Egg Cleanse Meaning and Powerful Ritual Interpretation

Egg Cleanse Meaning and Powerful Ritual Interpretation

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The egg cleanse meaning has been all over TikTok lately if you’re interested in spirituality and witchcraft. However, the meaning, interpretation, and technique can vary from video to video, leaving you wondering if the ritual will give you the desired results.

I’ll cover everything you want to know in this article so you’ll feel empowered to trust your intuition and do your own reading.

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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What is an Egg Cleanse Ritual?

Egg Cleansing rituals and divination are used by many cultures and are an excellent way to remove negative energy from your body or to develop spiritual insight. In Mexico, this ritual is called limpia con huevo, which means to clean with an egg.

Witches and spiritual practitioners believe an egg cleanse pulls negative energy away from the body and purges emotional and spiritual imbalances. Some spiritual practitioners claim the egg gets noticeably heavier as they carry out the ritual. 

On Tiktok, you’ll see the most popular form of egg cleanse, which is a Mexican adaptation practiced by curanderos (folk healers). However, egg divination practices have also been found in ancient Greece (oomancy), Italy (benedicaria meaning Way of Blessing), Celtic Druids, Pennsylvania Dutch with Judeo-Christian theology origins (braucheri)(1), and many more.

In fact, egg divination in the Parris’ household, where Tituba was enslaved, started the Salem Witch trials. “The girls [not Tituba] had been playing a fortune-telling game that involved dropping an egg white into a glass of water. Supposedly, the form the egg white took in the water could help predict whom the girls would marry and show the shapes of their future lives.”(2)

Another common approach to egg divination entails separating the yolk from the egg white before placing it in hot water. A divination reading will be completed by analyzing the forms and shapes of the egg whites. 

Now in different cultures around the world especially indigenous cultures, the egg is used for cleansing. The egg is representative of life. It also represents a whole chicken…

…We find that in Judaism, we find that in certain branches of Christianity, we find that in Indigenous traditional religions; using the chicken to cleanse. Now we may not always have access to or the opportunity to have a chicken, so instead we can use an egg.

Dr Tochi – Do the Powerful Spiritual Egg Cleanse and See What Happens
What is an Egg Cleanse Ritual?

Why Should I Do a Spiritual Egg Cleansing Ritual?

There are many reasons to do an egg cleansing ritual, but basically, it’s any time you need a spiritual cleanse. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • If you’ve been experiencing a lot of bad luck
  • You frequently feel tired or grumpy
  • You’ve been experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, tension, etc.
  • A big life change has happened or will happen soon
  • You’ve been having terrible dreams
  • If you’re trying to break through a barrier to your goals or intentions

Clearly eggs symbolize rebirth and repetition: it is equally apparent from the oldest literary sources that in the beginning the egg was the primeval seed or reality…

…This does not exclude the egg from symbolizing a biological cycle as well.

Dictionary of Symbols (3)

How Often Should I Do an Egg Cleanse?

You can feel free to do an egg cleanse as often as you like. Some spiritual practitioners prefer to do one at the beginning of the year, month, week, or before a spiritual holiday.

Feel free to perform an egg cleansing any time of day. Some spiritual practitioners will perform an egg cleanse during a full moon ritual. The choice is completely up to you!

Evil Eye and Egg Cleanse Connection

Contrary to popular belief, the Evil Eye amulet, sometimes called Nazar, isn’t the “Evil Eye.” Instead, the Evil Eye is the look a person or supernatural being gives when they’re envious of someone.

The eyes are considered to have mystical powers and serve as the doorway to the soul. The Evil Eye receiver will then be cursed, harmed, or receive bad luck. Pregnant women, children, and animals are believed to be the most vulnerable to the Evil Eye curse.

In Mexico, a popular way to remove the Evil Eye, known as Mal de Ojo, is to perform an egg cleansing.

Hag stones can also be used for protection against hateful intentions.

What To Do When You Feel Sick After Egg Cleanse

If you feel sick or just generally unwell after an egg cleanse, this typically is coming from within. You are your own worst enemy, and you deeply need to do some self-reflection, healing, and internal work.

Spend time journaling, do another cleanse, or touch base with a therapist for deeper self-love!

Is an Egg Cleanse the same as Oomancy?

As discussed above, Oomancy is an egg divination practice from ancient Greece. There are many ways to practice Oomancy, but a popular method is by interpreting the shapes a separated egg white takes when placed in boiling water, similar to scrying divination.

An egg cleanse can be similar to Oomancy if you’re doing the reading and interpretation after performing the initial cleanse.

Is an Egg Cleanse the same as Oomancy?

Can I do a Protection Ritual after the Egg Cleanse?

