Litha 2023: Summer Solstice Rituals and Spiritual Traditions

Summer Solstice and Litha

Step into a realm of magic and wonder as I unlock the secrets of Litha 2023, also known as the Summer Solstice! Embrace this pivotal moment as the sun reaches its peak, and enjoy the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere!

From the iconic Stonehenge gatherings to the joyous Wiccan ceremonies, this enchanting time invites you to explore the deep meaning behind this joyous and magical day. Let’s dive into the happy rituals and lovely traditions celebrated by witches, pagans, ad spiritual seekers!

Each season and celebration has its vibe and energy, and Litha and the Summer Solstice are no different! It’s got a punch of power and symbolism, and all we need to do is slow down and observe what Nature is showing us.

Many Pagans, Witches, and those interested in Nature Spirituality celebrate the seasonal cycles. Sometimes referred to as the Wheel of the Year, and consisting of eight celebrations. Four of these festivals (Imbolc, BeltaneLughnasadh, and Samhain) are rooted in Gaelic history and origins.

The other four (Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Winter Solstice) represent the sun’s location. I created a complete guide to each season, including history, traditions, symbols, correspondences, ritual ideas, and how you can celebrate.

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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When is Litha 2023?

The Summer Solstice, which is also referred to as Litha, is the longest day of the year. Many communities, notably those in Scandinavia, celebrate the Summer Solstice by observing Midsummer’s Eve as a festival and holiday.

In 2023 Summer Solstice lands on June 21st (Northern Hemisphere) and December 21st (Southern Hemisphere).

Litha 2023 Meaning During the Summer Solstice

During the Summer Solstice, it’s very easy to see and feel the pure joy and happiness all around us. Bees buzzing, birds singing, flowers in full bloom, and plenty of sunshine. It’s a time of positivity, growth, and creativity.

Now is the time to work hard to help bring the dreams, goals, and manifestations you created this last Winter to fruition. The Summer Solstice is a true celebration of Nature! Mother Earth is at its peak and blossoming.

The Summer Solstice celebrates the power of the sun reaching its peak. From this point on, the darkness will overtake the light, and daylight will fade a bit earlier each day. Soon the nights will grow longer, and the days shorter.

The question of whether the ancient people celebrated Summer Solstice has long sparked heated controversy among current Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, and spiritual practitioners.

While there’s scholarly evidence to indicate that it was indeed observed, there were suggestions made by Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Wicca, that the solar festivals (the solstices and equinoxes) were actually added later and imported from the Middle East.

Regardless of the origins, many modern Wiccans and other Pagans do choose to celebrate Litha every year in June.

Wigington, Patti. “Litha History – Celebrating the Summer Solstice.” Learn Religions, Feb. 11, 2020,
Litha 2023 Lavender Field

Litha 2023 Traditions and Celebrations

Many cultures have celebrated the Summer Solstice in one way or another. They may have had different gods and goddesses or had their own traditions, but they celebrated it nonetheless.

The Summer Solstice is a happy occasion. Fire is at the center of the celebration as it represents the sun, but the water was also honored. Many would travel to sacred wells and waters to worship. The Summer Solstice is the end of the planting season; the next three Pagan holidays focus on harvesting.

Litha and Summer Solstice Correspondences

Litha and Summer Solstice correspondences are very helpful when creating an altar, doing ritual work, meal planning, or decorating your home for the summer season. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Litha Colors

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Light Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • White

Litha Greenery

  • Basil
  • Bay Leaves
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Chamomile
  • Mugwort
  • Vervain
  • Rose
  • Honeysuckle
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Yarrow
  • Calendula
  • Sunflower
  • Star Jasmine
  • Marigold
  • Oak
  • Cinnamon
  • Elder

Litha Food

(typically any fresh fruit or veggie that’s in season)

  • Honey
  • Berries
  • Cheese
  • Lemonade
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Sun Tea
  • Honey cakes
  • Mead / Ale / Wine
  • Whipped cream
  • Ice Cream


  • Bees
  • Cow
  • Butterfly
  • Dragonfly
  • Horse
  • Summer birds (Wren, Robin, Hawks, Eagles, Swallows, etc)

Crystals for Litha 2023

  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Sunstone
  • Orange or Green Calcite
  • Carnelian
  • Citrine
  • Amber
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Diamond
  • Pearl
  • Quartz
  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Copper (metal)

Litha Symbols

  • Sun (or simple circles to represent this solar energy)
  • Fire / Bonfire / Balefire
  • Sun Wheel
  • Sunflower
  • Phoenix
  • Fae
  • Herbs
  • Summer flowers
  • Rose
  • Spirals

