Full Moon November 2022: The Spiritual Meaning Behind the Beaver Moon

November Full Beaver Spiritual Meaning

The 2022 Full Beaver Moon of November helps us say goodbye to the past year and start to turn our focus toward self-reflection. It’s a time to let go of the past and move forward toward new dreams and intentions.

November is sometimes regarded as the beginning of the New Year because it follows the harvest season of Samhain and Halloween. Now can be a good time to start abandoning negative thoughts and bad habits you’d like to shed or be rid of. Embrace this new season while breaking free of these impediments holding you back.

Every full moon has its own name based on the month or the season in which it appears. Creating a name for each full Moon allowed people to reflect on each season and how it affects them AND the natural world. There can be some variation on the Full Moon names due to the origins from whence they came.

Most Full Moon names are English translations of Native American names, others are rooted in Celtic, European (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic), and more recent Neo-Pagan origins. I created a guide to each Full Moon, complete with their meanings and how you can celebrate

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When is the Full Moon in November 2022?

In 2022, November’s Full Moon is called the Beaver Moon and occurs on November 8th; reaching its peak at 6:02 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

September, October, and November’s Full Moons are a bit different than other months. November’s Full Moon is typically known as the Beaver Moon. However, occasionally it’s referred to as the Hunter Moon if the Harvest Moon landed in October.

Beaver Moon Spiritual Correspondences and Rituals

Beaver Moon Spiritual Meaning

The most popular name for November’s Full Moon is the Beaver Moon. Named after the diligent beavers who are eagerly completing their lodges and food stores for the cold Winter season ahead. However, beavers stay active all Winter long, even when ice covers the water’s surface.

November was also a time beavers were trapped by humans for their thick and beautiful fur pelts. Their fur is typically oily and waterproof, which was valued during cold weather.

November’s Beaver Moon spiritual meaning symbolizes the beaver’s ability to be the architects and creators of their own life. This is something we can all endeavor to be! Use the Beaver Moon as a final motivating push before Winter to create action and transformation in your life.

Now is a time to finish the goals and intentions that are most important to you before Winter is officially here. Figure out what dams you need to create to stop draining or negative energy from influencing your physical and spiritual well-being.

Will November’s 2022 Full Moon Have A Total Lunar Eclipse?

Yes! November’s Beaver Moon will have a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse! This will also be the last TOTAL lunar eclipse for 3 years. While we will have partial eclipses, another total eclipse will not be until March 14th, 2025.

Those of you in North America can check out the lunar eclipse around 6 AM Eastern Standard Time (pay attention to the time zones). The Moon should be visible to the naked eye in the western skyline without a telescope or binoculars (although they help you see more detail).

It will also be visible in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North and Central America. Those of you in Alaska and Hawaii should see various stages of the eclipse.

During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon will take on a scarlet color. Due to this phenomenon, lunar eclipses are sometimes referred to as Blood Moons.

The same phenomenon that makes our sky blue and our sunsets red causes the Moon to turn red during a lunar eclipse. It’s called Rayleigh scattering.

Light travels in waves, and different colors of light have different physical properties. Blue light has a shorter wavelength and is scattered more easily by particles in Earth’s atmosphere than red light, which has a longer wavelength.

…During a lunar eclipse, the Moon turns red because the only sunlight reaching the Moon passes through Earth’s atmosphere. The more dust or clouds in Earth’s atmosphere during the eclipse, the redder the Moon will appear. It’s as if all the world’s sunrises and sunsets are projected onto the Moon. [special shout out to whoever wrote that epic line]

NASA – What You Need to Know About the Lunar Eclipse

November Full Moon Alternative Names

  • Little Winter Moon (Tahch’asap’aratohku) Tunica – Native American origins
  • Mourning Moon – if November’s Moon is the last Full Moon before the Winter Solstice, it’s known as the Mourning Moon.
  • Milk Moon – pre-colonial South Africa (source: Centre for Astronomical Heritage)
  • Leaf Fall Moon (Yapa Huktugere Nuti) Catawba – Native American origins
  • Darkest Depths Moon – Celtic origins
  • Moving Inside for Winter – Kalapuya Native American origins
  • Slaughter or Butcher month – Norse origins (source: Nordic Culture – Skjalden)
  • Much White Frost on Grass – Algonquin Native American origins

For a list of even more Native American Moon names, check out American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association’s article here or Western Washington University’s article here.

November Frost Moon Spiritual Correspondences

Beaver Moon Spiritual Correspondences

The spiritual meaning of November’s Beaver Full Moon is a powerful time for reflection, celebrations, meditation, and ritual magic. To get you started, here are some correspondences and intentions!

