Imbolc and Midwinter Journaling Prompts For Spiritual Meaning

Imbolc Candlemas Grass and Snow - The Peculiar Brunette The Wheel of the Year

Typically, Imbolc begins at sundown on February 1st & continues through February 2nd. It marks the half-way point between Winter and Spring. During this time there still may be snow on the ground and chilly temperatures outside but you’ll start to notice that the light lasts a bit longer each day. You may start to see the earth awakening and feel it in your soul as well.

Nature is reawakening and so are we

If you’d like to know more about Imbolc check out this article for History, Traditions, Correspondences, and Simple Ritual Ideas

Imbolc Candlemas Spiritual meaning of Winter The Wheel of the Year

Imbolc is a time of real growth, development, and change

Look I get it right now you’re thinking, “This sounds nice and all, but changing and growing is really really HARD. This chic is trying to make it sound easy.”

The truth is it’s hard to change our habits and so easy to snuggle up and watch Netflix instead. But now is the time to get real – what do you want to let go of and what do you want to bring in to your life? What realistic steps can you take to create change?

It can seem overwhelming but break up your big goal into small steps and then…….take that first step! I know you can do it and I’m so proud of you for trying!!

Imbolc Midwinter Spiritual Meaning Brigid The Wheel of the Year The Peculiar Brunette

I find that journaling helps me to get clarity on what I want and how I’m going to do it. Here’s an EPIC LIST of 22 writing prompt ideas for motivation.

Midwinter and Imbolc writing Prompt Ideas:

  1. Crystals, scents, food or herbs you enjoy this time of year
  2. February’s full moon is called the Snow/Ice/Quickening/Hunger Moon. Write down any information you know about this moon and what rituals or meditations you do during this time
  3. Imbolc is about cleansing, awakenings and setting intentions. Identify what brings inspiration and motivation to your life and evaluate how you can eliminate anything that deters you? Do your actions match your words?
  4. Press any flowers, herbs or leaves you may have from your garden or collected on a nature walk and put those in your book. You could also use them as a stamp by painting one side and pressing it onto the journal or grimoire page
  5. What seeds (metaphorical or physical) are you going to plant that you can reap next Samhain or Yule?
  6. Reflect and write about how old beliefs and folklores influence modern traditions of Imbolc today
  7. Plan out your garden: potted plants, herbs, shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, layout, water (pond, fountain, etc.), homes for fairies, bugs or frogs, bird feeders, lights, gazing balls or anything else you’d like to add
  8. Do you have any activities or traditions you love celebrating or doing each Imbolc season?
  9. Do you have any favorite decorations you place in your home or altar? Why? Do they have any special meaning or memories?
  10. Reflect on what word you chose for this year. Spend time meditating on how you’ve been bringing it into fruition and what you can do if you haven’t yet
  11. Now is a great time to set out some seed so the birds have food for the rest of winter. What’s your favorite way to do so? Traditional bird feeder, peanut butter with seed pinecone, DIY ice wreath, etc? Do you have any favorite birds?
  12. What can you do now to help save the earth and reduce your waste? How can you prioritize making eco-friendly decisions?
  13. What’s your favorite music right now? Write down the lyrics!
  14. Valentine’s Day is coming up, how do you feel about this holiday? What are you going to do to bring more meaning and sentiment to this holiday?
  15. How do you define self love and compassion and what are you doing to bring more into your life emotionally, physically and spiritually?
  16. What’s something you learned about yourself last year that makes you feel powerful moving forward this year? Did you overcome a challenge?
  17. Have you been accomplishing goals just to prove yourself to others? Explain. Is this something you’d like to stop? Write out how you will overcome this when you are tempted to do so
  18. Write down 3 words that best describe this time of year. Better yet use them to write a poem
  19. What’s an important quote to you right now?
  20. Name a fictional character you’d like to switch places with. Explain why. How can you incorporate what you love about their life into your own life for the rest of the year?
  21. Take a walk outside and pay attention to nature in her current state. Write about the signs you observed that Spring is on its way. Are the days longer and brighter? Did you see any new growth on the ground or in the trees? Any animals beginning to come out from hibernation?
  22. How can I best nurture myself and others right now?

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