Worm Full Moon March 2022 Spiritual Meaning and Beautiful Rituals

March Full Worm Moon Spiritual Intentions

March’s Moon cycle is considered the final Moon of Winter. The Spring season is upon us and with it, new life and excitement. The Worm Moon spiritual meaning reflects the fresh starts taking place everywhere you look!

Tiny buds are pushing their way up through the earth, filling your heart and soul with pure joy. Birds, squirrels, and other critters scurry about and you wonder if they feel the same hope and anticipation you do.

Whether physically or metaphorically, it’s time to plant seeds that we can harvest and reap the rewards of later this year. What hard work and energy can you do now to help out your future self? This is the time to get deeply detailed on what your goals are, and harness focused energy towards your specific goal.

Every full moon has its own name based on the month or the season in which it appears. Creating a name for each full Moon allowed for people to reflect on each season and to contemplate how it affects us AND the natural world around us. There can be some variation on the full Moon names due to the origins from whence they came. You can find them rooted in European (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic) and Native American history. I created a guide to each Full Moon complete with their meanings and how you can celebrate.

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March Full Worm Moon - tiny Spring buds pushing their way up through the earth

When is the Full Moon in March 2022?

In 2022, March’s Full Moon is called the Worm Moon and occurs on March 18th and reaches its peak at 3:17 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

What is the Worm Moon Spiritual Meaning?

As the days continue to grow longer and brighter, earthworms begin to make an appearance as the soil warms and softens. Birds, enthralled with new feeding opportunities, descend upon them. More evidence that Spring is close at hand. During these spirited days in March, we celebrate the Full Worm Moon.

These small signs indicate the dark cold days are ending and a new season is now beginning. Earth is awakening from its deep Winter rest.

March’s Full Worm Moon spiritual meaning is full of optimism, hope, and new beginnings.

Depending on the year, there may be a seasonal Blue Moon and in that case, the Worm Moon would take place after the Spring Equinox.

In some years, however, when the winter season comprises four Full Moons instead of the usual three, the last Full Moon before the equinox is a Blue Moon and the Worm Moon falls after the equinox.

Time and Date
spiritual meaning full worm moon

Alternative Names

  • Storm Moon
  • Crow Moon (crows cawing signaling the end of Winter)
  • Spring Moon
  • Buffalo dropping their calves Moon
  • Moon of winds
  • Crust Moon
  • Sore eye moon
  • Sap Moon (Depending on the region, maple syrup is typically tapped from early to mid-March)
  • Lenten Moon (European origination that corresponds with the Christian observance of Lent which is celebrated before Easter)

The [Native American] tribes more to the south called this the Worm Moon after the earthworm casts that appear as the ground thaws. It makes sense that only the southern tribes called this the Worm Moon.

When glaciers covered the northern part of North America they wiped out the native earthworms. After these glaciers melted about 12,000 years ago the more northern forests grew back without earthworms. The earthworms in these areas now are mostly invasive species introduced from Europe and Asia.


For a list of even more Native American Moon names check out American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association’s article here or Western Washington University’s article here.

When is the Paschal Moon?

The Paschal (pass-kl) Full Moon helps to determine the date of the Christian celebration of Easter. The holiday celebration always occurs on the Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox.

In 2022, the Spring Equinox takes place AFTER March’s Full Worm Moon on March 20th. So April’s Pink Moon on the 16th is the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, which makes Easter land on April 17th.

March full Storm Moon, Sap Moon, Spring Moon, Lenten Moon Spiritual Meaning

Worm Moon Correspondences

The spiritual meaning of March’s Worm Full Moon is a powerful time for hopeful intentions, magic, and a lovely time for meditation. To get you started, here are some spiritual correspondences and intentions!

Spiritual Intentions

  • Hopeful intentions
  • Inspiration
  • New growth
  • Rebirth
  • Fertility
  • Motivation
  • Good luck
  • Optimism
  • Idealism
  • Purification (cleansing of the stagnant and old energy)


  • Green
  • Pastel Pink
  • Lilac purple
  • Yellow

How To Celebrate and Ritual Ideas

Here are a few Worm moon rituals, intentions, and magical ideas to help you celebrate March’s full Moon.


The practice of journaling during each full moon lets you also observe short-term (monthly) goals and reflections. Take some time to ruminate on your life right now. What are you most proud to have accomplished? What goals would you still like to achieve? These intentions can be big or small. What challenges are you facing and what is your plan to overcome them?

Writing is a beautiful habit and it’s fascinating to reflect back on. To see how your thoughts and opinions may have changed or stayed the same. It can also help you slow down and observe your current situation. To be present in this moment.

Storm Water

March’s Full Moon is also known as the Storm Moon due to the more frequent thunder, lightning, and rainstorms that occur during March.

Collect powerful and potent stormwater with any jars or bowls you prefer. You can use the stormwater to cleanse your crystals, tools, ritual work, on your altar, or use it to make Moon Water.

Contemplate the various rainwater uses depending on the type of storm. A calm and serene drizzle carries an entirely different mood and energy than an intense lightning storm. How can you use these differently for cleansing, meditation, rituals, or to consume?

Storm Moon Water Spiritual Meaning

Creating A Balance in Your Life

During March we are very close to the Spring Equinox. Acknowledge and honor this by finding ways to incorporate balance into your life.

YouTuber, Sunny Lenarduzzi, has five F’s tattooed on her arm to symbolize her biggest values. They stand for Faith, Family, Finance, Friends, and Fitness.

I encourage you to ruminate on your biggest values and intentions. What can you do to incorporate more time focused on your biggest priorities? Better yet, what can you eliminate? Simplify, simplify, simplify! You can accomplish so much more by honing in on a few things, rather than everything!

Start Seedlings or Seed Bombs

You’ve spent the Winter planning and preparing, now is your opportunity to begin! Depending on where you live, March can be a fantastic time to start some seedlings!

You could also create some seed bombs to place intentions into and give as a gift or place in your own garden. A popular choice is wildflowers, but feel free to pick your favorite! All you need is air dry clay, potting soil, and seeds!

Optimistic Pursuits

The Full Worm Moon is a season of pure potential and enthusiasm! Right now is an outstanding time to pursue big goals, like a new job, starting a new business, financial intentions, etc.

Start the ball rolling on your big dreams, but don’t overdo it! You don’t want to burn out! Big life changes occur with a series of small steps and now is your opportunity to plant those seeds!

Have you been wanting to change your employment situation? Get your resume current and up to date and get clear on what companies you’d prefer to work for.

What about starting your own business? What are some small steps you can take now, that will really help you out in the future? Maybe starting a website for your business, applying for your EIN, or opening your business checking account.

If you’ve been wanting to take control of your finances or learn a new skill, start educating yourself! Sign up for a class, read books by experts, or watch some YouTube videos!

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I hope you enjoy March’s Worm Moon spiritual meaning, lots of love to you, and remember as always…

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