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Exploring various types of witches can be fascinating for beginners or anyone on a spiritual journey. Your path will change over time, so feel free to mix and match aspects that resonate with you. Don’t worry about following everything in a specific witchcraft type – create your own path if you want!

There’s no right or wrong way to practice, and you can label your magic or not! What’s most important is that you feel safe learning and practicing your spirituality without judgment or fear. This article introduces various witch types, gives practice ideas, and aims to inspire your spiritual journey.

Benefits of Choosing a Type of Witchcraft

Anyone from any spiritual background can practice witchcraft, and the different types of witches are as diverse as each practitioner. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing a kind of witchcraft.

  • It can help you reconnect with your spiritual side and notice the magic that surrounds you every day
  • Allows you to focus on your specific path and become more knowledgeable about it
  • Labeling your spirituality can help you organize your thoughts and understand your craft
  • It can feel quite powerful and liberating. It helps you connect with your authentic self
  • Helps you discover how you can blend magic into your everyday life

Disadvantages of Choosing a Type of Witchcraft

The primary and overall disadvantage to choosing a label is that you may be limiting yourself. By discounting other paths, you may miss out on parts of your spirituality that resonate with you. Remember to stay open-minded as you progress throughout your practice, and don’t box yourself in unnecessarily.

The problem of defining witchcraft is made more difficult because the concepts underlying these words also change according to time and place, sometimes radically.

Moreover, different cultures do not share a coherent pattern of witchcraft beliefs, which often blend other concepts such as magic, sorcery, religion, folklore, theology, technology, and diabolism. 

Britannica – Witchcraft

What Type of Witch Am I?

Ever wondered what kind of witch you are? Many are drawn to witchcraft because they’re fascinated by the universe and nature. To find your witch type, look at your hobbies and interests. What are you curious about? Follow your gut and explore what excites you.

Learn from different sources like YouTube, Pinterest, or the library. You don’t have to stick to witchcraft books – explore anything that catches your interest.

If it gets overwhelming, take a break. This journey should be enjoyable! Your spiritual path will unfold over time, and it’s okay to change.

Remember, you might shift between different witch types. Embrace change, and don’t fear being a beginner. Everyone starts somewhere, and you can be more than one type of witch. Just dive in and enjoy the journey!”

HOW TO KNOW WHAT TYPE OF WITCH YOU ARE | Find your spiritual path

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Check out my YouTube video for a step-by-step guide to types of witches

Different Types of Witches

Welcome to the magical world of witches, where there’s a type for everyone! In this section, we’ll explore the different kinds of witches. Each type has its own special way of doing things, like green witches who love Nature or cosmic witches who tap into the stars. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of witchy diversity!

Green Witch

Green witches are sometimes referred to as Garden witches and are among the most popular types of witches. They feel strength and power from Nature, and it plays a massive part in their spiritual practice. They’re in touch with the seasons and deeply connected to the earth.

Green witches appreciate Nature’s healing influence in their daily lives, and they get their magic from Nature. These witches prefer to do their spiritual workings and rituals outdoors when the weather allows.

They add in positive intentions and sigils when planting in their garden and are devastated when a plant dies. They often love to garden in alignment with the phases of the moon.

Green Witch Interests

  • You enjoy working with herbs, flowers, and plants
  • Feel drawn to the element Earth and connection to Nature
  • Comforted by the solitude of Nature and avoiding large crowds of people
  • You love animals, insects, and all creatures
  • Enjoy celebrating and living in harmony with the seasons
  • You try to lower your carbon footprint and try to save the environment as much as possible
  • The weather often influences you; Winter can be a difficult season, but Spring makes you optimistic
  • You love bringing earth tones and colors into your home or wardrobe. You also try to buy as ethically as possible and love fabrics like organic cotton, linen, or hemp.
  • You enjoy the spiritual intention of the New Moon because it’s a time of new beginnings and a chance to start fresh

How to Add Green Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Add plants, herbs, flowers, and dirt to your altar or sacred space by placing them in jars or dressing candles
  • Learn botanical’s magical properties and practice tree or plant magic
  • Create your own blend of incense for spiritual intentions
  • Add your plant and botanical knowledge (recipes, spells, magical purposes, etc) into your Grimoire for future reference
  • Plan your spells, intentions, and magical workings around the season, weather, and moon phases
  • Reduce waste and give back to Nature by composting. If you don’t have a garden, donate to a loved one, neighbor, or local community garden
  • Find ways to utilize the medicinal purposes of herbs and plants
  • Forage Nature for your magical tools or intentions
  • When you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, try Earthing or just stepping outside to absorb strength from Nature
  • During Winter, try using dried herbs to concoct healing salves and infusions or in craft-making projects like soap and candles to help beat the seasonal blues
  • Create your own tea blends for magical intentions or spells
Green Witch

Eclectic Witch

Eclectic Witchcraft is another popular type of witch. An eclectic witch enjoys identifying what beliefs and ideas make sense to them. They believe this will ebb and flow throughout their lifetime and are happy to adapt their practice throughout their lifetime.

Eclectic is a term derived from a Greek verb that means “to select.” It was first given to philosophers who were not dedicated to a particular path or field of study. These types of witches integrate many different magical techniques and utilize those they connect with most.

