, making it excellent for minimizing laziness. It helps remove stressful thoughts while improving memory and attentiveness. It’s helpful for meditation or shadow work because it helps relieve long-held trauma. Also frequently used as a protective stone.

Egyptian myth links Carnelian to the goddess Isis, who used it when accompanying the dead to the afterlife.

It’s often used as an amulet to regulate emotions, reduce fear, and increase energy flow. It’s a beautiful ally to get out of a rut, overcome personal doubts, and work through creative and sexual blocks.

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Citrine Orange Crystal

Citrine is known as the crystal of happiness and empowerment. It radiates solar energy that contributes to positive emotions such as fullness, joy, trust, and gratitude.

Its properties mainly favor abundance, prosperity, success, and fulfillment. Citrine will help you to achieve your goals and finish your projects. It also promotes intuition and spiritual development, and like any stone associated with the sun, it helps to transmute negative energy into positive and regenerative power.

It [citrine] helps us let go of old beliefs and feelings, such as those projected onto us by friends and family, so we can step into our personal power. Citrine works to increase self-esteem, and it boosts productivity.

Nicholas Pearson – Crystal Basics

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Orange Peach Aventurine 

Orange aventurine is a profoundly calming crystal and fabulous for anxiety relief! It helps remove self-criticism and ease any stress in your mind or heart. It is a good ally for self-confidence, finding new possibilities, and undertaking new projects.

This stone attracts good fortune and possibilities for growth, prosperity, emotional health, and spiritual renewal. Orange aventurine increases spiritual healing and success and helps you recognize your heart’s desires.

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Peach Aventurine 

Orange Moonstone 

This crystal is symbolically associated with the moon. It is related to balance and helps calm your emotions when trying to set healthy boundaries.

It’s associated with the change of seasons and the phases of the moon. Orange moonstone is strongly associated with spirituality, Nature, intuition, and internal growth.

This stone is ideal for improving your spiritual practice, enhancing dreams, and letting strong emotions flow.

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Orange Moonstone 

Orange Andesine Labradorite 

Orange Andesine Labradorite is steeped in mysticism. Labradorite enhances intuition and expands consciousness, making it an excellent ally for spiritual development and growth.

It can stimulate your spiritual energy, promote transformation, and is excellent for protection. It also helps calm turbulent emotions such as anxiety and improves mental clarity.

Due to its orange color, this stone increases your level of confidence, manages emotions, and frees you from negativity.

Orange Andesine Labradorite

Orange Mali Garnet 

The Mali Garnet crystal, which can be found in yellow, green, brown, and orange tones, is associated with Mother Earth. It shares properties with the element earth and is related to abundance, prosperity, gratitude, and renewal.

Mother Earth eternally provides and regenerates herself without asking for anything in return, which is the symbolism associated with this crystal. This stone favors new projects, heals emotional wounds, and balances your mental state.

Orange Mali Garnet
The sample is a rock fragment (7 cm × 4 cm × 3 cm), composed mainly of intergrowths and radial-radiant aggregates of dark green, almost black potassic-hastingsite, brown-orange garnet, purple vesuvianite, and small amounts of calcite, quartz, and sulfides. Wikimedia. Photo credit: Kaneva, Ekaterina and Radomskaya, Tatiana and Shendrik, Roman and Chubarov, Victor and Danilovsky, Victoria


The energy of Topaz overflows with vitality, joy, creativity, abundance, generosity, and the renewal energy of Nature.

It’s advantageous when you need energy, optimism, and vivacity! It’s an excellent ally for manifestation since generosity is one of its central properties. Topaz can help you connect with gratitude and love.

Topaz is a gemstone of exceptional clarity that can help you cleanse energies and release things that no longer serve you. It can also help align and balance energies.

Karen Frazier – Crystals For Beginners

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Orange Crystals Topaz
A superb and sizeable gem crystal of the prized “imperial” topaz from the locality famous for these golden crystals. This crystal is complete all around and undamaged, with a sharp, perfect termination. It has super luster.

The golden/amber color is so intense that in some lights the crystal actually has a pink/red overtone to it. This fine crystal weighs 15 grams.

Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

Orange Spinel (Rubicelle)

Spinel makes it easier to let go of repressed emotions, especially childhood-related fear, grief, and rage. Spinel helps you achieve satisfaction, reduces stress, and enhances your self-confidence.

It has physical and spiritual renewing qualities, which help release stress and overcome challenges. It also provides courage and creativity (which is beneficial not only artistically but also for problem-solving) and connects with your intuition.

Working with spinel invites optimism and compassion, thereby steering you toward true happiness.

It allows you to perceive hope in the midst of uncertainty and helps you cultivate greater balance and stability in your spiritual practice.

Spinel also promotes tolerance and acceptance, making it an ideal stone for healing much of the discord, conflict, and oppression facing our world today.