Absolutely! Many spiritual practitioners will take a spiritual bath with Epsom salt, ground outside, smoke cleanse their home or area, or meditate after doing an egg cleansing. Remember to drink lots of water too!

How to Do an Egg Cleansing Ritual

Before you begin, remember to gather all your supplies, so you’re fully prepared for the ritual without losing focus.

Gather Egg Cleansing Materials

  • One room-temperature chicken egg (The color doesn’t matter. Some practitioners believe it’s important to choose organic eggs, but this isn’t essential)
  • Cleansing Method of Your Choice (alcohol, salt, smoke, moon water, (incense, garden sage, etc.), rubbing alcohol, Florida Water, or a candle flame)
  • Clear drinking glass or jar filled about two-thirds with water (some people choose to have a specific glass they only use for egg cleansing, but this isn’t required)
  • A dash of salt (the type doesn’t matter, I use pink Himalayan because that’s what I usually have on hand)
  • Paper and pen to write down your initial reading or insights
Gather Egg Cleansing Materials

Cleanse Your Environment

Before performing any ritual, it is important to cleanse your surroundings and make sure no negative energy will interfere with the strength of your intentions and egg cleanse. Feel free to use any room you feel comfortable in. I’ve even heard of practitioners who prefer to do it outside while grounding.

Make sure at least one window is open, and then use your cleansing method of choice throughout the room and around your egg. Check out this article for a more detailed post about spiritual cleansing techniques. (The article is specifically for crystals, but it applies to all types of cleansing)

Focus on Your Intentions

Before performing any ritual, it’s important to slow down, reflect, and deeply focus on your intentions or goals. Each spiritual practitioner will do this differently, and you’ll need to find what works best for you.

I prefer to bring the egg close to my heart. I imagine myself energetically putting my thoughts and goals into the egg. To me, this helps prepare the egg for the ritual as well.

Some practitioners will even talk to the egg directly or repeat a chant out loud over and over until they feel the message is received. Feel free to say any chant that resonates with you, but here’s one idea to get you started.

With this egg, I remove negative thoughts and feelings from my mind and body. Ego and its judgment of myself and others have no place here. I let go of and banish [insert your specific intentions you’d like to rid yourself of].

I allow joy to wash over me just like warm glowing sunshine. I feel this powerful energy flow into me and I accept myself for who I am. I now feel empowered, confident, and fully capable to achieve [insert what you’ve been trying to attract or achieve]. I’m so excited to know good things are coming my way!

Credit: Amanda Brethauer aka The Peculiar Brunette

Move Egg Across Your Body

Begin by moving the egg in small counterclockwise circles as you rub it over your body like you’re putting on lotion. Some practitioners believe the egg should touch your body as much as possible, while others believe you can just do it in the energetic field close to your body.

Remember, the reason we do counterclockwise circles is because we’re trying to remove negativity. This is why we also start with the egg around our head and slowly move down our body until we reach our feet. You can choose to stand or lie down, but I usually sit cross-legged on the floor.

As you move the egg across your body, imagine it’s a magnet, and it’s slowly pulling the negative energy out of your body. Use your intuition and spend a little extra time around areas of your body you feel are off or sore. Pro-tip: I place noise-canceling headphones on while I do this step. I play 8d Nature sounds or specific binaural beats depending on my intentions.

Move Egg Across Your Body
How I Move an Egg Across my body for an egg cleansing. (That’s my cat Gozer sleeping next to me)

How to Move the Egg Across Your Body

How you choose to move the egg across your body is often debated in the spiritual community. Some practitioners believe you should stick to the natural meridians in your body. This means you should start with the left or right side of your body, start at the head, and work your way down. Then switch to the other side and go from the head down without crossing over.

Another topic of debate involves how long you should rub the egg over your body. I’ve heard of some people doing it for 30 minutes on each side! However, I think it’s easiest to trust your intuition; you’ll know when the time is right.

However, everyone can agree the egg should constantly move, but never with enough pressure to crack the egg. Don’t forget your entire head, ears, the back of your neck, and the bottoms of your feet! These are commonly missed areas.

Some people believe you should keep the egg in only one hand, while others believe this isn’t essential. Depending on my intentions, I’ll often choose a number in numerology that aligns with my goal, and that’s how many times I’ll circle the egg in one place. However, this is just what I do.

Other practitioners often use the egg to “draw” important Pagan or Witch symbols or sigils they created over their body in specific areas they’re trying to heal or cleanse.

If the egg breaks when you’re placing it against your skin, you need to start over with a new egg. Odds are someone is trying to prevent you from completing this cleanse, or you have a lot of negative energy directed at you, and the egg cracked from its weight.

