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Protection Candle: Crafting Colorful Spells of Magic

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A protection candle is an act of defiance for many witches and spiritual practitioners. A way to let it be known that I will not cower; I will stand my ground, and I will win. Using color, symbols, and magic to craft your own protection candle ritual is also a tool of hope and empowerment.

However, it’s far more than aesthetics. Every herb, color, symbol, crystal, and element used is chosen with meaning and powerful symbolism. Let’s dive in and explore everything you need to know to create your own protection candle and spell!

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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What is a Protection Candle?

The ritual of lighting candles goes back many years in human history and can be found in various spiritual practices. As I discussed in the article Candle Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Casting Powerful Spells, “A lit candle symbolizes and joins the physical world with the spiritual.

A protection candle is a symbolic tool used to represent your spiritual energy, power, and magic. It rises above a simple candle made of wax and a wick and becomes a symbol of strength and empowerment.

By choosing colors, herbs, symbols, or objects that hold special or spiritual meaning to us, we can use them to represent our intentions during the ritual. Very similar to practicing a Cord Cutting Ritual.

What is a Protection Candle?

When Should You Create a Protection Candle?

Creating a protection candle can help you to feel strong and grounded. However, when is the best time to make one? The short answer is you can create one any time you feel called to, but here are a few situations or occasions where it may be beneficial for you to burn a protection candle.

When You Feel Vulnerable or Uncertain

Burning a protection candle can act as an emotional and spiritual shield when you’re feeling extra stressed, negative, or vulnerable in any way.

Sometimes, big new life changes can make us feel uncertain, but a protection candle helps to provide a sense of stability and security. Especially before important events like interviews, exams, presentations, or a new living situation.

When Doing Spiritual Work

Rituals, spells, astral work, or other spiritual endeavors often involve tapping into higher realms of consciousness or working with energies beyond the physical world. This requires you to dive into the depths of your own spirituality and psyche, which is incredibly enlightening and transformative.

However, it can also expose you to some potential vulnerabilities, which is where a protection candle comes in. It helps to provide a protective boundary and strengthen your spiritual connections with higher energies.

You can also choose to include protection candles as part of your regular spiritual or self-care routines to consistently maintain a defense against negative influences.

Connecting with the Moon

Lunar phases, like the full moon or new moon, are often connected to more intense spiritual energies. Harness this luminous power in your protection candle or ritual. Make your ritual more potent by focusing on additional planetary alignments and eclipses.

To clarify, not all practitioners celebrate the Moon cycles or every lunar phase. So feel free to only work with the ones that resonate with you. Here are a few to help get you started:

Wolf Moon
The Full Moon of January

Worm Moon
The Full Moon of March

Flower Moon
The Full Moon of May

Snow Moon
The Full Moon of February

Pink Moon
The Full Moon of April

Strawberry Moon
The Full Moon of June

Buck Moon
The Full Moon of July

Harvest Moon
The Full Moon of September

Beaver Moon
The Full Moon of November

Full Moon Rituals
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Dark Moon
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Blue Moon
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Sturgeon Moon
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Hunters Moon
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Cold Moon
The Full Moon of December

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New Moon
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Black Moon
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Important Seasonal Cycles or Holidays

Including a protection candle during important seasonal cycles or spiritual holidays is a sacred form of ritual and celebration. Keeping you connected with the rhythms of Nature and the Universe.

It’s important to note that different spiritual practitioners celebrate different Pagan Holidays, and these can vary depending on traditions. Feel free to align your intentions with the events that match your spiritual beliefs, but here are a few to help you get started:

Origin and Peculiar Legend

Winter Festival

A Pagan Festival and Holiday

The Magical Season of

The Abundance of Late Summer

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Winter Solstice
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How to Make a Protection Candle

Making a protection candle is a very personal experience and can be unique to every spiritual practitioner! In this section, I’ll discuss how to make your own protection step-by-step! From choosing the best type of candle, color choices, symbols, herbs, and more!

Protection Candle Video Tutorial From Start to Finish

YouTube video
Check out my Protection Candle YouTube video for a step-by-step tutorial

Types of Candles

The candle you choose becomes an essential part of your protection candle. Each candle possesses its own unique energies, colors, and properties. Combined with your magic, these elements will help your spell or intention fully manifest.

Different types of candles offer varying burn times, shapes, and sizes. Common choices include Tapered candles, Chimes, Tealights, Votives, Birthday Candles, Pillar candles, and Seven-Day Candles.

If you’d like more help choosing a type of candle, watch my YouTube video SIMPLE CANDLE MAGIC | Beginner Basics and Types of Candles.

Candle Color for Protection

Colors have specific vibrations and frequencies that influence the energy and intent of the candle. For example, a blue candle represents calm, peace, and healing.

By selecting the color that’s right for you and your spiritual practice, your protection candle’s energy will be more effective. These unique meanings can easily be incorporated into spellwork or rituals, just like numbers and crystals.