Summer Solstice Meaning and Spiritual Intentions

  • Love
  • Life
  • Light
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Healing /Health
  • Growth
  • Empowerment
  • Fertility
  • Power
  • Success
  • Prosperity
  • Purity
  • Warmth


(incense, candles, or oils)

  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Lemon
  • Rose
  • Mint / Spearmint
  • Jasmine
  • Rosemary
  • Verbena
  • Coconut
  • Orange
  • Any floral scent

Gods / Goddesses / Spiritual Energy Representations

  • Gaia
  • Aestas (Roman)
  • Aine (Celtic)
  • Brigantia (Celtic)
  • Venus (Roman)
  • Aphrodite (Greek)
  • Apollo (Greek/Roman)
  • Zeus and Thor (Thunder Gods)
  • Ra (Egyptian)
  • Greenman
  • Oak King
  • Anuket (Egyptian)
  • Benten (Japanese)
  • Any other sun Gods/Goddesses
Litha 2023 Spiritual Correspondences

Litha 2023 and Summer Solstice Rituals

The Summer Solstice is a time of year steeped in magic and mystery. If you’re not sure how to celebrate, you might be feeling left out.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, simply go outside and enjoy the sun. Take a few minutes during your lunch break or over the weekend. It’s okay if it’s not exactly on Summer Solstice. Remember to enjoy the whole season, not just one day!

Visit a Sacred Site

Stonehenge has its own interesting history that I won’t get into in this post, but it is perfectly positioned so the rays of the sun directly light up during the Summer and Winter Solstice. It’s believed that solstices have been celebrated there for thousands of years.

Stonehenge will be streaming the Summer Solstice live in 2023, and you can check it out here!

There are other places around the world that align with the sun this time of year. For example, I was fortunate enough to visit the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico, a few years back. One of the temples was designed and built with the Summer Solstice in mind, and the building floods with morning sunshine.

Please know that any space that is sacred or special to you will be a great place to connect spiritually for your Summer Solstice celebration.

Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico
A photo I took of the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico
Here I am in Tulum Mexico 2012!
Here I am in Tulum Mexico 2012!

Create a Flower Crown

A very popular summer tradition is creating your own flower crowns! You can do this with any type of flower you choose! Sunflowers, daisies, roses, lavender, marigolds, yarrow, honeysuckle, dandelions, I could go on and on! Pick your favorites and get creative!

If you’d like to create one you can use again later, feel free to go to a local hobby store and use faux flowers like I did (pictured below) on my wedding day!

Photo of me on my wedding day wearing my faux flower crown

Divination Work

Divination work of all kinds is wonderful to do during Litha 2023. This holiday has a lot of intentions centered around love, but you call really ask about anything or just see what comes up.

A few divination suggestions include:

Welcome and Greet the Sunrise

It’s customary to welcome the sun on the morning of the Summer Solstice. I typically like to lay a blanket down in my backyard (and remember to turn the sprinklers off). I sit in a comfortable meditative position facing east. You can also do this near an open window if you don’t have a backyard.

Don’t get hung up on the details, do what works best for you and set your intentions for the day. Think of all the things you are grateful for, including the glimmering sunlight. Let it wash across your face and body and fill you with warmth, energy, and glowing radiance.

Watch the Sunset

I’m definitely a morning person, but I’m quite aware not everyone is. You can still do a similar process for greeting the sunrise noted above. Why not sit facing west outside on a blanket or an open window and thank the sun for its warmth and beauty?

Watch the Sunset

Gather Wildflowers

What a glorious way to enjoy a nature walk! Collecting wildflowers and natural items. Use them to make wreaths, flower crowns, garlands, mandalas, on your altar, or simply place them in a vase.

Not only is this a great way to connect with the earth, but it’s also a therapeutic way to relieve stress and recharge your batteries.

Thunder, Lightning, and Epic Rainstorms

This time of year we can get some epic thunder, lightning, and rainstorms here in Idaho! They always make me feel incredibly grounded and strong.

I’ve always found it odd that people can just go about their lives during a powerful thunderstorm. I’m really not sure how people can go on working like nothing that interesting is happening. I love to stop what I’m doing and fully enjoy them. Maybe even light a few candles.

Anyways….why not capture that powerful energy? Place a mason jar or cup outside to catch the rain. You can drink it right away or use it in your Summer Solstice rituals or celebrations.

If possible, I love to meditate during powerful storms. I can feel the energy flowing into me and it strengthens my meditation.