How to Read Egg Cleanse Results

Crack the egg gently around its edges, so you avoid breaking the yolk. A broken yolk will give a certain reading, so you want to ensure you’re not the one who broke it. Then simply release the egg into the glass of water with a dash of salt to ensure the negative energy that’s now in the egg is kept away from you.

Another point of debate is how long to leave the egg in the water before you perform a reading. However, most often, it’s somewhere between 5 – 7 minutes while it sits undisturbed. In Mexican traditions, it’s often kept under your bed for twenty-four hours to fully extract any negativity.

Remember, never look at the egg from the top of your jar or glass because the negativity will be able to jump back into you. Always look at the egg from the side of the jar and observe what you see without judgment. Notice anything that looks strange or small details like bubbles, colors, or images and write them down.

My great-aunt cracked the egg into a glass of water. She instructed that my mother keep the glass under the bed for twenty-four hours, so the yolk could develop and extract the sickness in time.

Changes in the yolk, such as strands, bubbles, and cloudy discolorations, indicated that the unwanted energy or illness was removed. Afterward, my great-aunt insisted that my mother dispose of the egg in the toilet.

The following evening, the submerged yolk, originally smooth and round, was covered in white strands that clung to the edge of the glass like a spider web. 

Flores, Marina – “The Egg” in the Twenty-First Century: A Family’s Holistic Healing and Cleansing Practice
How to read egg cleanse results

Dispose of Your Egg Cleanse

The last step is to dispose of the egg. Please do not consume or store it for potential future use. It’s crucial you get rid of it because the egg has now absorbed all the negative energy from your body, so don’t risk reintroducing it.

Simply flush the egg down the toilet or kitchen sink without looking at the egg directly.

Please do not place the egg in your yard or on your property because it will keep this negativity around you. Some people believe you should release the egg out onto the street or roadside where there’s a lot of traffic to destroy the egg quickly, but I’ve never tried that myself.

What is an Egg Cleanse Return to Sender on Tiktok?

You might have come across the term Egg Cleanse Return to Sender. This is a popular technique on Tiktok where you return the negative intentions to the person who sent it to you.

Wiccans and other spiritual practitioners who follow the rule of three typically disagree with this method because they believe the energy will continue returning to them times three, creating a never-ending loop of negativity and drama.

You’ll need a few more supplies to perform a Return To Sender ritual. Add spices like chili pepper flakes, pepper, cayenne, hot sauce, or garlic (for your own protection) before disposing of your egg cleanse. Remember not to look at the egg when disposing of it!

I’ve seen some people add black wax or other options, but I don’t recommend using anything that can harm your pipes.

What is an Egg Cleanse Return to Sender on Tiktok?

Egg Cleansing Meaning and Interpretation

Alright, here’s the part everyone always wants to learn about! When it comes to reading or interpreting your egg cleansing, it’s important to use your own intuition before anything else you read online!!

There’s no one-size-fits-all reading, and many people get upset when they see conflicting meanings online. If you see a shape, image, symbol, or sign that immediately stands out to you, that’s a message meant for you directly. Only you’ll know how to interpret it.

What does the image mean to you? How do you feel in your body when you see it? What emotions do you feel? How does it look to you? Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; take your time, go slow, and as you grow in your practice, you’ll develop these skills and trust yourself.

Bubbles in Egg Cleanse

If you see bubbles floating or moving to the top of the glass, it indicates energy is being released. This can be a sign your cleansing was effective, but it can also mean you’re letting go of some emotions you were previously holding on to. Reflect on your cleansing intention.

Large white cloudy bubbles can signify health issues, so it’s a good time to check in with your doctor or health care professional.

If the bubbles are collecting on or around the egg yolk, it’s telling you there are many people around you who love and support you. This can be physical (family and friends) or representative of spirit guides, ancestors, or passed loved ones watching over you.

Bubbles in Egg Cleanse


Foam can indicate something unknown to you is brewing beneath the surface. Most likely, it involves someone close to you, so be careful who you share information with.

Slow down and proceed with caution, now isn’t the time to make any rash decisions. If you’ve been considering a change of some sort, this is a sign to research and fully educate yourself on this decision before moving forward.

Yolk Doesn’t Sink to the Bottom of the Glass

The yolk will typically sink to the bottom when you crack a regular egg in the glass. If it doesn’t, or it settles in the middle of the glass, this is a warning sign that someone intentionally sent you this negativity or an Evil Eye.

When the Egg Yolk Breaks

If the egg yolk breaks, it means this negativity has blossomed into fruition, and you need to get rid of it. At this point, it’s been released into the water.

Water Remains Clear

If the water in the jar remains clear and clean with only one white spot, this means you’re doing great! Nothing negative is happening around you, and there’s no ill will to worry about.

