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You enjoy adding Norse symbols into your spiritual practice, but you’re looking for the most powerful strength rune. These Elder Futhark Runes are perfect for boosting your strength when feeling a little low or needing extra motivation.

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What Are Norse Runes?

Norse runes are ancient symbols found carved into stones throughout Northern Europe. They are a written alphabet used by the Germanic people of Europe.

The origins of Norse runes are unknown. It’s believed they’ve been used as far back as 150 AD, but possibly longer.

A likely theory is that the runic alphabet was developed by the Goths, a Germanic people, from the Etruscan alphabet of northern Italy and was perhaps also influenced by the Latin alphabet in the 1st or 2nd century BC. 

Britannica – runic alphabet writing system

There are a few different types of runes, but the oldest and most commonly used are the Elder Futhark Runes (pronounced foo-th-ark). Its name is derived from the phonetic sounds of the first six letters – F-U-TH-A-R-K

If you’d like to learn more about Norse Elder Futhark Runes, check out this post!

Best Strength Runes

Rune’s meanings and how you use them in your spiritual practice are incredibly personal and unique to each individual. Below are the top five runes representing strength. Feel free to use the one that resonates with you most or combine all five!

It’s essential to remember Elder Futhark Runes, rune stones, and Norse symbols have been misinterpreted throughout the years, and many documents have been lost or destroyed. This means we can only make educated guesses regarding their meanings and uses.

Fehu Rune For Financial Strength

The Fehu rune (pronounced Fey-who) is the first letter in the Norse alphabet, and it represents prosperity, success, and new beginnings. If you need to incorporate financial strength into your intentions, this is the perfect rune for you!

Fehu serves as a beautiful reminder to show appreciation to loved ones or your community and to be thankful for all that we have in life.

Fehu Norse Rune

Uruz Rune For Powerful Strength

Uruz (pronounced oo-rooze) is a beautiful rune for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. This symbol represents a wild ox’s horns, as seen in the image below, and is my favorite rune to use for strength.

The Wild Ox was revered for their power, brawn, and muscle, but they were also untamed animals with lethal horns. Uruz serves as a reminder to persevere despite challenges and obstacles. Be mindful of your behaviors and decisions so everyone can benefit from your spiritual strength and power.

Use the energy of a wild ox’s brute strength for optimal and all-encompassing strength and power.

Norse Rune Uruz

Sowilo Rune For Vitality

Now Sowilo (pronounced so-wee-loh) may not be the first rune you think of when it comes to strength. However, it’s full of positive energy, vitality, and excellent for motivation!

Sowilo symbolizes the intense yet soothing light of the sun. When the sun is shining brightly during the day, it repels darkness that can often distort your judgment. Use Sowilo to feel the sun’s healing golden light surrounding you.

Stay open, and happiness and prosperity will come your way. Harness this vitality to help you achieve your intentions and ambitions. Do not allow this powerful strength to make you arrogant or cocky!

Norse Rune SOWILO

Tiwaz Rune For Spiritual Strength

The Tiwaz rune (pronounced tee-wahz) is an excellent rune for courage, tenacity, and spiritual strength!

Tiwaz is shaped like a spear and symbolizes the strength of a spiritual warrior. It represents giving up one’s advantages for the benefit of another or the greater good of everyone.

You possess the bravery and tenacity to overcome obstacles, and Tiwaz will help give you the strength to do so. Remember to proceed with dignity and honor.

Tiwaz will help you look deep within your soul and take action, knowing you have its power at your back. 

Norse Rune TIWAZ

Dagaz Rune for Transformation

The Dagaz rune (pronounced dah-gaz) symbolizes renewal, extreme change, and self-transformation. Dagaz is often called the dawn rune because it represents hope and the dazzling light that comes after the darkness of night.

This symbol is a rune of change and rebirth; both require incredible strength. The moon and earth’s natural cycles teach us that life is about maintaining balance within each phase. Kindness and love will always prevail over nefarious intentions or people.

Like the butterfly this rune resembles, Dagaz can bring about drastic transformation, triumphs, and enormous success.

Norse Rune DAGAZ

Create A Powerful Bind Rune For Strength

After reading through the descriptions of the five runes listed above, did two or more of them resonate with you? Do you wish you could use them all? Guess what? You can!

A bind rune is a creative way to include multiple Norse runes into your spiritual purpose or intention. Designing your own bind rune allows you to layer two or more Norse runes to create a special symbol for your unique needs! 

Check out this post if you’d like to learn more about Bind Rune techniques. I strongly recommend creating your own bind runes for maximum strength, but here’s an example bind rune for strength using runes.

Bind Rune Example

How to Use Strength Runes

There are endless possibilities for using runes for strength in your spiritual practice! Here are a few of my favorites to help get you started!


I consider bind runes to be a type of sigil. A sigil is a symbol or pattern you develop that connects with your unconscious self to help your ambitions and desires reach success. 

It would be best if you always made your own sigils because it allows your symbol to connect with your unconscious self as you create it.

Check out this post if you’d like to know more about sigils, including types, techniques, and origins.


A grimoire is a compendium of magical beliefs and occult information you find helpful for your practice, including the usage of herbs, rituals, symbology, spells, magic materials, and other spiritual topics and beliefs. It’s like a recipe book that’s unique to your practice!

When creating your grimoire, it’s common to place sigils, bind runes, or other pagan, witch, or Wiccan symbols inside or on the cover.

If you’d like to learn more about grimoires, including their origins, how to make your own, and 100+ topic ideas, check out this post.

Candle Magic

Candle Magic can be as simple or complicated as you’d like it to be and helps connect the physical world with the spiritual.

It can be used to create a particular kind of energy or set an intention. Make sure you focus on something you genuinely want to receive because candle magic is strong and quick.

Drawing or carving runes into a candle during a ritual can help release its meaning into the world, similar to chaos magic.

Check out this post if you want to learn how to use candle magic in your spiritual practice!

My Cord Cutting Ritual with Candles

Full Moon Rituals

Many Pagans, witches, or spiritual practitioners choose to practice rituals or celebrations during the full moon because it is a period of intense energy.

The full moon is a time of release and completion. It is a moment when issues that have been simmering below the surface emerge and when you can let go of situations or issues that are no longer beneficial to you.

Incorporating your rune for strength will be a powerful addition to your full moon ritual!

Charms or Jewelry

Adding a rune to charms or jewelry can be a great way to keep the power of the strength rune with you at all times! Add it to a necklace pendant, keychain, knot magic, handfasting rope, DIY Yule decor, and more! You can easily create your own using Sculpey clay.

If you’d like to buy some instead, I highly recommend the store West Wolf Renaissance on Etsy. I haven’t bought these hand-forged pendants, but I have purchased the Celtic spiral and Mjölnir pendants, and I absolutely love them!

I hope this post on Runes For Strength was helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…


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