Chill Vibes Only: A Freezer Spell To Reclaim Your Life

Chill Vibes Only: A Freezer Spell To Reclaim Your Life

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Freezer Spell magic is known for its strong ability to bind energies and stop someone from causing you harm. It successfully freezes your adversary.

In this article, I’ll teach you everything you wanted to know about Freezer Spells: what they are, why you’d cast one, a step-by-step tutorial, and I answer some frequently asked questions!

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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What is a Freezer Spell?

Freezer Spells are defensive and protective magic rooted in Hoodoo. They bind and freeze someone’s hurtful energy to stop them from harming you. In this type of spell, you write the person’s name and your intentions toward them on a piece of partition paper.

This paper is then placed in a container with water and frozen. As the water freezes, it forms a protective barrier between you and any toxic intentions. It will effectively neutralize potential harm.

Hoodoo is African-American magic. It is the spiritual tradition of the invisible institution. This is the term that was coined by the late religion historian Albert Raboteau to refer to the clandestine, sacred life of African-American people.

Yvonne Chireau – Black Magic Matters: Hoodoo as Ancestral Religion

Why Cast a Freezer Spell?

Casting a freezer spell is a powerful and easy way to banish someone who’s causing you trouble. Choosing this type of spell means you aren’t looking for any relationship with them anymore. These spells are particularly useful in situations where you’re past the point of communication.

For example, if you’re dealing with a difficult ex who refuses to move on, a freezer spell can help you remove their obnoxious energy from your life. Freezer spells are also useful against gossip or bullies who are making your life difficult. I’ve even heard of people using them to freeze their bills or other financial obligations!

Why Cast a Freezer Spell?

How to Cast a Freezer Spell Step-By-Step

Learning how to cast a freezer spell will help empower you in your spiritual practice. In this section, I’ll guide you step-by-step through this ritual. After this tutorial, you’ll be able to confidently do your own ritual!

Gather Your Supplies

This list only includes the basics needed for this spell. See the Enhancing Freezer Spells section below if you’d like to customize it or add additional intentions.

  • Small freezer-proof container that seals
  • Water
  • Petition Paper (a piece of paper)
  • Pen or marker (I love to incorporate color magic)

Popular small container options are Ziploc baggies, empty medicine bottles, water bottles, or Tupperware. I’ve seen some spiritual practitioners slice a lemon almost in half and wedge their petition paper inside so the intended person can deal with the bitter taste.

Prepare the Freezer Spell

To begin, I recommend cleansing the container in the method of your choice. Next, write their name on a small piece of paper. Write the full name if you know it, but a first name or nickname also works. If you know their birthday, add that as well.

Next you’ll want to write the intention you have for this freezer spell. If you’re unsure what to record, keep it simple and write leave me alone. When you’re done, fold the paper away from you as many times as possible.

Prepare the Freezer Spell

Adding Taglocks for Extra Power

At this point, you can include a taglock if you choose. A taglock is an item that represents the person or spiritual energy you’re targeting with the spell. It adds an extra layer of connection and focus to your ritual.

This can be a photograph, strand of hair, nail clippings, or personal item of your intended target. A taglock adds more layers of power and intention to your freezer spell.

When adding a taglock to your freezer spell, place it along with the petition paper inside the container before freezing. This ensures that the taglock’s energy is infused into the spell. Remember, the written intention and name on the petition paper alone are still highly effective.

Freeze the Spell

Place the paper with your intention into the small container and cover it with water. I like to put a small rock or something weighted to keep the paper down. As you do this, visualize your intentions and spiritual energy forming a protective barrier. Seal the container tightly and place it in the freezer.

I’d recommend placing it in the back of the freezer. This way, your freezer spell is out of sight and out of mind (similar to sigil magic). Some spiritual practitioners advise keeping it away from any food you’re going to consume. Instead, they bury the Freezer Spell outside. Bonus points if you do it during Winter when it freezes.