Eclectic Witch Interests Often Include

  • You love giving yourself the freedom only to do what brings you joy and believe this enhances your practice
  • Integrate traditions and rituals from various magical techniques and work with diverse beliefs, customs, and ideas.
  • Flexibility and being able to focus on what works best for you as you evolve in your spirituality
  • Mildly object to putting a label on your witchcraft
  • You enjoy incorporating a variety of healing techniques for different illnesses

How to Incorporate Eclectic Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice:

  • Study history, traditions, gods, and goddesses that you find fascinating and incorporate that knowledge into your practice
  • Create your own unique rituals and traditions that fit into your life and ethics
  • Reflect on your own personal experiences, traditions, and beliefs that deeply resonate with you and incorporate this into your spirituality
  • Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning eclectic witchcraft. This is a journey full of surprises and plot twists.
  • Create a grimoire to keep a record of your practice so you can see what works well for you and what doesn’t
Eclectic Witch

Kitchen Witch

A kitchen witch believes the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and the perfect place to incorporate magic and cook with love.

They frequently include witchcraft in their meals and devote large amounts of their attention and time to the food or concoctions they prepare. These witches are incredibly concerned about the quality of the ingredients and believe the kitchen is a sacred space.

A kitchen witch’s energy and strength are found in the emotional intentions they place into their food and spellwork. This intensity can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Kitchen Witch Interests Often Include

  • You love working with herbal remedies and infusions to heal a variety of ailments
  • Creating a recipe from scratch does not overwhelm you; actually, you find the process soothing
  • You feel a great sense of accomplishment by growing your own vegetables and herbs to incorporate into your food
  • You often spend time researching new recipes, techniques, or herbal magical properties
  • The smell of freshly ground spices, baked bread, and simmering soups gives you deep satisfaction and pride
  • Loved ones often come to you for advice when sick and looking for natural ways to heal their ailments.
  • You enjoy composting and believe it’s a beautiful way to give back to Nature

How to Incorporate Kitchen Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Look for ways to infuse magic into your meals by slowing down and putting your energy into the preparations; make it your own unique ritual
  • Create your own unique grimoire or cookbook full of all your favorite recipes, magical intentions, and healing techniques. If you know anything about your heritage or ancestors, incorporate their recipes or traditions
  • Create your own infusions, tinctures, salves, teas, or other healing concoctions
  • Spiritually cleanse the tools you use in your cooking or preparations
  • Create an altar or sacred space in your kitchen
  • Place sigils into sandwiches with mayo or mustard, spread icing on cakes, or carve into pie crusts
  • Utilize herbal magical properties in your dishes
  • Freeze herbs into ice cubes so whoever drinks them will achieve the corresponding magical properties. You can also place magical herbs into bread or cookies
  • Wood burn sigils or symbols to your wooden spoons to stir spells or intentions into your food
  • Keep the kitchen clean and organized to honor your sacred space and avoid stress or chaos. Find ways to freshen up your sacred space by opening windows, wiping down counters with your favorite cleaner, lighting a candle or incense, or trying a simmer pot
  • Decorate and paint your kitchen so it’s a comfortable place to be and brings you joy; you could also try investing in an anti-fatigue mat to keep your feet and legs comfy!
Kitchen Witch

Solitary Witch

Solitary witches prefer to practice alone and do not need to be initiated into the spiritual practices of covens.

Some solitary witches are introverted and enjoy the silence and privacy of practicing on their own. Others might still be waiting for a group or coven they genuinely connect with.

Like an eclectic witch, a solitary witch may mix and match traditions, rituals, and spiritual beliefs.

Some folklores claim solitary witches are old souls who have reincarnated. Their power and wisdom fully awaken when they mature, so they don’t require help or assistance from other spiritual practitioners.

Solitary Witch Interests Often Include

  • You feel empowered by forging your own path
  • Feeling drained and exhausted after discussing spiritual ideas with others
  • Self-discovery is one of your greatest passions, and you enjoy trying new ideas, analyzing your abilities, and reflecting on who you are and the goals you want to achieve
  • You feel overwhelmed by spiritual gatekeepers and prefer to keep your spiritual practices private
  • You love to learn through books, attending workshops, taking online courses, and trying different experiences

How to Incorporate Solitary Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice:

  • It can sometimes feel disconnecting to practice alone, so find ways to include rituals into your daily routines so you don’t lose touch with your magic
  • Develop and connect with your intuition; let it guide you to discover the best spiritual path for you
  • Keep a journal to place your thoughts and spiritual ideas; you can also include them in your grimoire
  • Create an altar or sacred space to help you connect with your spirituality and connect with your path
  • Broaden your community a bit; this can be through social media, blogs, or YouTube!
Solitary Witch

Cottage Witch

A Cottage Witch, sometimes called a Hearth Witch, incorporates magic and spiritual meaning into their home.

These types of witches love a cozy atmosphere and spending time at home. Cottage witches love surrounding their sacred space with magic and protection. They want to make their home feel safe, sacred, and comforting.

Cottage Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You love cozy witchcraft and incorporating hygge into your sacred space and home
  • What you bring into your home is carefully selected including decorations, spiritual tools, people, etc.
  • The physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of those in your home is important to you
  • You love having friends, family, and loved ones in your home and enjoy making them feel welcome
  • DIY and craft projects for the home are some of your favorite hobbies
  • You value the design and aesthetic of your space.

How to Incorporate Cottage Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice:

  • Stitch sigils into your clothing or other fabrics (pillowcases, quilts, blankets, fiber artist projects, etc)
  • Create your own floor cleaning solutions to cleanse your space
  • Find ways to decorate your home in conjunction with seasonal holidays and weave in magical intentions or protection
  • Integrate magical intentions, protections, deities, the elements, or seasonal decor into your home
  • Crafting sachets to prevent nightmares
  • Blend all five magic elements into your home to balance the energy, flow, and magical intentions
  • Mix color magic into your crafts or candle-making DIY projects
Cottage Witch

Grey Witch

Grey witches typically incorporate both left-hand (dark magick) and right-hand (light magick) paths into their spiritual practice. This is also sometimes referred to as destructive and constructive magick, respectively.

