Moon Water Benefits, Rituals, and How To Make It

Moon Water is a powerful way to infuse magical lunar energy into water, by simply placing it beneath the moonlight. Once the ritual is complete, Moon Water can be used for MANY spiritual purposes depending on the pagan, witch, or spiritual practitioner.

In 2023, making and using Moon Water is continuing to grow in popularity, as more people seek and expand their spiritual beliefs. The Moon is a beautiful reminder of the seasonal cycles of Nature, and its connection with intuition, manifestation, and the subconscious mind.

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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What is Moon Water?

Moon Water is simply water that’s been charged with the spiritual energy of the moon. It’s considered sacred for many spiritual practitioners, similar to Holy Water in Christianity. Moon Water is a powerful tool that’s frequently used for cleansing and purifying rituals.

There is a spiritual and intimate connection between the Moon and water. Up to 60% of human adults are made up of water, and the Moon can affect our body the same way it does the ocean’s tides and the weather.

Moon Water is any water that’s absorbed the Moon’s energy during ANY phase, however, it’s most popular to place it beneath a Full Moon.

In past civilizations the Moon was regarded as a deity, its dominion dramatically manifested in its rhythmic control over the tides and the cycle of female fertility.

Ancient lore and legend tell of the power of the Moon to instill spells with magic, to transform humans into beasts, and to send people’s behaviour swaying perilously between sanity and lunacy (from the Latin luna, “Moon”).

Britannica – Moon Earth’s satellite

How To Make Moon Water

Making Moon Water is a simple practice to enhance your spiritual connection to the natural world. By taking the time to collect the energy of the moon, you can create a powerful tool to use in a variety of ways.

Choose Your Container

Choose a glass container to fill with the water of your choice. (Pro tip: thrift stores are excellent places to find beautiful and unique glass containers).

Mason jars also work well when making Moon Water because they have lids to keep out bugs, animals, leaves, bird “blessings”, etc. If you plan on consuming your Moon Water, definitely choose a container with a lid.

I often use a Mason jar or similar container, and just flip it upside down so the lid is on the bottom (see the image below). Then the Moon’s energy can shine in through the glass!

Moon water intentions for full moon

Decide Where You’ll Place Your Moon Water

Most practitioners place their Moon Water outside to enhance the lunar energy. However, depending on the time of year, you may choose to place your Moon Water inside your home due to the weather. For example, many spiritual practitioners place their glass containers inside on a windowsill, because they don’t want to worry about them freezing and breaking in the night.

However, this is a completely personal preference. If you put it outside during the Winter season, and it freezes, it’s still beneficial Moon Water! It’s truly magical and connected with the seasons of Nature. You can always bring it back inside and let it thaw before you use it.

If you choose to place it outside, you can place it anywhere that’s convenient for you. I’ve even heard of some people putting it on top of their car because it keeps the animals away. If you choose to place it inside, try placing it somewhere it’ll catch the moonlight. However, this isn’t necessary because the Moon’s gravitational force and lunar energy will still charge your water.

Choose Your Water

When choosing water, it’s important to consider how you plan to use it. I always use filtered water from my home, but this is my personal preference.

If you plan to drink your Moon Water, collect water from a natural spring, tap water, rainwater, snow water, or bottled water (although try to avoid using plastic if you can because it’s so bad for the earth).

If you don’t plan to ingest it, you can collect it from any body of water, ocean, lake, river, etc. Many spiritual practitioners enjoy incorporating symbolism and meaning into their Moon Water. For example, maybe a local lake or river is a sacred place to you. Incorporating its water would infuse this spiritual connection into your Moon Water.

Infuse Your Moon Water with Your Intention

Once you’ve filled your container with water, it’s time to spiritually cleanse the water and container. This will remove any negative energy the water or container has picked up, creating a clean slate. It also allows them to receive your intentions and spiritual energy.

Once you’re finished cleansing, it’s time to infuse your intentions into it. Remember, this is a sacred and spiritual ritual; slow down and focus on your intentions. Think about how you plan to use your Moon Water.

Begin by taking a moment to meditate quietly with the container of water close to your heart. Visualize your hands sending warm loving thoughts and energy into the water. Focus and fill it up with your gratitude. (I often wear headphones when doing this, and listen to music that symbolically represents my intention).

Once you feel your intentions have been infused into your water, leave your container to soak up the lunar energy. Remember to thank the Moon and show your gratitude for the lovely and beautiful energy.

Optional Additions To Your Moon Water

Feel free to add herbs, essential oils, or other any other spiritual tools you prefer to enhance the benefits of your Moon Water. Very rarely do I add anything but intentions to my Moon Water, but this is my personal preference.

