Love Spell Candle Magic Simple Steps to Spellbinding Love

Love Spell Candle Magic: Simple Steps to Spellbinding Love

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A love spell candle is an easy and simple ritual for beginner witches or other magical practitioners. A lit candle symbolizes and joins the physical world with the spiritual, and the right scent sets the stage for an enchanting ritual.

In this article, I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to create your own unique love spell candle. I’ll be discussing ethical concerns as well as how to choose a color. Popular choices are red, white, and pink, but I’ll help you choose what works for you!

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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What is a Love Spell Candle?

A love spell candle is simply a candle you place intentions of love into. By choosing colors, herbs, oils, and symbols that align with your intentions, you can create a unique candle with even more spiritual strength (similar to doing a cord-cutting ritual).

Love, in every form, is truly beautiful, making love spell candles LGBTQIA+ friendly and accessible to anyone. They’re also not limited to romantic love; they can represent self-love, love for family, friends, or any other form that resonates with the spiritual practitioner.

Your feelings, thoughts, and intentions have the power to shape your life. Once you light a love spell candle, its flame represents your hopes and dreams of love. Basically, a love spell candle bridges the gap between your desires and the power of the Otherworld.

What is a Love Spell Candle?

Responsible Love Spell Practices

Discussing love spells can be a touchy subject and is sometimes just downright taboo. Wiccan practitioners follow the rede: “If it harm none, do what you will.” They believe everything they send out, comes back to them times three.

However, not every spiritual practitioner feels this way, and it’s important to respect that as well. Most witches and spiritual practitioners approach spellcasting with a sense of responsibility. To ensure ethical spellcasting, remember to always consider consent and free will.

If you’re a beginner who is hesitant to try a love spell candle, I recommend you avoid naming a specific person. Instead, perform a love spell to bring passion, intimacy, and love into your life. This allows for an authentic relationship to materialize without compromising free will and consent.

How to Prepare a Love Spell Candle

When preparing your candle for a love spell, you can keep it simple or be over-the-top! It’s a bit of artistry, dreams, spiritual intention, and whatever candle magic means to you!

Every step outlined below infuses more of your spiritual energy and symbolism into the candle. Once you’ve prepared the candle, you’ll be ready to perform the love spell ritual.

Choose the Right Type of Candle

Selecting the right type of candle is an important first step in creating a powerful love spell. Every candle carries unique energies, colors, and spiritual properties. Combine all these with your magical gifts, and you have one powerful spell!

Different types of candles offer varying burn times, shapes, and sizes. The most frequently used options are Tapered Candles, Chime Candles, Tealights, Votive Candles, Birthday Candles, Pillar Candles, and Seven Day Candles.

Each type has its own charm and suitability for different rituals, so choose the one that resonates with you most! If you’d like more help choosing a type of candle, watch my detailed YouTube video:

SIMPLE CANDLE MAGIC | Beginner Basics and Types of Candles

YouTube video
If you’d like more help choosing a type of candle, watch my detailed YouTube video

Choosing a Love Spell Candle Scent

Scent always plays a significant role in any ritual work, and can create a lot of emotional intensity in your spell. Select a scent whose spiritual intentions align with your ritual. Here are a few popular choices designed to attract love, according to Scott Cunningham (see sources below).

Candle Colors for Love

Colors have specific vibrations and frequencies representing different meanings (Just like numbers and crystals). Your intentions will be amplified by adding color to your spells.

Colors are like the brushstrokes on the canvas of your spell, adding depth and dimension to your magical workings. By thoughtfully selecting a candle of a specific color, you align yourself with its corresponding energy and symbolism. Here are the most popular color choices for love spell candles.


Red is an excellent choice if your sex life needs a little encouragement or to represent the element fire. It’s connected to stamina, passion, and fearlessness; it’s a great addition to romance and seduction rituals.


The color pink corresponds with empathy, sensitivity, and emotional love without the sexual meanings linked to the color red. Pink also represents a variety of different types of love, such as love for children, family, or friends.


The color white is effective in driving out negative energy and bringing in happy vibes. It reduces anxiety and brings calming peace into your house or sacred space.

However, you can choose ANY color that resonates with you and your spiritual practice. I highly recommend you check out the post, Candle Color Meanings: The Best Spiritual Secret in Witchcraft, for more in-depth meanings.

Perform a Cleansing

Doing a cleansing is like giving your candle a fresh, clean slate. It clears away any lingering energies to make sure your candle aligns with your love spell intentions. Feel free to use the cleansing method of your choice.

I also suggest cleansing yourself too! Some popular options are sound, smoke, crystals, moon water, or an egg cleanse followed by a ritual bath.

Adding Symbols of Love

As I said above, adding symbols isn’t necessary; it simply infuses more of your spiritual energy and symbolism into the candle.