(Note: I don’t use the terms “white” and “black” in my spiritual practice because they have clearly negative racial connotations. However, I’m including them here because this is typically how grey magic is described.)

The term “grey” derives from the mixture and balance of black and white magic. Grey witches greatly value magical and spiritual balance not only in their craft but also in their lives. They are neutral.

The secret to becoming a grey witch is keeping your power balanced. Grey witches recognize that to be whole, they must embrace both positive and negative energy.

Grey Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You enjoy incorporating the paths of light-work and shadow-work into your practice
  • You do not believe in Karma
  • The phrase “a witch who cannot harm, cannot heal” resonates with you
  • You believe that people are both good and evil
  • You often feel you’re forcing positivity or numbing pain
  • You believe there is not only one path but two. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you will weave through light or darkness

How to Incorporate Grey Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Find ways to include balance in your mindset and spiritual practice
  • Utilize magical intentions that involve Nature because the natural world is also neutral and balanced
  • Integrate shadow work into your practice. Allow yourself to work through negative thoughts and feelings; don’t try to suppress them
  • Study and incorporate spellwork and magical intentions that create balance and combine positive and negative energy
  • Connect with ancestors, gods, goddesses, or deities that embrace balance and duality
  • Add all five elements in your practice
Grey Witch

Hedge Witch

A hedgewitch works between the spirit realm and the physical world through trance or an altered state of consciousness. They often utilize magic while working through the veil, possess clairvoyance, and share many similarities with Shamanism.

The spiritual path of a hedgewitch can be an eclectic one, but generally, they enjoy utilizing local herbs, incorporating ancestors or spirits, and mediumship of some kind. Some hedgewitches incorporate Germanic or Druidic beliefs into their practice.

Hedgewitchs are sometimes confused with green witches because of their love for herbs and nature. They often work alone, but occasionally, you can find them in a coven or group.

Hedge Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • Astral travel or lucid dreaming
  • You don’t enjoy solely focusing on domestic spiritual practices like a cottage or kitchen witch, but do include some aspects of them
  • Earth magic and Nature heavily influences you
  • You find folk magic fascinating and incorporate it into your practice
  • You connect with cemeteries and graveyards or anywhere you can connect with the spirit world while staying in the physical

How to Incorporate Hedge Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Study and master astral projection or other out-of-body experiences
  • Learn all you can about healing infusions and salves
  • Charm work
  • Learn and incorporate your ancestral heritage and folklore into your craft
  • Discover all you can about the plants and herbs in your area
Hedge Witch

Sea Witch

Sea witches feel a strong connection with water and the sea and honor the special bond between the land and sea.

These types of witches take pleasure in working with the element water but are not required to live by the sea. They can work with any kind of water like lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, or simply a jar of water on their altar.

Oceans can be pretty chaotic, and some sea witches thrive by incorporating this into their magic. They also enjoy learning about water ecosystems and how we can decrease pollution.

Sea Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You’re enchanted by the wonders of the ocean and the beautiful creatures that roam deep within
  • You’ve accumulated a lavish stockpile of seashells or hag stones
  • Any time you’re near water you can feel its mood or vibrations
  • Bath rituals invigorate you
  • You love to swim and can spend hours in the water

How to Incorporate Sea Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice:

  • Add water, seashells, driftwood, pearls, hag stones, sand, a small fountain, Moon Water, or any other water correspondence that resonates with you to your altar
  • Study myths, folklore, and origins of sea creatures, mermaids, sirens, or any other water-dwelling creature
  • Find ways to work with the element water
  • Add salt to your rituals
  • Cleanse your magical tools in the ocean water
  • Meditate to ocean or whale sounds
  • Make runes or sigils with small rocks on the beach
  • Add seashells to your jewelry
  • Lunar rituals to connect with the Moon’s spiritual intentions
  • Salt baths for banishing or emotional cleansing
  • Water scrying
Sea Witch

Religious Witch

Religious Witches are sometimes referred to as ceremonial witches. They typically follow a strict, systematic approach to magic and often incorporate a god, goddess, spirit, or deity into their practice.

Instead of working with Nature (herbs, seasons, tree magic, etc.), Religious witches invoke their deities or spirits in their magical practices and derive power from rituals and ceremonies.

You can often find Religious witches in a coven, grove, or group where beliefs and rituals are kept concealed and secret; they believe this holds their magic more sacred. Religious witches prefer magic that is based on ancient teachings and enjoy an older form of magic.

Common Types of Religious Witches

Religious witches typically strictly adhere to ancient beliefs, but occasionally, they may mix and match to develop their practice.

Celtic Druid

This path concentrates on Celtic and Welsh gods and goddesses, lore, traditions, earth magic, and a deep connection to Nature. Sometimes, they incorporate the Celtic Alphabet Oghams and tree magic into their spirituality.


This spiritual path incorporates Christian beliefs into their witchcraft practice and worship of God and Jesus.


Hellenic witches typically worship the polytheistic gods and goddesses of ancient Greeks like Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, etc. Some practitioners also incorporate Roman gods and goddesses.

Norse Pagan

Norse Pagans typically worship the ancient Germanic gods and goddesses like Odin, Freya, Thor, Loki, etc. This path, sometimes known as Heathenry, can include a variety of beliefs and often incorporates Norse Symbols and Norse Runes in their spirituality.


Santeria is a closed practice that originated in Africa, flourished in Cuba, and expanded across Latin America and into the United States. Santería focuses on connections with the orisha deities.


These spiritual practitioners typically don’t worship Satan, and most consider themselves atheists who view Satan as a liberating icon. Satanists often blend beliefs and Satanic symbols like the sigil of Baphomet into their craft.