Do not add crystals if you plan on drinking your Moon Water, because it might not be safe for consumption. Also, some crystals (Selenite, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Calcite, Labradorite, etc) can dissolve or be damaged by water. Consider surrounding the outside of your container with crystals or herbs.

Collect Your Moon Water

A hot topic of debate in the spiritual community involves WHEN to collect your Moon Water. Many practitioners feel you must collect your jar BEFORE the sun rises the next morning.

However, I rarely mind mixing Lunar and Solar energy together. When choosing what best fits you, consider your intentions for use. It might benefit you to only have lunar energy in your Moon Water.

You’ll also need to decide how long to leave your Moon Water out to infuse. Some spiritual practitioners choose to leave it outside for a few hours to ensure it’s brought in before sunrise; others choose to leave it out all night. Some practitioners want to capture the most energy possible and will put it out three nights in a row (the night before, during, and right after a Full Moon). The choice is up to you my peculiar friend!

Store Your Moon Water

Store your Moon Water in a glass container and place it in the fridge or a cool dark place. If you’re planning on drinking your Moon Water, I wouldn’t recommend keeping it for longer than a few days.

Bacteria can and will grow in water, and that is definitely not magical.

If you’re not planning on ingesting it, it’s okay to keep it for a month or so. Use common sense and your best judgment.

how to make moon water

Can I Infuse Moon Water on a Cloudy Night?

The Moon still affects the tide whether it’s cloudy or not, and it will do the same with your Moon Water. The Moon’s gravitational force and lunar energy charge your Moon Water, and the moonlight is just the cherry on top!

If you’re still concerned about your water absorbing the moonlight, remember, we still wear sunscreen on cloudy days right? Sunlight still gets through the clouds, why not moonlight?

Moon Water Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Moon Water is its ability to cleanse and add spiritual energy. It’s also excellent for manifestation, deepening your spiritual practice, and amplifying your goals or intentions.

The Full Moon is a popular time to create Moon Water, but you can also tap into the powerful energy of the moon during different phases and astrological events. Every phase has its own unique intention and energy.

You can pack an extra punch by putting it under the Moon during an eclipse, meteor shower, or other Moon phases for specific benefits or manifestations. Here’s a quick guide of the spiritual intention for each Moon phase for your reference.

Dark Moon

A Dark Moon takes place about two days before the New Moon (when the Moon is not visible), and the sky is completely dark. It’s a lovely moment of stillness and rest (emotionally, physically, and mentally).

  • Introspection
  • Understanding
  • Knowledge
  • Self-Love

New Moon Water

You can still charge water beneath a New Moon because it’s still there even if you can barely see it.

  • Fresh starts
  • Setting Intentions and Manifestations
  • Cleansing
  • Shadow work and self-development

Waxing Moon Water

  • Growth
  • Planning
  • Taking Action
  • Starting New Projects

Full Moon

The monthly Full Moon always brings with them the spiritual intentions listed below.

  • Power
  • Success
  • Goals Coming To Fruition
  • Charging items

Remember, each monthly Full Moon has its own unique intentions and properties so be sure to check out those correspondences as well! I’ll include a calender below for 2023, I hope that’s helpful!

2023 Full Moon Calendar

Waning Moon

  • Releasing
  • Letting Go
  • Banishing
  • Internal Work and Reflection

Black Moon

Did you know there will only be one Black Moon in May 2023? A Black Moon is a modern term, very similar to the definition of a Blue Moon but is associated with two NEW MOONS within a specific time period instead of two FULL MOONS. Black Moons are rare and a powerful time for manifestations!

  • Prosperity
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • New Opportunities

Blue Moon Water

A Blue Moon evokes intense feelings, makes us feel otherworldly, and causes us to reflect on what is most important to us in life. The next Blue Moon occurs on August 30th, 2023, reaching its peak illumination at 9:36 p.m. EST. This Calendrical Blue Moon will also be a supermoon!

  • Second chances
  • Knowledge
  • Divination
  • Protection
moon water benefits

Creative Moon Water Uses

Oh, the possibilities of using Moon Water in your spiritual practice! With a little creativity, there are countless ways to use it to enhance your spiritual practice and connect with the powerful energy of the moon.

Here are 50+ ideas to help get you started!

