How To Make Moon Water in 2022 That’s Simple Yet Powerful

Moon Water creation helps us align with magical lunar energy and connects us to Nature. I’m often asked how to make moon water so here are some simple yet effective ways to concoct your own bottle of moon magic!

The mysteries of the Moon have always captured human attention and are symbolic of the cycle of life. Moon Magic is associated with intuition, manifestation, and the subconscious mind.

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What is Moon Water?

Moon water is a tool that can harness the moon’s energy and is full of spiritual energy.

Moon Water is considered magical and sacred for pagans, witches, and anyone interested in Nature Spirituality. It’s similar to consecrated Holy Water in Christianity and is frequently used for cleansing and purifying rituals.

There is a delicate and intimate connection between the Moon and water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is made up of water, and the Moon can affect our body the same way it does the ocean’s tides and the weather.

Moon water is a potent, highly concentrated form of healing energy that can be used to heal or protect an individual from any negative energy they may encounter.

Moon water is a type of energy that will send good luck your way!

Moon Water is any water that has absorbed the Moon’s energy during ANY phase, however, it’s most popular to place it beneath a Full Moon.

Moon Water Benefits

You can incorporate specific Moon Water benefits or intentions depending on the moon phase you place it beneath. Likewise, you can choose when to place water beneath the Moon, depending on your purpose.

Each phase has a unique intention. You can pack an extra punch by putting it under the Moon during an eclipse, meteor showers, or monthly Full Moons for specific benefits or manifestations.

Here’s a quick guide of the spiritual intention for each moon phase for your reference. Place your Moon Water out beneath the different phases to reap their benefits!

Dark Moon Spiritual Intentions

The Dark Moon phase is such a lovely time of stillness and rest (emotionally, physically, and mentally).

  • Introspection
  • Understanding
  • Knowledge
  • Self-Love

New Moon Spiritual Intentions

You can still charge water beneath a New Moon because it is still there even if you can barely see it.

  • Fresh starts
  • Setting Intentions and Manifestations
  • Cleansing
  • Shadow work and self-development

Waxing Moon Spiritual Intentions

  • Growth
  • Planning
  • Taking Action
  • Starting New Projects

Monthly Full Moon Spiritual Intentions

The monthly Full Moon always brings with them the spiritual intentions listed below.

  • Power
  • Success
  • Goals Coming To Fruition
  • Charging items

However, each monthly Full Moon has its own unique intentions and properties so be sure to check out those correspondences as well!

Waning Moon Spiritual Intentions

  • Releasing
  • Letting Go
  • Banishing
  • Internal Work and Reflection

Black Moon Spiritual Intentions

Did you know we have 3 Black Moons in 2022? Black Moons are rare and a powerful time for manifestations!

  • Prosperity
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • New Opportunities

Blue Moon Spiritual Intentions

The spiritual significance of the Blue Moon always evokes intense feelings, makes us feel otherworldly, and causes us to reflect on what is most important to us in life. 

  • Second chances
  • Knowledge
  • Divination
  • Protection
how to make moon water

How To Make Moon Water

Fill a glass container (or non-plastic vessel) with water of your choice. This is a sacred and spiritual practice, so remember to slow down and focus on your intentions and how you plan to use your Moon Water.

Take a moment to meditate quietly with the container of water close to your heart. Visualize your hands sending warm loving thoughts into the container. Focus and fill it up with your gratitude and kind reflections.

If you’d like, you can write your intentions on a piece of paper and place them underneath your container. Get creative and draw your own unique sigil or a rune symbol to increase intentions as well.

Once finished, leave your container to soak up the energy and light of the Moon. Remember to thank the Moon and show your gratitude for the lovely and beautiful energy. Collect your jar the next morning before the sun rises.

How To Use Moon Water

Oh, the possibilities are endless! You can drink it by adding it to your coffee, tea, or smoothies. Cleanse or charge your crystals, pendulums, pendulum boards, runes, Grimoire, or even use with sigils!

  • Add some peppermint essential oil to your Moon Water and wipe down doors and windows. Not only does it keep out negative energy but bugs as well!
  • Use in spiritual, manifestation, or healing rituals
  • Add to clothes in the washing machine, then you can literally wear your Moon Water’s spiritual intentions!
  • During the warmer months, if you’re able, use the morning dew on your lawn or outdoor plants. That water has soaked beneath the Moon and is full of its energy! In fact, during the season of Beltane it was common for ancient pagans to dab morning dew on their face because they considered it sacred. It was thought to boost skin complexions, sexual appeal, health, and joy.