Witches and spiritual practitioners who incorporate Aleister Crowley’s ideas and beliefs, which are rooted in intense ceremonial magic and Egyptian ideas and rituals.


Afro-Haitian religious closed practice that blends West African Vodun religion and Roman Catholicism.


Gerald Gardner created Wicca in the early 1950s and incorporated beliefs from Aleister Crowley, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and other Western witchcraft traditions. Wiccans worship the Goddess and celebrate the Wheel of The Year.

These witches worship nature and follow the Rule of Three, which specifies the energy or magic you release, either positive or negative, will come back to you times three. They also adhere to the Wiccan rede “An ye harm none, do what ye will” and do not typically perform hexes or curses.

Wiccans also can follow specific paths like Gardnerian, Alexandrian, and Dianic and have different degrees of initiation. Note: You do not need to be Wiccan to practice witchcraft

Religious Types of Witches’ Interests Often Include

  • You enjoy learning about ancient practices and traditions and incorporating them into your witchcraft
  • Ceremonial magic and rituals help you feel more connected to your practice
  • You feel a strong connection to a god, goddess, spirit, or deity

How to Incorporate Religious Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice:

  • Seek out a coven, grove, or spiritual group you can connect with and develop your practice
  • Research more in-depth about your craft and deities through books or online groups
  • Learn more about initiation practices in your path if you haven’t already
Religious Witch

Moon Witch

Moon witches are sometimes referred to as Lunar witches and center their witchcraft around the moon phases.

These types of witches are self-reflective, intuitive, and in touch with their emotions. Family and friends are often shocked by a Moon witch’s precise intuitive insight; it’s almost as if they’re psychic.

Moon witches gather strength and magic from the Moon and the dark, glittering twilight of each night. They also tend to enjoy working with the element water and working with the subconscious mind.

Moon Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You physically feel the phases of the Moon, and it can affect your emotions
  • Dream divination is your favorite way to receive insight and vision
  • Find yourself decorating your sacred space with the Moon
  • You love to make Moon Water
  • Often wear jewelry that incorporates the Moon
  • You always know what astrology sign the moon is currently in

How to Incorporate Moon Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Learn more about gods, goddesses, and deities that are connected with the Moon
  • Elevate your magic with Full Moon bath rituals
  • Use Moon water in spiritual practice
  • Create your own unique Moon rituals and spells
  • Cleanse your ritual tools beneath the Full moon
  • Keep track of how you feel, the dreams you experience, and what rituals you practice during each Moon phase in your grimoire for more in-depth insight later
Moon Witch

Sun Witch

Sun witches are sometimes referred to as solar witches and incorporate the sun’s power into their magic.

These types of witches are often wildly optimistic, outgoing, ambitious, and energetic. People are naturally drawn to Sun witches and trust their knowledge and insight.

Sun witches feel revitalized by the sun and are constantly in awe of its strength and power.

Sun Witch Types of Witches Often Include

  • You love to talk and are very outgoing and extroverted
  • The summer solstice is your favorite holiday
  • If you’re feeling lonely or sad, spending time beneath the sun energizes and empowers you
  • You’ve never understood why other witches seem so fascinated by the Moon phases

How to Incorporate Sun Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Perform rituals and spells during the day outside in the sunlight if possible
  • Learn more about gods, goddesses, and deities that are connected with the Sun
  • Bathe and charge your ritual tools in the powerful sunlight (make sure they can be put in direct sunlight)
  • Set a morning ritual to welcome and honor the sun each day. Sunrise is also an excellent time for spells and intentions that involve a fresh beginning.
    • Alternatively, set an evening ritual to thank the sun for its powerful energy that day. Sunset is a fantastic time to incorporate banishing spells and intentions
  • Incorporate gold, yellow, and glitter into your sacred space, altar, or clothing
Sun Witch

Elemental Witch

Elemental witches center their spiritual practice around the five magic elements—fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Spirit—and deeply enjoy Nature magic.

Some Wiccan practitioners incorporate the elements and their corresponding cardinal directions into their spellwork.

Most Elemental witches include all the elements in their practice. However, they will sometimes choose to focus and hone specific elements they feel called to at different moments throughout their life. It can sometimes take years for them to feel fully knowledgeable. This will also depend on the intention spell they’re working on.


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Check out my video on Elemental Magic!

Fire Witch

These types of witches source energy and power from fire. Fire witches often use fire spells, candle magic, and corresponding fire colors and are knowledgeable in fire deities, gods, and goddesses.

Earth Witch

Earth witches source energy and magic from the earth, especially when working with dirt, mud, or clay. They’re a type of Green witch and incorporate grounding spells, herbal remedies, plants, rocks, and crystals into their practice.

Water Witch

These types of witches source magic and power from water. Water witches often gather jars of water, love to swim, be around water, are knowledgeable in water deities, gods, and goddesses, and often practice water-scrying divination. You’ll often find their altar contains moon water, seashells, driftwood, and statues of sea or water creatures.

Air Witch

Air witches source their magic and energy from the air, and they love chaotic storms or weather. They often collect rainwater, incorporate strong emotions into their magic, knowledgeable in air deities, gods, and goddesses. They love to charge and cleanse their magical tools in stormwater or snow if possible.

Elemental Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You often feel people underestimate the power of Nature
  • The power and symbolism of the Pentagram have always inspired you
  • You prefer to be among trees try to spend as much time with them as possible.
  • The strength of Nature’s powerful storms and winds amazes and empowers you. You feel as if Nature is directly speaking to you through the intense weather.
  • You are keenly aware of the moods, energies, and emotions the elements infuse into our everyday lives.