Thunderstorm in the distance of a farmland

Solar Powered Water

You place water beneath the moonlight to create Moon Water, don’t you? Why not also capture the wonderful powerful energy of the sun as well? You can use your Sun Water in rituals, blessings, or any Summer Solstice celebration.

I often add tea bags, fresh herbs, or citrus slices (oranges, lemons, limes) to mine for a delicious sun tea! It’s so refreshing and fills me up with that fresh solar energy! Plus it’s a lovely way to incorporate the natural abundance all around us right now. Get creative and use the correspondences above for inspiration!

If you’re looking for more ways to use solar water, check out this post on 50 Creative Ways to Use Moon Water, because you can many of these ideas still apply!

Now may also be a wonderful time to connect with the spiritual energy of June’s Strawberry Moon!

Solar Summer Solstice Ritual

There are a variety of ways you can do this. You can simply spend some time outside, tend your garden, or enjoy a meal alfresco style!

I personally enjoy doing this mini ritual:

Go somewhere outdoors where it’s quiet enough you can concentrate and feel peaceful. This can be by a lake, at a public park, in a forest, or in your backyard. Sit upright or lay back and close your eyes.

Feel the sun’s warmth, energy, and power cover your skin. Feel it absorb through your skin and into you. Imagine the sunlight’s golden energy filling you up. Allow the sun’s power to flow into you! You can also use this as a way to connect with your solar plexus chakra!

I like to spend some time meditating quietly once I’m done with this ritual. Afterward, I always feel so connected to Nature and powered up. It’s a lovely way to align with the sun and earth’s energy.

Sometimes I say a simple chant (out loud or in my head) such as:

I feel the power of the Summer Solstice sun enter my soul, body, and spirit.

It’s energy is connected to the universe and helps me carry the hopes, dreams, and energies of my ancestors who came before me.

I am grateful for the wonder and beauty of Nature around me, and to the sun for the life it gives to this earth.

I’ll now go forward with humility, compassion, power, and kindness in my heart.

Amanda – The Peculiar Brunette

Feel free to keep this as simple or complex as you’d like!

Solar Summer Solstice and Litha 2023 Meditation Ritual

A Gift of Green

Do you have an abundance of herbs or flowers growing in your garden? Why not share the bounty with a neighbor, friend, or loved one?

Gather a bunch of herbs or flowers and tie them together with a beautiful ribbon. Maybe even add a tag with a nice note to tell them how much you appreciate them. Rosemary, mint, lavender, roses, or basil would be wonderful this time of year!

Create a Powerful Solar Sigil

Making a sigil is the process of creating a symbol or image to bring a desire to fruition through your subconscious mind. Incorporating sigil magic into your practice can take your spirituality to the next level.

There are many different ways to create sigils and the Summer Solstice is a fabulous time to create and charge a sigil with the energy of the sun for power and protection! This is also a spectacular time to do this with any amulets, charms, or talismans you have.

On Litha, charge them with the strength of the sun or fire. You can do this next to or over your bonfire, under the sun, or even held above a candle or incense.

Pictorial Sigil example I am always changing and growing
Pictorial Sigil example

Summer Solstice Fire Celebration

Fire is one of my favorite ways to honor the Summer Solstice and it’s one of the oldest traditions! Now is a lovely time to incorporate the magic element of fire into your spiritual practice.

A bonfire is such a lovely and fun way to celebrate! You can invite friends and family over and enjoy s’mores. The wonderful energy of laughter and love can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. This is the time of year to indulge in that!

You can also burn a combination of herbs and flowers to toss into the flames. Consider your intentions or wishes and choose accordingly. I also keep the correspondences listed above in mind but don’t let those limit you. Sometimes simple is best and can be very magical.

Another option is to burn your Yule wreaths, garland, or decor you made for Yule. Since we are currently opposite the Winter Solstice on the Wheel of the Year, it’s a fitting time to do so.

Why not also cook your meal in the fire? A delicious meal from the grill is not only easy and a quick clean-up, but incorporates that lovely fire energy straight into your food! We like to grill steaks and some foil-wrapped veggies (mixed with garlic of course), or corn on the cob! Yum!

summer solstice and litha bonfire

Create Your Own Prayer Flags

Prayer flags are so beautiful, interesting, and incredibly spiritual. Why not create your own with your own symbols and meaningful colors?

Begin Again or Start Fresh

Now is the time of abundance and prosperity! Why not start a new business, hobby, habit, or start trying for a baby if that aligns with your goals?