Check out this post for even more ideas on 50 Creative Ways To Use Moon Water!

Moon water benefits and an example of placing intentions in it

If I’d like to use the Full Moon’s energy to improve my health, I’ll place my hands on the container and visualize healing light entering the water. I’d also inscribe the Elder Futhark Rune, Uruz, either on the lid of the jar or on a piece of paper underneath it. You could also say something like:

“I’m grateful for my excellent health. My body feels invigorated and loved.”

After your Moon Water is charged you can make tea with it and imagine that restorative energy flowing into your body. Take a few moments afterward to focus and meditate on your intention.

Do I need to put the Moon Water in a North or South facing window?

You can place it anywhere! I’ve even heard of some people putting it on top of their car because it keeps the animals away.

Does it have to be left outside? Covered or uncovered? How can I make Moon Water during Winter?

You can place it outside or on a windowsill in your home.

Some folks leave their Moon Water inside during Winter because they don’t want to worry about their glass jar breaking.

However, it’s totally personal preference. If you put it outside in the winter and it freezes, it’s still beneficial Moon Water! It’s truly magical and keeping pace with the season. You can always bring it back inside and let it thaw before you use it.

As far as covered or uncovered, it really depends on how you plan to use it. If you’re going to be consuming it, I would suggest covering it because it’s less likely that any bugs, tree bits, or bird “blessings” will fall into the water.

* TIP *

If you’re using a Mason jar or similar container just flip it upside down so the lid is on the bottom (similar to the photo below). Then the Moon energy can shine in through the glass!

What is moon water and tips

What type of water should I use for my Moon Water?

It’s important to consider how you plan to use it!

If you plan to ingest it, collect some from a natural spring, tap water, bottled (although try to avoid using plastic because it’s so bad for Mother Earth), or collect rain/snow water in a jar outside.

If you don’t plan to ingest it, you can collect it from any body of water, ocean, lake, river, etc. I typically like to use my filtered water from home, but it’s totally personal preference.

Should I add anything to my water to enhance it?

Feel free to add additional elements to your celestial water! Here are a few options to consider and choose whatever resonates with you most!

* However, be aware of how you plan to use it! Do not add Moon Water that contains salt to your plants.

**If you added crystals, it might not be safe for consumption. Do your research before adding any crystal to water! Some crystals (Selenite, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Calcite, or Labradorite) can dissolve or be damaged by water.

Very rarely do I add anything but intentions to my moon water, but again personal preference!

You can also consider surrounding the outside of your container with crystals or herbs.

How To Make Moon Water

Can I still put out moon water on a cloudy night?

The Moon still affects the tide whether it’s cloudy or not, and it still works with you, my Peculiar friend! The water and crystals are charged with the Moon’s energy and gravitational force, and the light is just a cherry on top!

If you are still concerned about your water absorbing the light, I genuinely believe that Moonlight can get through the clouds. Don’t you still wear sunscreen on a cloudy day?

Moon Water was left out, and the Sun came up! Is it ruined?

This is a personal choice. Some may not like that it’s mixed with Moon energy and Solar energy. However, it could also be a good thing depending on your intentions for use, and completely fine!

how to make moon water meditation ritual

How long does my Moon Water need to sit out beneath the moon?

Some people choose to leave it outside for a few hours to ensure that it is brought in before sunrise, and others prefer to leave it out all night to capture the most energy possible. That’s up to you, my Peculiar friend!

Some will put it out for three nights in a row (the night before, during, and right after a Full Moon).

Where and how do I store my Moon Water?

You can store it in a glass container in the fridge or a cool dark place. If you’re planning to ingest it, I would not recommend keeping it for longer than a few days.

Bacteria can and will grow in water, and that definitely is not magical. If you’re not planning on ingesting it, it’s probably ok to keep it for a month or so. Use common sense and your best judgment.

The Moon is only visible to us because the sunlight reflects off of it, so we see the different phases of the Moon. So, are we harnessing the power of the Moon or the power of the Sun being reflected at night?

Moon Water’s spiritual meaning is a combination of light and energy. Just as the Moon affects the tides, it affects us, humans, since we are made up of 60% water. A Full Moon charges water by its gravitational force, light, and, along with our intentions, magical Moon energy is put into it.

I hope you found this information about How To Make Moon Water helpful! Lots of love to you and remember as always…

how to make moon water for each moon phase. New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

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