How to Incorporate Elemental Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Utilize different elements in your spellwork like candle magic, freezer spells, etc
  • Consider dedicating an individual altar for each element around your home or combining them all
  • Utilize the elements’ ability to transform, cleanse, and restore energy in your craft. Knowing you’re a part of them all is a lovely comfort.
  • Research each element’s intention, correspondences, meanings, and history
  • Expand your knowledge of energies like spirit, snow, ice, lightning, wood, or metal.
Elemental Witch

Swamp Witches

Swamp witches instantly bring to mind Misty Day from American Horror Story Coven. No? Well, maybe that’s just me because she’s my favorite witch on that show!

Swamp witches are sometimes referred to as Bog witches. They’re unique, uncompromising, and intuitive. They love finding ways to use raw and organic elements like mud and herbs in their craft. They’re less concerned about complicated rituals and instead do what works for them.

These types of witches tend to be introverted and typically practice in solitude, preferring the company of animals and scaly creatures. Swamp witches love connecting with the earth and are deeply passionate about being as natural as possible.

They deeply understand the connection we all have to each other on this planet and feel an overwhelming responsibility to protect Nature and its creatures.

Swamp Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You have no hesitations or qualms about getting dirty or down in the mud
  • Brewing potions and healing concoctions are great passions of yours
  • You’re often drawn to animals and insects and don’t understand people who are scared of snakes
  • Curses and hexes don’t bother you
  • You feel at home in the swamp or deep forests; you’re often picking leaves and twigs out of your hair

How to Incorporate Swamp Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Learn more about gods, goddesses, and deities that are connected with swamps and marshes, like the Greek goddess Antheia 
  • Record what spells, healing brews, and other herbal recipes have worked for you in your grimoire
  • Incorporate your own unique spiritual practices based on your intuition and gut
  • Study and learn about swamp spirits
  • Learn more about poppets and jar magic
Swamp Witches

Faery Witch

These types of witches understand the diversity and complexities of the fae. A Faery witch connects with the Fae by incorporating Irish and Scottish culture into their practice. They channel their power and magic from Nature.

Faery witches are often charming, introspective, intuitive animal lovers and feel comfortable embracing chaos and mystery.

Faery witches feel connected to woodland areas and often leave regular offerings to the Fae to thank them for their help. Some faery witches believe they used to be Fae and have traveled between worlds to be reborn as humans.

Learn more about the Fae –

Faery Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always felt an affinity and connectedness to the Fae. You often sense their presence, and it makes you feel empowered
  • You have a deep honor of nature and believe there’s a hidden power others do not see or understand
  • As a child, you loved finding areas full of mushrooms and often left small gifts
  • You prefer to practice your ritual work in the woods or groves
  • You’ve always been drawn to woodland creatures, nature spirits, fey, trees, and local wildlife

How to Incorporate Faery Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Understand how to be polite and thank the fae to avoid offense
  • Include glamour spells and magic
  • Honor and include the natural cycles (seasons, sun, moon) and woodland aspects in your rituals and spells
  • Learn more about Fae folklore, legends, myths, and local spirit lore
  • Create a faery garden, or add faerie lights and mushrooms to your altar
Faery Witch

Cosmic Witch

Cosmic witches are sometimes referred to as Astrology witches and always feel the power of celestial energy.

These types of witches incorporate astrology, astronomy, the planets, constellations, and other cosmic aspects into their spiritual practice.

Some Cosmic witches sometimes feel out of place on earth and feel as if their souls once resided on another planet or constellation; this is called a Starseed.

Cosmic Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always been amazed by space and love stargazing
  • You’re an expert in zodiac signs and astrology
  • You enjoy working with each day’s corresponding planet
  • Find yourself decorating your sacred space with the stars or planets
  • You examine your natal chart daily before making any decision or performing any rituals

How to Incorporate Cosmic Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Meditate to the sounds of deep space
  • Learn more about gods, goddesses, and deities that are connected with the constellations
  • Record your knowledge of astrology, zodiac signs, constellations, planets, etc. into your grimoire
  • Align your rituals and spellwork with your astrology work
  • Learn and study past life astrology
Cosmic Witch

Divination Witch

Divination witches, sometimes referred to as Augury witches, often work with spirit guides, ancestors, or through the veil. They are similar to shamanism.

These types of witches are healers, spiritual counselors, and energy workers who bring positive changes into the lives of those who consult them. Augury witches live in harmony with Nature and obtain knowledge from the spirit world.

While Divination witches are not fortune tellers, they enjoy incorporating divination practices into their magic. This can be through various techniques such as scrying, omens, Candle Flame Meanings, sacred signs, Numerology, meditation, pendulums, casting bones, astrology, symbols, Tarot, Ouija Board, Candle Wax Reading, Dice Divination, Smoke Divination, and many others.

Divination Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always been gifted in prophecy and love interpreting signs
  • Helping others along their spiritual journey and finding their highest potential is one of your greatest passions
  • You’ve always had intense and vivid dreams
  • Herbalism comes naturally to you, and you rarely need to consult books or guides for plant wisdom
  • You often notice synchronicities through animals, numbers, and symbols others seem to miss

How to Incorporate Divination Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Expand your knowledge of connecting with the otherworld and working through the veil
  • Attempt a variety of divination practices to hone your skills and discover which one you most connect with
  • Study and learn all you can about astral projection and dream magic
  • Record signs and synchronicities you notice in your grimoire to help you increase your awareness and notice patterns
Divination Witch

Crystal Witch

A Crystal witch understands the healing power of crystals and finds ways to infuse them into all aspects of their life.

These types of witches know that the universe is made of energy, and each crystal has its own power and vibrations. They understand that each crystal was made from Nature and put a lot of care into finding ethically sourced crystals.