Beaver Moon Spiritual Meaning and Intentions

  • Protection
  • Release
  • Cleansing
  • Empathy
  • Transformation
  • Preparation


  • Midnight blue
  • Dark purple
  • Sage green
  • Grey
Moon When Winter Begins Spiritual Intentions

2022 November Beaver Moon Spiritual Journal Prompts

  • Take some time to consider what you may have that others do not. Was there a time when you wished for what you have now? What are you grateful for?
  • What’s your favorite way to distract yourself while also making you feel incredibly happy?
  • Imagine you’ve suddenly become the dream version of yourself; you’re who you’ve always wanted to become. Describe in detail what that looks like, feels like, and what that looks like on a daily basis. What are you prioritizing? What can you change now to become that dream version of yourself?
  • Who are you if everything was taken away from you (items, career, titles, etc.)?
  • A common misconception about spirituality is that you must always be positive, highly vibrational, and happy. However, it’s not wrong or un-spiritual to feel the full range of emotions at any given time. Write down your thoughts and opinions on this statement.

How To Celebrate and Ritual Ideas For The Full Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon symbolizes a time of release, protection, and cleansing. To help get you started, here are a few Beaver moon rituals, intentions, and magical ideas to help you celebrate November’s full moon.

Winter Hibernation

The bears, squirrels, and beavers are all preparing for Winter, and we can also embrace these plans and intentions. Contemplate what brings you joy and comfort. How can you surround yourself with people and items that will soothe you and lift your spirits during the dark and cold months ahead?

Work towards finishing the goals most important to you before Winter is officially here. Winter’s peaceful and quiet days are almost upon us, and it’s time to complete your to-do list so you can fully embrace this beautiful season.

Spend some time outside, even if it’s a short walk. Use your senses to observe all the messages Nature is giving you to start slowing down for Winter.

Banishing Ritual

Release fears, baggage, and worries that are keeping you from moving forward. What bad habits have you been continuing that are affecting your physical or mental health?

Make a list on a piece of paper and then burn each one under the light of the Full Beaver Moon to eliminate these worries from your life. Make sure to use something fire safe, I prefer to use this small cast iron skillet.

Additionally, use the 2022 Full Moon of November as a time to donate or throw away items that don’t bring you joy. Don’t feel the need to hold onto an item out of guilt or fear.

I’ve held onto gifts I didn’t want or like for years, worried the giver might notice it’s gone when they come to my home. It wasn’t until my sister asked me, “How many times have you been to someone’s house and gone looking for a gift you gave them?”

I’d never thought of it that way, and ever since, it’s made purging and decluttering much easier. Your home isn’t a place to store guilt or negative feelings, it’s a place for joy and happiness.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

With more time spent indoors and the holiday season on its way, why not learn a new skill or hobby? If you’re feeling uncertain and need ideas, review your New Year’s resolutions, intentions, or goals for this year. What would you love to try? Maybe something you could give away as gifts to loved ones?

After you’ve figured out what you’d like to learn, check out books from the library (one of the most magical places on earth), join some Facebook groups, or watch YouTube videos to learn techniques or tips. Have fun with it!

Get Bored

This is difficult to start with, but ultimately a very rewarding activity. Challenge yourself to be bored. Go completely technology-free, with no television, internet, social media, music, or phones. Eliminate any of your normal “go-to” entertainment ideas or distractions. Don’t read anything and don’t talk to anyone. Just sit quietly and let your thoughts wander. Allow yourself to daydream. Do this for 15 or 20 minutes.

Being bored gets our creative juices flowing. When we’re free from distractions and don’t have immediate gratification, we start to think about ideas, projects, or creative activities we’d like to work on.

Maybe you’ll think of someone you’ve really been wanting to talk to. There are so many possibilities; who knows what you’ll come up with?! The possibilities are endless if you just give yourself some time. THEN ACTUALLY DO IT! Be fully present while you do so. Slow down, immerse yourself, and fully enjoy this moment.

Self Care November

Soon the holiday season will limit your time and maybe even add some stress. Find a way to replenish yourself and unwind. This will help you center yourself and prepare for the long cold months ahead. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Physical
    • Sleep in late
    • Guided meditation
    • Go for a walk outside
    • Wash your bed so you can enjoy nice clean sheets
    • Drink plenty of water
  • Creative and Emotional
    • Journal (try using the prompts above to get you inspired)
    • Start or finish a project you’ve been meaning to work on
    • Do something you used to love as a kid
    • Cook a meal from scratch
  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Hygge (find ways to engage all five senses)
    • Drink herbal tea
    • Create a music playlist that makes you happy. Bonus points if it makes you want to dance.
    • Buy yourself flowers and arrange them to your liking in a vase
    • Take a bath with bubbles
    • Movie or TV show marathon complete with snacks, drinks, and cozy clothes
  • Socially
    • Make a coffee date with your best friend
    • Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile
    • Have friends over for a potluck or bonfire
    • Reach out to someone you find inspiring and tell them why you admire them
    • Pick up the bill for a stranger

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I hope this post about the spiritual meaning of the 2022 November Beaver Moon is helpful! Lots of love to you, and remember, as always…

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