Personally, I love to include Norse Runes in my spells and rituals. I’d suggest using Gebo (often used for inscriptions of emotional or physical love) or Othala (represents family love), but again, it will depend on your specific intention.

You could also add a heart, the infinity symbol, or a lock and key to symbolize unlocking someone’s heart. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, you may choose to carve your love interest’s full name into the candle. Feel free to add any symbol that represents your love spell intentions or select from the many options I’ll add below.

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Anoint and Dress Your Love Spell Candle

Dressing a candle simply involves anointing it with oils, blood, or spit. If using oils, some options include coconut, olive, almond, jojoba, or grapeseed. However, a little goes a long way, so don’t use too much, or it will impact how it burns. Avoid using flammable substances like Florida Water.

As you rub the oil onto the candle’s surface, hold the candle in your hands and think about the love you want. This step forces you to concentrate on your desired outcome and connects your energy to the candle.


YouTube video
I highly recommend watching my YouTube video for a complete step-by-step tutorial!

Add Herbs

Next, you can choose to add herbs associated with love to your candle. This blends the natural energies of these herbs to the candle and aligns it with your spiritual intentions.

Herbs bring the earth’s energy and wisdom into your spell, creating a fusion of nature and magic. Here are a few popular herbal choices designed to attract love, according to Scott Cunningham (see sources below).

  • Lemon Balm
  • Basil
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger
  • Chamomile
Add Herbs to my candle ritual
Add Herbs to my candle ritual

Different Types of Candle Love Spells

In this section, I’ll show you three candle love spells for different intentions. This is to highlight a variety of possible love spell options.

Keep reading for three candle love spells: a Self-Love Pink Candle Love Spell, a Red Candle Love Spell for Romance, and the White Candle Love Spell: Moonlight’s Path to Healing.

Self-Love Pink Candle Love Spell

This pink candle is a self-love spell, allowing you to nurture your inner glow. Your most important relationship is with yourself, and this ritual will help you find love from within.

Gather Your Supplies

  • A pink taper or chime candle (scent is optional; rose and raspberry are popular choices for attracting love)
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A small, heat-resistant dish or plate (to burn your candle, I use a 6.5″ cast iron)
  • Rose quartz (represents unconditional love and kindness; great for self-healing)
  • Anointing oil of your choice (optional; I’d recommend sweet almond oil because almonds are connected to wisdom and prosperity; great for self-love and healing)
  • Anointing herbs of your choice (optional; I’d recommend chamomile, cinnamon, and/or jasmine due to their ability to attract love)

Cleanse Your Space

Find a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed. Cleanse your candle and sacred space in the method of your choice (see Perform a Cleansing section above for details).

If you want to dress your candle, grab your supplies. I listed some ideas to help get you started, but feel free to use whatever resonates with you. You can also decide to simply use a pink candle, and that’s okay, too!

Prepare Thy Love Spell Candle

Gently rub a small amount of your anointing oil onto the candle. Rub the oil from the top of the candle down to the bottom to call love toward you. Imagine the oil infusing the candle with self-love and feel the vibrations radiating into the candle. Notice how uplifting it feels when it touches your fingertips. Envision this energy flowing through your body.

Next, inscribe your chosen symbols to represent self-love into your candle. (see Adding Symbols of Love section above for additional ideas). You can also choose to carve words into the candle, such as empowerment, confidence, forgiveness, strength, peace, balance, freedom, wholeness, joy, or self-love.

Roll the candle in the herbs of your choice (see Anoint and Dress Your Love Spell Candle and Add Herbs section above for more details).

Begin Love Spell Ritual

Put the pink candle on the heat-resistant holder of your choice and light the candle. Place the rose quartz crystal close enough to safely absorb the energy of the candlelight’s glow.

Spend a few moments sitting quietly and observing the candle flame. Reach out to any ancestors or deities you work with. Imagine the candlelight’s self-love energy flowing into you. Say an affirmation of your choice; here are a few ideas:

  • I am confident, strong, and at peace with exactly who I am.
  • I am worthy of love and kindness.
  • I am the author of my story, and I choose to fill my pages with joy.
  • I am kind to myself, nurturing my body, mind, and soul.
  • I am the love I seek; everything begins with me.

Close the Ritual

Take a moment to thank the universe, deities, ancestors, or whoever you choose to work with. Allow the candle to burn down completely. The self-love energy now radiates from within you.

The Rose Quartz also contains this energy; use it whenever you need a boost of self-love. Use it while repeating your affirmation for additional strength.

Self-Love Pink Candle Love Spell

Red Candle Love Spell for Romance

This red candle love spell is designed to attract a passionate new romance or help rekindle old flames.