Crystal witches intuitively feel the healing strength of crystals and find ways to incorporate their powers into all aspects of their magic and everyday lives.

Crystal Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always been fascinated with stones, rocks, and crystals since you were a child
  • You often use crystal witch bottles in your magic
  • Plants around your home all have crystal companions
  • Your pocket or bra always contains at least one crystal
  • You always meditate with at least one crystal
  • Wearing crystals as jewelry always helps you focus your intentions, spells, or manifestations
  • You take great care to cleanse your crystals regularly

How to Incorporate Crystal Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Create crystal grids on your altar, throughout your home, or wherever you feel drawn to focus your intentions and spellwork
  • Learn what crystals cannot go into water
  • Master the meanings behind the different crystal shapes
  • Consider working with crystal pendulums
  • List crystals and their correspondences in your grimoire. Keep them updated and detail the spiritual connections you intuitively feel towards them
  • Learn the best techniques to cleanse and charge your crystals
Crystal Witch

Secular Witch

Secular witches do not worship any deities, gods, or goddesses in their spiritual practice. They may also refer to themselves as skeptical, atheist, agnostic, spiritual, or non-religious. Secular witchcraft can vary and is unique to each practitioner.

These types of witches are often drawn to science, psychology, and history; they prefer an experienced-based form of spiritual practice over what they’ve read or been told they “have” to do. Secular witches tend to find deep meaning and a sense of self inside their spirituality and incorporate it into every aspect of their lives.

A Secular witch often believes in energy, subconscious work, intentions, the universe, or personal power, which influences their magic. They leave themselves open to discovering new ideas and try to separate themselves from spiritual dogma.

Secular Types of Witches’ Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always been skeptical of religious beliefs or ideas and don’t feel they fit into your spirituality
  • You enjoy reading through scientific studies and incorporating their findings into your craft
  • You enjoy learning about gods, goddesses, and deities and believe they have positive metaphors
  • Ethics are very important to you, but they’re separate from religious beliefs
  • You’ve always followed your heart and made your own path
  • You find meaning in the seasonal cycles of Nature and believe they teach us everything we need to know

How to Incorporate Secular Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Read a lot! Always keep learning to improve your knowledge, skills, and magic
  • Find ways you can give back to Nature and lower your carbon footprint as much as possible
  • Determine what tools, rituals, and practices you want to incorporate into your magic, and consider whether any of these have religious meaning.
  • Study all you can about different gods, goddesses, and deities so you can be well-informed about your beliefs
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Secular Witch

Urban Witches

Urban witches feel a strong connection with their local city area or town and enjoy modern conveniences. I think Urban witches often get overlooked by more Nature-based practices.

These types of witches are more city-focused and community-minded. They enjoy engaging with peculiar and unique people. Urban witches enjoy exploring all the sacred spaces, metaphysical shops, and artistic or exciting spots in their city. They can feel the energy of the city and include it in their magic.

Urban Types of Witches’ Interests Often Include

  • While you love the bustle of a busy metropolitan area, you sometimes crave a connection to Nature and incorporate a simple herb garden on your windowsill.
  • The chaotic energy of the nightlife invigorates you
  • You’ve always felt as if your city has its own spirit and personality
  • You hold on to McDonald’s salt packets for a quick energy-cleansing
  • When it comes to clothing, you love being trendy, creative, and edgy

How to Incorporate Urban Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • When you travel to new cities or destinations, explore their sacred spaces, metaphysical shops, or interesting spots. Find a way to connect to the city’s energy
  • When walking around your city, look for items you can incorporate into your magic (feathers, weeds, coins, jars, etc.)
  • Connect with the full moon and its powerful energy
  • Find a way to include an altar in your home, even if it’s small
  • Find other witches in your city to connect with and build a community around
Urban Witch

Literary Witch

Literary witches love books, reading, poetry, writing, and all things literature. They’re sometimes referred to as Word witches, and they enjoy incorporating letters and words into their magic.

These types of witches love libraries and can often be found spending a day off just browsing the shelves. Literary witches love studying different types of witchcraft, myths, lore, and other esoteric topics.

Literary Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You have more books than you do places to put them
  • Journaling is a passion of yours
  • You love book clubs and reviews
  • Your grimoire is the envy of every witch or spiritual practitioner

How to Incorporate Literary Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Design and create your own grimoire from scratch
  • Blend letters and words into your sigil magic for powerful spell work
  • Create your own spells using your inspirational and beautiful poetic writing skills
  • Learn all you can about the history of witchcraft
Literary Witch

Forest Witch

Forest witches have a lot in common with Faery witches due to their interest in woodland creatures, tree magic, and incorporating earth spirits (possibly Fae) into their practice, but there are some differences.

These types of witches often believe in Animism, which considers locations, objects, trees, water, creatures, etc., to all have an essence or soul and are alive. They often incorporate folk magic and local legends into their magic.

Forest witches prefer to practice rituals in the solitude of the forest, away from prying eyes. They have no fear of the forest and will wander through it any time, day or night.

They are wild at heart and feel that everything possesses life, even inanimate objects like rocks or sticks. Forest witches believe Nature and the universe bind us all together.

Forest Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You love to take long walks through the forest alone (forest bathing)
  • As a child, you spent a lot of time climbing trees
  • Your home is decorated in natural colors of green and brown
  • You love the smell of the forest when it rains
  • Your collection of bones is bordering on excessive
  • You love walking through the forest at night and have been known to bathe naked in the moonlight

How to Incorporate Forest Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Place woodland creatures pictures or statues in your sacred space
  • Spend as much time as you can outdoors, preferably in the forest. Try earthing or grounding to connect with Nature
  • Add moss, ferns, wood, or greenery to your altar
  • Learn all you can about the trees and plants in your local area
  • Dedicate part of your craft to learning foraging (herbs used for herbal medicine, twigs as tools for your craft or altar, pinecones, or anything else you can think of)
forest witches

Music Witch

A Music witch loves incorporating music into their practice and uses it to enhance their spells and intentions. They utilize instruments, sounds, or their voice to shift their mindset or raise their vibrations instantly.