You can also honor your garden by spending a bit of time weeding! If you’re passionate about Kitchen Magic, now is an excellent time to bake sun-themed treats – pies, cupcakes, cake, cookies, cake pops, or even some homemade ice cream!

Create or Buy a Suncatcher

As a young girl, I absolutely adored having a suncatcher in my window. I loved the beautiful rainbows shining on my bedroom walls and ceiling. Now can be a great time to hang one in your window, or a great DIY with your kids!

Cool Down and Refresh

Depending on where you live, it can be incredibly hot outside. So hot you feel like you’re going to melt. However, you don’t want to be cooped up inside with your air conditioner.

Take a break from the heat and jump into a cool body of water. It’s the perfect way to cool down AND have some fun. Swim in a lake, pool, stream, or in the ocean! The water will refresh you and help you stay cool during these dog days of summer.

Cool Down and Refresh

Litha 2023 Decoration Ideas

The Summer Solstice is an important marker of the year, but it seems to be passing by faster and faster each year. How can you make the most of this short season?

Celebrate Summer Solstice with fun and festive decoration ideas! From outdoor parties to colorful centerpieces, these ideas will help you get in the summer spirit.

  • Mirrors or Suncatchers – these are a great way to direct and reflect sunlight. Not only are they beautiful, but are awesome for ritual work
  • Solar Lights – A wonderful way to keep that sun energy going into the night! You can place it in your garden or on your back porch. I have one on my kitchen windowsill!
  • Create a flower garland or wreath – If you made a flower crown, why not decorate your home and hearth as well? Making flower garlands or even buying a bouquet of flowers from the store can add so much beauty to your space and be an instant mood lifter. Create a wreath from anything you may have collected from nature walks or feel free to create a faux wreath with items purchased at a craft store.
  • Candles – I always decorate with candles….lots of candles (this is a fire celebration after all). You can burn any color you like, but if you’re looking for ideas consider the corresponding colors listed above.
  • Lights – Don’t keep your lights put away for Winter Solstice only! Fairy lights, outdoor lights, or holiday string lights are a wonderful way to incorporate light into your home, altar, or outdoor space.
  • Connet with the Fae – The veil is still thin with the Fae world this time of year. Ever wonder why Shakespeare incorporated them into a Midsummer Night’s Dream? Learn more about Fae Mythology and leave some offerings for them outside? They love honey, mead, flowers, and herbs. You can also learn more about the different types of Fae.

Summer Solstice Spiritual Journal Prompts

The summer solstice is a time of celebration and growth, but it can also be a time of spiritual reflection.

Why not use the summer solstice as an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual journey and set some goals for the rest of the year? Here is some Summer Solstice spiritual journal prompts to help get you started!

  1. Write down any recipes or infusions you’d like to create with in-season, herbs, flowers, and veggies.
  2. Write down the results of any rune casting, pendulum, tarot spread, or any divination work you’ve done. Do you see any recurring themes or a big picture message?
  3. Now is a great time to connect with or leave offerings for the Fae. Write down what you did and what you experienced.
  4. Were your goals, dreams, and manifestations from Winter realistic? Do you think you’ll be able to accomplish them?
  5. Imagine it’s the upcoming Winter season, what one goal can you accomplish now, that your future Winter-self will be so grateful that you did?
  6. Write down any rituals you like to do or participate in for Litha or Summer Solstice.
  7. Junes’ full moon is the Strawberry moon – talk about the history, meaning, and how you celebrate.
  8. Press any flowers, herbs, or leaves you may have from your garden or collected on a nature walk and put those in your book. You could also use them as a stamp by painting one side and pressing it onto the journal or grimoire page.
  9. Reflect and write about how old beliefs and folklores influence modern traditions today
  10. Summer is the season of prosperity and abundance. Write about a few positive things you are grateful for. What will you do to bring more of these things into your life?
  11. Do you have a Litha or Summer Solstice altar? What do you like to put on it?
  12. Do you have any seasonal family recipes you love to make this time of year? Any stories or memories you have making them?
  13. Summer is when the sun is most powerful and strong, and so are you! What are you most proud of that you’ve accomplished? What do you love about yourself?
  14. What color correspondences do you find meaningful this time of year and why?

If you get too busy, keep it simple. Soak up the sun with some friends, play by the water, drink, eat, laugh, and celebrate the earth, sun, love, and life!

I hope you found this post about Litha 2023 and the Summer Solstice helpful! Lots of love to you and remember as always…

stay peculiar, the Peculiar Brunette logo

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