Water Remains Clear


A small number of cobwebs are usually normal and just indicate the bits of negative energy we pick up every day from co-workers, jobs, or just daily interactions.

However, the more you have, the more likely it is people are jealous of you and trying to sabotage or negatively impact your life and current goals. It’s indicative of hateful energy being sent your way.

Egg Cleanse Cobwebs

If You See Images

Spotting images or silhouettes in an egg cleanse reading is my absolute favorite! This is what I referenced above because this image, shape, or symbol is a direct message for you. Only you’ll know how to interpret it!

What does the image mean to you? How do you feel in your body when you see it? What emotions do you feel?

For example, if you see flowers in the yolk, this is likely a good sign. It may indicate the negativity has passed and happiness is headed your way! Here are a few possible image meanings and what they might mean, but remember to trust your own intuition!

Animal Symbolism is a lovely way to connect with what Nature is trying to tell you. If you see an animal, stop and reflect on what you know about that animal. How does it act in the wild? What survival instincts does it possess? How does it react when it’s scared? What might this reading say about you and your intentions? Pay attention to any dreams you have after this as well.

A silhouette may be a bit ominous looking, but it likely means someone is trying to give you a message. This may be a friend, co-worker, or family member, or it could indicate a spiritual message from a spirit guide or ancestor.

Seeing a skull could mean there’s some really negative energy coming your way. However, it could also be similar to the death card in Tarot and simply indicate there are some changes coming into your life.

If you see a face, it’s reflecting the person who sent you the negativity. I’ve never seen a face myself, but I’ve heard some spiritual practitioners say a slender face indicates male energy, and a rounder or wider face indicates female energy. 

Sacred Geometry shapes can have different meanings. For example, the Vesica Piscis symbol consists of two overlapping circles representing the vulva. It likely symbolizes new beginnings, creation, birth, or represents a soul’s journey.

Egg cleanse image bell curve

Egg White or Yolk is Discolored

If the appearance of the egg white is discolored in any way, it indicates you’re currently afraid of something, and you need to find your self-confidence and stand up for yourself.

Large Circles or Balloons

Large circles or balloons typically imply you are unable to easily leave the current situation or predicament you’re in. These circles or balloons are visual representations of something holding you down.

Life may feel like an endless cycle or loop, and you probably feel trapped or stuck. You should probably do another cleansing, but more importantly, figure out ways to mix up your days or interests.

Depending on what current situation is making you feel stuck, now can be a great time to learn a new skill. It can be for fun or creative expression, or maybe it can set you on a better career path.

Double Egg Yolk

A double yolk usually indicates a pregnancy, typically twins. However, this doesn’t necessarily refer to you and/or your partner. It may simply mean someone close to you is or will be pregnant soon.

Alternatively, it may be referencing your Twin Flame. There are few bonds in the world as intense and unique as a Twin Flame relationship. How your egg cleanse reading applies to your Twin Flame relationship depends on if you’ve met them and, if so, what stage you’re in. Use your intuition to guide you!

When Eggshells Fall in Your Glass

This is another reason to be careful and crack your egg gently around its edges when starting your ritual. You want to ensure you’re not the one who accidentally added a bunch of eggshells into the glass.

An excessive amount of eggshells can suggest your current dilemma is seriously impacting this egg cleanse reading. This is a visual reminder of the agitation and turmoil taking place. More jagged eggshell bits in your glass means more emotional chaos.

If You See an Eye

Seeing an eye in your egg cleansing reading means someone has sent you the Evil Eye and is jealous of you or watching you with nefarious intentions. If you’ve been having a lot of bad luck, this is likely the reason.

Descending Spirals, Spikes, Nails, or Tear Drops

Anything indicating spirals or peaks pointing down typically means negative energy is still hanging over your head and has not been removed. It’s likely you’re causing your own blockages.

Alternatively, any spirals or peaks going up indicate the negative energy has been properly released.


Finding blood in your egg cleanse reading is usually a sign you need to heal your body somehow. This could imply a lot of stress and anxiety, a curse or hex, or maybe it’s a good time to schedule a check-up with your doctor.

Red, black, or white spots or strange odors remind you to be attentive and cautious of your surroundings and attitude. This will protect you from being taken advantage of or hurt. You should be in full cautionary and alert mode. Be mindful. Calculate and assess every move you make. Do not make decisions based on emotions.

Egg cleanse with Red and Black Spots
Red spots in my egg cleanse reading

[The egg is] a universal symbol of fertility and the potential of life, the cosmic egg is central to many creation myths. In Buddhism breaking through the “eggshell of ignorance” signifies attaining enlightenment. In Christianity the egg symbolizes resurrection.

Signs and Symbols

I hope this Egg Cleanse article was helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…


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