These types of witches weave powerful intentions and spells as they sing them into fruition. They feel the physical effects of music and find it empowering. Music witches are often emotional and empathetic and love using their spiritual practice to help heal others.

Their strong connection with sounds compels them to use various chanting, singing bowls, vocals, drums, and other instruments.

Music witches know the impressive effects frequencies, vibrations, and humming can have on the body to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and sync their vibrations for inner peace. They also incorporate the power of music manifestation through positive affirmation work.

Music Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • Your friends are always impressed by your knowledge of musical lyrics, composers, and artists
  • Singing or listening to music eases anxiety and brings you comfort
  • You’re convinced that music connects directly to your soul
  • Not only are you musically gifted, but you enjoy multiple creative outlets
  • Music has always helped inspire you to overcome obstacles, provide clarity, or just brighten your day

How to Incorporate Music Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Find ways to connect with the element Air and wind because it helps to carry sound
  • Learn more about binaural beats and frequencies and how you can incorporate them into your meditation work
  • Create your own unique spells through singing or chanting
  • Learn more about music history that interests you
  • If you’re knowledgeable about your loved ones or ancestry, consider incorporating music they would have listened to into your practice. You can also try soundtracks or scores that are inspired by your heritage or ancestry
  • Learn to play an instrument you’ve always wanted to master
  • Slow down and analyze how certain songs or sounds make you feel and incorporate them into corresponding spells or ritual work
  • Learn more about music-related gods, goddesses, and deities like Hermes
Music Witch

Chaos Witches

Chaos witches use their intuition, ideas, and many different types of magic in their practice. They’re very result-focused and prefer to practice uncomplicated magic. Due to this, they often have their own ideas and techniques that can vary between practitioners.

As I explained in this article discussing word sigils, word sigils began with English artist Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) and his development of Zos Kia Cultus. Spare’s ideas later became the basis of Peter Carroll’s work, who expanded his ideas to formulate chaos magic as we know it today.

“[A] competent magician should have the ability to stand still at a bus stop with closed eyes and have the entire universe disappear apart from a single blazing visualised sigil or muttered spell.”

Peter J. Carroll, The Octavo: A Sorcerer-Scientist’s Grimoire

Personal beliefs and traditions are never created in chaos magic because what worked in the past might not yield the same results now. Chaos magic’s core idea is that belief is the most influential aspect of spiritual power. Chaos witches do not ask the universe for spells and intentions to materialize; they force it to do so.

These types of witches do not care about traditional techniques or methods and only focus on the results. They love weaving a variety of different Pagan, spiritual, and witch symbols into their practice.

Chaos Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You despise spiritual dogma and avoid any indication of it from your practice
  • You avoid traditional and ceremonial magic
  • A grimoire or Book of Shadows isn’t your thing. You believe you harness all your magic inside you and can intuitively access it when you need it
  • You enjoy being unconventional and peculiar
  • You believe there are no rules when it comes to life or magic

How to Incorporate Chaos Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Chaos magic skill is developed over time and through experience. Continue expanding your knowledge and honing your practice
  • Incorporate the elements into your practice and represent them on your altar
  • Research and broaden your knowledge of sigils, symbols, and other occult topics to include in your craft
  • Numerology and noticing synchronicities can widen your practice; learn all you can about them
  • Read and study the ideas and knowledge of Peter Carroll
Chaos Witches

Shadow Witch

A Shadow witch is sometimes referred to as a Nocturnal witch or Death witch. They create relationships with the dead and incorporate shadow work into their magic.

They have no problem with the dark aspects of life (think Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice, “I myself am strange and unusual”) and enjoy being mysterious.

These types of witches enjoy magic and spellwork during the Dark Moon phase and love its quiet and secrets. They believe there is much wisdom to be found in the shadows and stillness.

Shadow witches love the complexity and passion they weave into their spirituality and magic. They have no problems working with bones and graveyard dirt, and you’ll often find it on their altar.

Shadow Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always been drawn to nocturnal creatures that other people think are spooky, like bats
  • Although unpleasant, you believe Shadow work is an important part of your spiritual practice
  • Samhain is your favorite holiday
  • You have no problem communing with spirits or the dead
  • Graveyards and cemeteries make you feel connected to the cycle of life and death

How to Incorporate Shadow Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Meditation and breathwork will help you with profound inner work
  • Learn more about different gods, goddesses, and deities that represent shadow work, the afterlife, death, or nocturnal activities
  • Trying practicing magic late at night when it’s quiet and you won’t be disturbed
  • Spend time each day journaling your thoughts
  • Try working with a Ouija Board
Shadow Witch

Techno Witch

Techno witches, sometimes known as cyber witches, embrace technology by incorporating it into their spiritual practices and rituals. They love mixing older traditional techniques with more modern tools and ideas.

These types of witches use various apps for astrology, note-keeping, connecting with moon phases, and more! They’re constantly at the forefront of computer innovation and technology.

Techno-witches often share many similarities with urban witches because they love to incorporate modern practices into their work. They often believe their devices have an essence or spirit and are alive.

Techno Types of Witches’ Interests Often Include

  • You love trying out new tech or apps and feel a sense of pride when helping out loved ones with their digital frustrations
  • Even though most witches sneer at the idea of incorporating technology into their craft, you believe it will become more widespread in the near future
  • You often utilize online divination practices
  • Cleansing your phone is a regular part of your practice by deleting old apps and photos. It removes old, stagnant energy and refreshes it with your new intentions.