Popular color choices for protection candles are –

  • Red (associated with protection, strong energy, passion, and the element fire)
  • Black (banishing, unblocks energy, and offers protection from negative energy, disease, evil, etc.)
  • White (known for cleansing and its ability to sweep out negative energy)

However, these are only the popular choices. Check out Candle Color Meanings: The Best Spiritual Secret in Witchcraft, for a complete breakdown of every color and see what color is best for you.

Cleanse Your Candle

Cleanse your candle in your preferred method of choice to clear away any negative or stagnant energy. This will ensure only your intentions and personal magic are applied to your candle.

I’d also recommend cleansing yourself as well. Feel free to choose whatever resonates with you and what type of spiritual practitioner you are. Some popular options are sound, smoke, crystals, moon water, or an egg cleanse followed by a ritual bath.

Cleansing my Protection Candle with Sturgeon Moon Water
Cleansing my Protection Candle with Sturgeon Moon Water

Adding Protective Symbols

Carefully carving protective symbols on your candle will further amplify its intention and power. Each one carries specific meanings and acts as a visual representation of the energy you’re invoking.

Adding symbols gives your candle a stronger intention, making it a powerful protector against negativity and harm. For example, you may choose to carve the protection Norse Runes Algiz (represents a deer antlers) or Thurisaz (symbolizes a thorn on a branch) on your candle.

Here are some popular symbols to inscribe on your candle:

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Protection Sigil
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Metatron’s Cube
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Magic Elements 
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Anoint Candle

Dressing a candle involves anointing it with oils, blood, or spit. You don’t have to dress or anoint your candle if you don’t want to. This is simply an additional step to infuse the candle with your protective intentions.

Cover your candle in a natural oil like olive, almond, jojoba, grapeseed, or coconut; avoid using too much oil, or it may affect how it burns. Oil helps to create a pathway for your desire to manifest in the physical world. Don’t use anything flammable like Florida Water.

Hold your candle in your hands and visualize your protective intentions while gently rubbing the oil onto the candle’s surface. This step actively involves your attention, linking your energy with the candle, making it sacred.

I highly recommend watching my YouTube video HOW TO CLEANSE AND DRESS A SPELL CANDLE for a complete step-by-step tutorial!

Add Herbs

Adding continues to add another layer of intention to your candle, helping you customize its protective qualities.

Popular herbs for protection include:

  • Garden Sage (for cleansing negative energy)
  • Rosemary (to repel evil spirits and purify your sacred space)
  • Lavender (Cleansing, protection, and purification)
  • Bay leaves (Banishment and protection)
  • Mugwort (defends against psychic attacks)
  • Cinnamon (protection, cleansing, and purifying)
Image of me dressing and anointing a protection candle

Protection Candle Spell

This Protection Candle Spell combines the power of visualization, intention, magic, and divination to effectively remove negative energy from your life. Remember to perform this spell with focus, respect, and mindfulness.

Gather Your Supplies

  • Candle (choose the color that resonates with your intent)
  • Cinnamon powder (for protection) (feel free to use any other herb of your choosing)
  • A bay leaf (for banishment and protection)
  • Anointing oil of your choice
  • A fireproof dish or holder (I use a 6.5″ cast iron)
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A pen or something to write with

Begin Your Protection Candle Spell

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Cleanse your candle and yourself. Carve the protective symbols that resonated with you into the candle, followed by the anointing oil.

Next, gently roll your oiled candle in the cinnamon powder. As you do this, focus on your intention to remove negative energy from your life. In a few words, write on the bay leaf to release anything preventing you from protection. Here are a few examples:

  • I release all negativity
  • Protection surrounds me
  • Remove all obstacles to my safety
  • I banish fear and doubt

Light Your Candle Flame

Place your candle in the center of a fireproof dish or container. Light the candle with a match or lighter. As the candle burns, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Hold the bay leaf in your hand and say your bay leaf affirmation aloud to thoroughly banish negativity. Carefully place the bay leaf in the flame, allowing it to burn completely in your fireproof dish. Visualize the negative energy leaving you and your surroundings.

Candle Flame Reading

As the candle burns, continue watching the flame and take notes of anything unusual. Candle flame readings serve as a tool for self-discovery, decision-making, personal growth, and spiritual guidance.

Spiritual meanings can be found in the way the candle flame moves, flickers, changes color, or any smoke it releases. Remember, always consider the mundane before the magical to keep your readings accurate!

Check out Candle Flame Meaning: A Magical and Unexpected Secret Language to understand the specific interpretation behind each candle flame.

Close Your Spell

Once your candle has burned down completely and you’ve interpreted the flames’ meaning, you can begin to close the spell.

Once any remaining remnants have cooled, bury them in the earth or throw them in the garbage. This symbolizes the complete removal of negative energy.

I hope you found this article about creating your own protection candle helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…

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