Nicholas Pearson – Crystal Basics
Orange Spinel Rubicelle
Recently, the various gem tracts around Luc Yen have produced some impressive Spinel crystals. These are easily some of the largest individual Spinel crystals to come out of any locality. The color is slightly more orange than the photos indicate, but to find a crystal this size that passes light is rare in my experience from Luc Yen.
Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky


Aragonite is strongly connected with Mother Earth and is considered the stone of stability. It not only stabilizes your mind but your spiritual energy as well.

It’s associated with the root chakra and the earth, which helps you to connect with your roots. Argonite enables you to heal and find peace within yourself. It promotes tranquility and tolerance, and restores spiritual health.

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Macro of an Aragonite about 1 1/2 inches (4 cm) in size. Wikimedia. Photo Credit: Jon Zander 


When I think of amber, the first thing that comes to mind is that trapped mosquito in Jurassic Park. Is it just me? Well, moving on then.

This stone is made from fossilized resin, so it has a solid connection to nature and the earth. It is related to balance, stability, and vitality and is excellent when working with the element earth.

Amber reduces stress, increases intuition, and renews energy. It favors sensuality, just as it helps to heal and clear the mind, emotions, and aura.

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Ensign wasp in amber, 2020. Wikimedia Photo provided by George Poinar Jr., Oregon State University College of Science.

Orange Sapphire

The sapphire is a stone associated with the throat chakra and the third eye, so it is related to truth and wisdom. This stone also connects with prosperity and wealth, especially in its yellow and orange tones.

It favors abundance and economic development and can be used with the solar plexus chakra. Orange sapphire provides protection and stability and strengthens physical and spiritual balance.

Orange Sapphire
An unusual crystal in several respects, for both its strong, vivid yellow-orange color and for its twisted form. Wikimedia. Photo credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

Orange Jasper

Orange jasper connects with your inner strength, allowing you to stand firm against adversity. It offers vitality and energy, which is perfect when trying to remain resilient in a situation.

It helps give you courage, increases willpower, and works as a protective and purifying amulet. It’s a good ally for manifestation and to complete a goal or project you’re struggling with.

There are multiple opaque colors and varieties of jasper, which is an aggregate of quartz or chalcedony and other minerals. Different varieties have varying properties.

In general, however, jasper is a manifestation stone that absorbs excess energies to help with energetic balance.

Karen Frazier – Crystals For Beginners

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Orange Jasper


Coral is made of organic matter; it comes from polyps on the reefs, so it is calcified matter from the sea. Since its origin is aquatic, it naturally shares properties attributed to the element water, including transformation and healing.

It’s very protective and helps remove unwanted energies. Due to its reddish color, it enhances love, happiness, and trust. It also balances energies, increases social connections, promotes change, and helps to unblock stagnant energy.

Orange Coral
Orange Soft Coral. Photo licensed by Wikimedia Creative Commons. Author credit: q phia

Orange Diamond

The diamond represents purity, mental clarity, wealth, and abundance. It connects with the seventh chakra, so it’s associated with enlightenment, evolution, and spiritual connection.

Orange diamonds amplify and enhance spiritual energy. Its orange hue is strongly associated with vitality, balance, creativity, and inner and outer strength. It also helps release negative energy and unwanted influences. It’s a stone of joy and movement, so all these characteristics are amplified.

Orange Diamond
The colors of this sole and unique 32+ carat diamond evokes the well-known Koi fish legend and sacred symbolism cherished by East Asians. The graduations of color of white, orange, light yellow, dark blue, and black colors in this diamond are reminiscent of ancient Chinese brush painting. Photo licensed by Wikimedia Creative Commons. Author credit: Rawstone Business Holding

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz can be easily confused with citrine, but they have some differences. This crystal is formed together with hematite, a stone with a high iron content that, when adhering to quartz, acquires a slightly more intense orange color due to the high concentration of iron and other minerals that citrine quartz does not have.

This crystal has the same properties as quartz and can increase your willpower. It will also help you cope with stressful situations, promote creativity, and create a more cheerful mood.

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Tangerine Quartz
Tangerine Quartz – Photo licensed by Wikimedia Creative Commons. Author credit: Parent Géry

Orange Fluorite

Fluorite is a popular and valuable stone in the spiritual community. It promotes balance and purification and has a gentle energy that relaxes the mind and cleanses the aura.

It is an excellent ally to work on intuition and brings harmony to your mind and emotions. Yellow and Orange Fluorite are convenient for teamwork, so it’s perfect for group meditations.

It also promotes healing and inner balance, raises vibrations, enhances self-love, and combats negative energy.

Orange Selenite

Orange Selenite is a profoundly spiritual stone and represents pure emotions and energy. It’s often used to meditate, help clarify the mind, unblock energy, and expand consciousness.

It’s also connected with harmony, alertness, protection, and purification. It is the best ally to work the two upper chakras, the third eye and the crown.

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Orange Selenite
Orange Selenite – Photo licensed by Wikimedia Creative Commons. Author credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

I hope this article about orange crystals was helpful!! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…


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