How to Incorporate Techno Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Connect with other witches through online meetups, rituals, social media, or other online groups
  • Use your phone to create sigils and spells
  • If you haven’t already, create an online grimoire. I recommend Google Docs or Notion, but a lot of witches enjoy using Evernote
  • Technology is based on codes and numbers. Learn more about numerology and how you can merge it with your practice
  • Create secret digital visual boards on Pinterest to focus your energy and spellwork
  • Learn more about different gods, goddesses, and deities that represent wisdom and forward-thinking ideas
Techno Witch

Desert Witch

Desert witches love the desert and incorporate its magic into their practice. They enjoy the scenery of the desert and often live nearby.

These types of witches often utilize natural desert elements in their crafts, such as bones, sand, rocks, and cacti. They deeply respect the desert’s ability to survive in harsh conditions yet maintain its beauty.

Desert witches are tenacious and strong and often flourish in simplicity. They notice the allure, charm, and small details of the desert that others often overlook.

Desert Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always viewed Cactus as guardians who keep you safe and protected with their height and thorns
  • You often write spells, intentions, or affirmations into the sand and let the wind slowly blow them into existence
  • Sun magic is a large part of your practice
  • Your altar is covered in succulents, cacti, desert plants, rocks, sand, or crystals
  • You blend constellation, planetary, the Milky Way, and moon energy into your practice often
  • You’ve always been fascinated by desert wildlife like snakes, scorpions, spiders, and lizards

How to Incorporate Desert Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Add Cactus thorns into your protection spells or curses
  • Learn more and find ways to incorporate the elements of Fire, Wind, and Earth into your spells and intentions
  • Rainwater is very rare in the desert. Collect it for special intentions or spells
  • Learn all you can about gods, goddesses, spirits, deities, myths, and folklore that represent or include the desert
  • Use rocks, stones, or crystals to create mandalas or a sacred space in your garden, yard, or local area
  • Incorporate desert landscape photography and art into your sacred spaces
Desert Witch

Art Witch

Art witches are sometimes referred to as Craft witches and love to add their artistic abilities to their magic and spirituality. There’s a witch “craft” joke in here somewhere, but I’ll spare you the pun. LOL!

These types of witches weave intentions, spells, and magic into their artwork. This can be with journaling, painting, sewing, illustration, needlepoint, woodworking, basket weaving, wood-burning, thrift flips, home decor projects, or any other creative project they’re inspired by.

Crocheters or knitters also can incorporate knot magic into their handiwork. Art witches are very creative and full of imagination.

Art Types of Witches Interests Often Include

  • You feel your magic and spirituality in everything you craft or make
  • DIY projects are your favorite way to unwind and relax
  • You believe your spells and intentions are the root of your projects
  • You’ve always got a sketchbook with you or a notepad to keep track of ideas when inspiration hits
  • Your altar and creative space are often mixed together

How to Incorporate Art Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Add sigils or other magical symbols like Sacred Geometry into your artwork
  • Add artwork to your grimoire
  • Learn more about gods, goddesses, and deities that represent creativity or art
  • Find ways to include protective magic in or around your home with sigils, paint, or needlework
  • Learn all you can about color magic and consider how you can incorporate it into your artwork
Art Witch

Natural Witch

Natural witchcraft is a sensitive topic and often starts arguments in the witchcraft community. Whether you believe you are born with witchcraft abilities, think you can learn them, or both, here’s an overview of what a Natural witch is.

These types of witches practice magic instinctively and always seem to know what to do. Natural witches tend to be empaths and very sensitive to the feelings and emotions of those around them. Some of them are also naturally able to read auras.

Natural witches have a deep bond to Nature and can quickly sense its shifts, changes, and moods. They’re often able to predict rain, storms, or other weather patterns.

Natural Types of Witches’ Interests Often Include

  • You’ve always had visions, heard things, felt emotions, or seemed to know things, even as a child
  • Your dreams are vivid and often prophetic
  • Animals are as fond of you as you are of them, and you develop strong bonds. As a child, you were always bringing home stray animals or creatures you “found”
  • You naturally manifest or wish your goals and dreams into existence
  • You had a lot of “imaginary friends” as a child, or so your family thought.

How to Incorporate Natural Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Keep a dream journal so you can connect signs and ideas more clearly
  • Find ways to spend time in Nature
  • Study and work with the elements in your craft
  • Find a familiar to connect with and work within your spiritual practice
Natural Witch

Hereditary Witch

Hereditary witches are sometimes referred to as ancestral witches. Their path has been learned through guidance from their elders or family members. They often come from an ancestral and cultural line of witchcraft; they’re born into their practice.

Their practice can be as unique and varied as their ancestral line and often incorporates folk magic, ancestors’ grimoires, oral history, and traditional spells and rituals. Some will mix old and new traditions, and others avoid it, preferring to stick with what has worked for their family.

These types of witches often practice their magic concentrated in a local area or sacred space. Hereditary witches feel that witchcraft is a unique talent and skill passed down through the generations. They will guard this knowledge and keep it secret from anyone outside their hereditary line.

How to Incorporate Hereditary Witchcraft into Your Spiritual Practice

  • Develop and hone the spells and rituals your ancestors have passed down
  • Include history, myths, spirits, and folklore in your practice and rituals
  • Study other forms of spiritual practices to expand your knowledge base of other witchcraft ideas
  • Learn as much as you can about your ancestral line to help include their spirits in your magic

Remember, there are so many unique and individual paths to witchcraft, so follow your heart, and you’ll find the right path for you!

I hope you found this article about different types of witches helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…


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