50 Creative Ways to Use Moon Water

50 Creative Ways to Use Moon Water

So you’ve made some Moon water, now what for the love of Hecate are you going to do with it? Here are 50 creative ways you can add Moon Water into your daily life!

If you’re wondering what Moon Water is, it’s water that’s been charged with the energy of the Moon. It can be placed under any phase of the moon you’d like depending on what your intentions to use it are!

You can even pack an extra punch by placing it under the moon during an eclipse, meteor showers, or during certain full moons. It’s basically Holy water for those interested in Paganism, witchcraft, or Nature Spirituality!

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout AND at the bottom of this article.

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  1. Add to Tea or Coffee – BOOM charged and a magical start or end to the day
  2. Drink it straight before a stressful day or starting a new project
  3. Add a bit to your smoothies to help you set your intentions and start your day
  4. Add to bathwater or do a shower rinse
  5. Water your plants
  6. Add to ice cube trays and use them in your drinks. You can also add some herbs or flowers of choice based on your intentions.
  7. Make your own perfume by mixing Moon Water with essential oils
  8. Anointing oils (you can even anoint money to invite wealth)
  9. Fill a vase and place flowers in it
  10. Add to clothes in the washing machine
  11. Add to a spray bottle for cleaning your home. Mix white vinegar and moon water in a 50/50 mix. Add orange, lemon peels, rosemary, lavender, or whatever you choose! Great for cleansing, protection, and purifying your home!
  12. You could also make a smokeless sage mist – adding essential oils (sage, rosemary, lavender, etc.) This is great for those who can’t stand the smell of burning sage
  13. Scrying or Divination in a black bowl
  14. Activate your Sigils
  15. Add it to your cooking and infuse it into your meal! Great to cook pasta and rice with!
  16. Use with your altar – float altar candles on it, add them to an offering bowl, or cleanse your altar space
  17. Put in your pet’s water bowl or fish tank to help protect them
  18. Use for cleansing Crystals, Tarot Cards, Pendulums, or Norse Runes
  19. Watercolor painting or in your artwork/crafts. You could also use it in your Book of Shadows / Grimoire / Journal.
  20. Face mist – I especially like doing this in the summer. I add some herbs or essential oils to this and put them in the fridge. It feels so refreshing to put on your face during the hot summer months!
  21. Make your own fabric refresher with Moon Water and essential oils! Spray it on anything with fabric – the bed, couch, or even the curtains!
  22. Add Apple Cider Vinegar and use as a hair rinse
  23. Add to mop water to help wash away negative energy
  24. Marijuana Magick – use it for bong water
  25. Draw Sigils or Runes onto your door, windows, or entryways to your home
  26. Add to a beauty blender or use to clean your makeup brushes for a bit of Beauty Magick
  27. Create an at-home facial steam – Add essential oils or herbs and cover with your face
  28. Keep a small bottle, vial, or container of it with you during your daily routine. This will allow you to keep the Moon water energy with you all day. It can also act as a kind of happiness/positivity jar.
  29. Add to your aromatherapy diffusers
  30. Draw Sigils or Runes onto your body with your Moon water
  31. Add to your pool water or hot tub
  32. Start a morning or evening ritual by taking it with your vitamins
  33. Make Rose Water or add it to Florida Water
  34. Clean / cleanse a scrying mirror
  35. Apply it to your Third Eye Chakra to enhance meditation or psychic awareness.
  36. Add/cleanse a protection amulet
  37. Use it to make homemade soaps
  38. Use it in a humidifier
  39. Home apothecary use: add to elderberry syrup, fire cider, four thieves vinegar, etc.
  40. Mix with Epsom salt and herbs to create a foot soak
  41. Have fun with your kids and add them to water balloons for some fun on a hot summer day!
  42. Clean your work or creative space to help keep it free of negative energy
  43. Add a few drops to your Witch Balls to help increase intentions
  44. Place it in your backyard as an offering to the fairies or any deities you may worship
  45. Give away as a gift to a loved one!
  46. Spray or mist any seedlings you may have started
  47. Dab onto your Vision Board to help amplify your intentions
  48. Make your own cone incense with it using ground herbs and guar gum
  49. Add some peppermint essential oil to your Moon Water and wipe down doors and windows. Not only does it keep out negative energy but bugs as well!

50. Ok so this last one isn’t technically a use for Moon Water, BUT instead of placing water under the Moon you can do the same with ALCOHOL (Make some Moonshine – LOL see what I did there?) Just make sure to keep it covered! You can do this with wine, champagne, or liquor (tequila, vodka, scotch, etc) and it definitely increases shelf life compared to water! I certainly don’t mind starting my Sunday morning off with some Moon Mimosas!

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Creative Ways To Use Moon Water The Peculiar Brunette

I hope you found this list very useful and inspiring! Did I miss any ideas? Comment below and let me know how you like to use your Moon Water!

Lots of love to you and remember as always…

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