Gather Your Supplies

  • Two red tealight candles (unscented or scented is fine)
  • A lighter or matches
  • A heat-resistant holder or safe place to burn a candle
  • A handful of fresh cherries (maraschino or dried cherries would also work)
  • Ground cinnamon

Prepare Your Ritual

Find a quiet place to perform the ritual without interruptions. Place the candle holder or plate on the flat surface of your choice. Cleanse the area, candles, and cherries in the method of your choice (see Perform a Cleansing section above for details).

Sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon onto each tealight. Cinnamon is known for its association with love and attraction. Place the cherries around the red tealights.

Pro Tip: Try creating an erotic ambiance with sensual music, candles, or incense for additional intention and a relaxed mindset.

Begin Your Red Candle Love Spell

Light both red tealight candles. Visualize the cherries being infused with seductive and romantic energy from the candle flames. Repeat an affirmation of your choice until you intuitively feel ready to move on; here are a few ideas:

  • I attract romance, true love, and desire to my heart.
  • I radiate irresistible charm and intriguing allure; I easily draw love and romance into my life.
  • I attract partners who share my intensity for love and romance.
  • I’m skilled in the art of seduction. I create sparks of attraction wherever I go.
  • My heart is open and ready for true love.

Cherries of Seduction

Take one cherry and hold it in your hand. Close your eyes and visualize the energy of seduction, passion, and love flowing into the cherry. Feel its energy intensifying with each breath you take.

When you’re ready, slowly eat the cherry, savoring its flavor. Set the seed aside. As you do, feel the energy of seduction and love infusing into you. Repeat this step as many times as you intuitively need.

Allow yourself to reflect on the ritual, and enjoy the sensual energy you’ve invoked as the candles burn out. Carry the sensual energy of the cherries with you and remain open to new romantic encounters.

Red Candle Love Spell for Romance: Cherries of Seduction

A White Candle Love Spell: Moonlight’s Path to Healing

This spell is designed to weave forgiveness and emotional healing into the story of love. It’s meant to help soothe a wounded heart and improve a strained relationship.

Gather Your Supplies

  • A white votive candle (associated with healing, unity, peace, and truth)
    • (Scent is optional, but vanilla is a popular choice due to its association with attracting love.)
  • Previously created and drinkable Moon Water (a drinking glass full of the moon phase of your choice)
    • (I’d recommend the New Moon (associated with fresh starts and manifestation) or Dark Moon phase (connected to understanding, knowledge, and self-love)
  • Anointing oil of your choice (optional; I’d recommend grapeseed oil due to grapes’ association with the moon, water, and intellectual abilities, including enhanced communication.)
  • A lighter or matches

Prepare Your Sacred Space

Find a tranquil place to perform this ritual without interruptions. Place your white candle on a fire-safe and flat surface. Place your glass of Moon Water next to it. Cleanse the area in the method of your choice (see Perform a Cleansing section above for details); release negative and distracting thoughts.

Create a serene ambiance by dimming the lights or only using candlelight. Take deep breaths to let go of tension.

Charge The White Candle

Dab a small amount of grapeseed oil onto the top surface of the candle. Then, light the candle and hold it in your hands. Visualize the candle’s soothing and healing energy transferring into the glass of Moon Water.

Repeat an affirmation of your choice until you intuitively feel ready to move on; here are a few ideas:

  • Our love is stronger than any challenge we face, and it grows healthier every day.
  • We’re both open to healing, growth, and rediscovering the deep connection we share.
  • Our love is a journey, and we navigate it with empathy towards each other.
  • We are committed to healing our relationship and nurturing our love.
  • We are both worthy of love that heals, forgives, and flourishes.
  • I choose to see the beauty in our imperfections, for they make our love unique.

Candle’s Healing Light

Place the candle back on the flat surface next to the glass of Moon Water. Shift your gaze from the candle’s glow to the Moon Water. Allow your spiritual intentions of emotional healing to mingle with the candle’s glowing energy, as it spiritually seeps into the Moon Water.

Meditate quietly as the candle burns. Visualize the water shimmering with love, healing, and renewal. Do this for as long as you feel necessary. To clarify, you don’t need to do this the entire time the candle is burning.

Close The Ritual

Allow the candle to burn down completely. Sip from the glass of Moon Water until it’s empty. Allow the soothing healing energy to flow within you. Thank the moon for its healing energy.

You may also choose to share the moon-infused healing water with your partner so you can both feel it soothing your heart and soul.

Be patient! Healing takes time, and it’s definitely not linear. Allow the Moonlight’s Path to Healing, to encourage open communication, compassion, and healing in your relationship every day!

A White Candle Love Spell: Moonlight's Path to Healing

I hope you found this article on a Love Spell Candle helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…


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