If you’re concerned about the spell backfiring on you, say “No negativity shall stay, only joy and peace come my way.”

How to Cast a Freezer Spell Step-By-Step

Enhancing Freezer Spells

Some spiritual practitioners add vinegar, peppercorn, paprika, tabasco, or red pepper flakes, similar to a Return to Sender Egg Cleanse. This is a popular technique on TikTok, where negative intentions are returned to the person who sent them.

I’ve even seen spiritual practitioners wrap tinfoil (with the shiny side facing inward) around their Freezer Spell, forcing the toxic person to face themselves. If you’re interested in something more friendly, you can add soothing herbs like lavender to help your intended target calm down and chill out.

Some practitioners enhance their freezer spells by incorporating Moon Water, which is water charged or infused with the moon’s energy. You can use any phase you like, but a popular choice is capturing Moon Water during a Waning Moon because it’s associated with banishing.

Adding pagan and witchcraft symbols to your petition paper adds another layer of symbolism and intent to your Freezer Spell. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

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How Long Do I Leave it in the Freezer?

You want to leave your spell in the freezer at least until it’s accomplished its purpose. The length of time could vary depending on the spell’s intention, complexity, and desired outcome.

You have a few options once you believe the spell has achieved its intended outcome. You can choose to continue leaving the spell in the freezer as an ongoing form of protection or spiritual energy containment.

However, if you no longer want to keep the spell in your freezer but want its energy to continue working, you can bury it in the ground. This allows the energy of the spell to continue working without undoing its effects.

Can I Put Multiple People in the Same Freezer Spell?

When casting a Freezer Spell, I typically recommend focusing on one person or intention at a time for the best results.

Trying to include multiple people in the same spell can dilute the intention, making it less effective. Giving individual attention to each target allows for a more focused and powerful spell.

How Do I Dispose of a Freezer Spell?

If your Freezer Spell is complete, and you want the spell to continue working, follow these steps to return the spiritual energy to the earth. I typically begin by taking the Freezer Spell out of the freezer and allowing it to thaw completely. Then, I dig a hole in the ground and pour the paper and liquid contents of the freezer spell into the hole.

If the container used for the spell is biodegradable, I place it in the hole as well. Otherwise, I throw it in the trash.

If I want to reverse the Freezer Spell, I follow similar steps. I take the petition paper out of the freezer and allow it to thaw. Once it dries out, I burn it to break its effect and neutralize its energy. I focus my intentions on undoing the spell’s intended outcome and returning things to their previous state before the spell was cast. Then, I dig a hole in the ground and pour in the liquid contents.

The difference between the two lies in the spiritual practitioner’s intention: releasing the spell’s energy (burying or disposing) versus actively undoing its effects (reversing).

Can I Do a Freezer Spell for Love?

No, freezer spells are not typically used for casting love spells because they’re meant to stop someone from harming you.

If you’d like to manifest love or cast a love spell, I recommend creating a Love Spell Candle. This ritual is designed to help you attract love and manifest positive romantic energy. You can also customize this ritual with herbs, oils, and romantic intentions.

What about the Wiccan Rede?

Wiccans follow the Wiccan Rede, which states, “If it harm none, do what you will.” This principle encourages spellcasting that doesn’t harm anyone. Wiccans adhere to the rule of three, which suggests that whatever energy or actions a person puts out into the world, positive or negative, will return to them times three. Due to this many Wiccan practitioners don’t do Freezer Spells.

However, I and many other types of witches believe a Freezer Spell is a type of defensive magic. You aren’t causing harm to someone; you’re protecting yourself and not allowing them to cause you harm.

This is in alignment with the ethical beliefs of many spiritual paths, which emphasize the importance of caring for oneself and others’ well-being while creating one’s own limits.

Most Wiccans accept the so-called Wiccan Rede, an ethical code that states, “If it harm none, do what you will,” and they reject cursing as unethical.

Britannica – Wicca religion

I hope you found this article about Freezer Spells helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…

stay peculiar


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