  1. Add to Tea or Coffee – BOOM charged and a magical start or end to the day
  2. Water your plants (If you added salt to your Moon Water, do not add it to your plants)
  3. During the warmer months, if you’re able, use the morning dew on your lawn or outdoor plants. That water has soaked beneath the Moon and is full of its energy!
    • In fact, during the season of Beltane, it was common for pagans to dab morning dew on their faces because they considered it sacred. They used it to boost skin complexions, sexual appeal, and happiness.
  4. Drink it straight before a stressful day or starting a new project
  5. Add a bit to your smoothies to help you set your intentions and start your day
  6. Add to bathwater or do a shower rinse
  7. Add Moon Water to ice cube trays and use them in your drinks. You can also add some herbs, fruit, or flowers of choice based on your intentions.
  8. Make your own perfume by mixing Moon Water with essential oils
  9. Anointing oils (you can even anoint money to invite wealth)
  10. Fill a vase and place flowers in it
  11. Add to clothes in the washing machine
  12. Add to a spray bottle for cleaning your home. Mix white vinegar and moon water in a 50/50 mix. Add orange, lemon peels, rosemary, lavender, or whatever you choose! Great for cleansing, protection, and purifying your home!
  13. You could also make a smokeless sage mist by adding essential oils (sage, rosemary, lavender, etc.) This is great for those who can’t stand the smell of burning sage
  14. Scrying or Divination in a black bowl
  15. Activate your Sigils
  16. Add it to your cooking and infuse it into your meal! Great to cook pasta and rice with!
  17. Use with your altar – float altar candles on it, add them to an offering bowl, or cleanse your altar space
  18. Put in your pet’s water bowl or fish tank to help protect them
  19. Use for cleansing Crystals, Tarot Cards, Pendulums, or Norse Runes
  20. Watercolor painting or in your artwork/crafts. You could also use it in your journal, Book of Shadows, or Grimoire.
  21. Face mist – I especially like doing this in the summer. I add some herbs or essential oils to this and put them in the fridge. It feels so refreshing to put on your face during the hot summer months!
  22. Make your own fabric refresher with Moon Water and essential oils! Spray it on anything with fabric – the bed, couch, or even the curtains!
  23. Add Apple Cider Vinegar and use as a hair rinse
  24. Cleanse egg shells for a Spring Equinox ritual or for an Egg Cleansing Ritual
  25. Add to mop water to help wash away negative energy
  26. Marijuana Magick – use it for bong water
  27. Add to other magic water (Florida water, rainwater, solar water, snow water, rose water, etc)
  28. Draw Sigils or Runes onto your door, windows, or entryways to your home
  29. Add to a beauty blender or use to clean your makeup brushes for a bit of Beauty Magick
  30. Create an at home facial steam by adding essential oils or herbs and covering your face
  31. Keep a small bottle, vial, or container of it with you during your daily routine. This will allow you to keep the Moon Water energy with you all day. It can also act as a kind of happiness/positivity jar.
  32. Add to your aromatherapy diffusers
  33. Draw Sigils or Norse Runes onto your body with your Moon water
  34. Add to your pool water or hot tub
  35. Start a morning or evening ritual by taking it with your vitamins
  36. Clean or cleanse a scrying mirror
  37. Apply it to your Third Eye Chakra to enhance meditation or psychic awareness.
  38. Cleanse a protection amulet or Hag Stone
  39. Use it to make homemade soaps
  40. Use it in a humidifier
  41. Home apothecary use: add to elderberry syrup, fire cider, four thieves vinegar, etc.
  42. Mix with Epsom salt and herbs to create a foot soak
  43. Have fun with your kids and add them to water balloons for some fun on a hot summer day!
  44. Clean your work or creative space to help keep it free of negative energy
  45. Add a few drops to your Witch Balls to help increase intentions
  46. Place it in your backyard as Fae offerings (depending on the type of Fae) or any gods or goddesses you may worship
  47. Give it away as a gift to a loved one!
  48. Spray or mist any seedlings you may have started
  49. Dab onto your Vision Board to help amplify your intentions
  50. Make your own cone incense with it using ground herbs and guar gum
  51. Add some peppermint essential oil to your Moon Water and wipe down doors and windows. Not only does it keep out negative energy but bugs as well!
  52. Okay, so this last one isn’t technically Moon Water, BUT instead of placing water under the Moon, you can do the same with ALCOHOL (Make some Moonshine – LOL see what I did there?) Just make sure to keep it covered! You can do this with wine, champagne, or liquor (tequila, vodka, scotch, etc), and it definitely increases shelf life compared to water! I certainly don’t mind starting my Sunday morning off with some Moon Mimosas!

Moon Water Ritual

Feel free to create your own rituals using Moon Water. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out Full Moon Rituals: Manifest Insane Energy. However, here’s an example of one of my Moon Water rituals.

If I’d like to use the Full Moon’s energy to improve my health, I’ll place my hands on the container and visualize healing light entering the water. I’d also inscribe the Elder Futhark Rune, Uruz, either on the lid of the jar or on a piece of paper underneath it. Then I would chant something like this:

“I’m grateful for my excellent health. My body feels invigorated and loved.”

After your Moon Water is charged you can make tea with it and imagine that restorative energy flowing into your body. Take a few moments afterward to focus and meditate on your intention.

I hope you found this information about How To Make Moon Water helpful! Lots of love to you and remember as always…

how to make moon water for each moon phase. New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

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